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How to Chat with PDF using AI on Mac

Make your PDF reading experience on Mac even better with PDFelement's Lumi AI reading assistant. Lumi, powered by ChatGPT, adds a new level of understanding to your PDFs.

1. Access Lumi AI Reading Assistant

To start using Lumi, go to the "AI Tools" button under the "Tools" tab and select "AI Sidebar." You can have helpful conversations with Lumi about various topics.

access lumi ai reading assistant mac
access Lumi AI reading assistant Mac

2. Chat with PDF

You can ask Lumi questions about your PDFs using the "Ask PDF" option in the AI Sidebar. This helps your understand your PDF content better and even tells you where to find specific information.

ask pdf mac
ask PDF Mac

3. Start a New Chat

Begin a fresh conversation with Lumi at any time. Simply click the "..." icon at the top right corner of the AI Sidebar and select "New Chat."

ai new chat mac
AI new chat Mac

4. Access Chat History

To look back at your past conversations with Lumi, click the "..." icon at the top right of the AI Sidebar and pick "History."

ai chat history mac
AI chat history Mac

5. Change Settings

You can change how Lumi talks to you by clicking the "..." icon at the top right of the AI Sidebar and selecting "Settings."

ai sidebar settings mac
AI sidebar settings Mac

You can personalize the following settings:

  • Output Language: Choose the output language; opt for "Default" to receive responses in your input language.
ai output language mac
AI output language Mac
  • Tone: Adjust the response tone to match your preference, such as academic, empathic, simple, creative, poetic, professional, or humorous.
ai output tone mac
AI output tone Mac
  • Industry: Customize responses to specific industries, including legal, financial services, creative services, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, government, education, and IT services.
ai output language industry mac
AI output language industry Mac