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How to Summarize Text with AI on Mac

Make summarizing text a breeze on your Mac using PDFelement's Lumi AI reading assistant. Lumi can quickly create condensed summaries of your PDF content, highlighting the main points.

  • Open the "AI Tools" under the "Home" tab and choose "AI Sidebar." Click on the "Summarize PDF" button on the right corner of the AI sidebar. PDFelement will generate a concise summary of your PDF document, providing an abstract, an outline, three key points, and three questions related to the content.
summarize pdf ai mac
summarize PDF AI Mac
  • If you want to summarize some specific text in the current PDF document, click on the "Summarize" command and type in the text you want to summarize.
summarize text ai mac
summarize text AI Mac
  • Click the send icon to instantly receive Lumi's AI-generated summary. It includes an overview, a structured outline, and essential keywords for quick reference.
ai summarize text mac result
AI summarize text Mac result
  • To swiftly summarize specific text within your PDF, start by highlighting the desired text portion. Next, right-click the highlighted text.
  • From the context menu that appears, navigate to "AI Content Processing" and choose "Summarize."
right click summarize text
right click summarize text
  • Lumi will instantly swing into action, generating an abstract, an outline, and three key points associated with the selected text displayed in the AI Sidebar on the right.