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How to Add Page Number to PDF on Mac

Enhance the organization and navigation of your PDF documents on a Mac by learning how to seamlessly add page numbers.

1. Add Page Number

  • Locate and click the "Page Number" button situated under the "Tools" tab.
page number icon mac
Page number icon mac
  • In the ensuing menu, select "Add Page Number." A "Add Page Number" panel will appear on the right. Click the "+" icon to access the "Create Page Number" window.
  • Set font style, layout, and format preferences. Preview the page number layout in the designated "Preview" section. Finalize your settings and click "Save."
  • The page numbers will be seamlessly added to your PDF.
add page number icon mac
Add page number icon mac

2. Edit Page Number

  • Click the "Edit Page Number" button. Access the "Edit Page Number" window by clicking the pencil icon on the right side.
edit page number icon mac
Edit page number icon mac
  • Customize your page number settings within the pop-up window. Witness real-time changes in the "Preview" section.
  • After editing, click "Save" to confirm and apply your modifications.
apply page number change
Apply page number change

3. Delete Page Number

  • Click the "Remove Page Number" button. On the right panel, choose the page number for removal. Click "Delete."
delete page number button mac
Delete page number button mac
  • Confirm deletion by clicking "Yes" in the confirmation dialog.
delete page number confirm mac
Delete page number confirm mac