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How to compare PDFs on Mac

PDFelement allows you to quickly identify the content difference between two PDF files on Mac.

  • Navigate to the homepage of PDFelement for Mac and select the "Compare PDFs" tab.
compare pdfs tab
Compare PDFs tab
  • In the Compare PDF window that appears, upload the two PDF files you want to compare by adding them to the "Old File" and "New File" boxes.
upload old file and new file
Upload old file and new file
  • Once both files are uploaded, click the "Compare" button to initiate the comparison process.
compare pdf files button
Compare PDF files button
  • PDFelement will then display the two PDF files side by side, highlighting deletions, modifications, and insertions in distinct colors.
highlight differences in distinct colors
Highlight differences in distinct colors
  • Use the left Compare Panel to filter and navigate through the identified differences effortlessly.
filter comparison options
Filter comparison options