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How to Add Bookmarks to PDF on Mac

Bookmark is a helpful tool to navigate you to the specific page in the document, which is the bookmark’s destination.

1. Add/Delete Bookmarks

  • Open the Bookmarks Panel by clicking the Bookmarks Button on the left.
  • Open the page to which you want to add the bookmark.
  • Click the Add Bookmark Button, and type the name of the new bookmark.
add bookmarks
Add bookmarks
  • Alternatively, you can create a bookmark by right-clicking an existing bookmark and selecting the Add Entry option.
add entry
Add Entry
  • Add Child option allows you to create a child bookmark underneath an existing bookmark.
  • You can delete a bookmark by right-clicking it and selecting the Delete Bookmark option.

2. Edit Bookmarks

In PDFelement for Mac, you can also change an existing bookmark’s properties.

  • Right-click a bookmark and select Set Destination to change its destination. In the pop-up window, select the new destination to which you want to move the bookmark, and click Save.
set destination
Set destination
  • Double-click an existing bookmark and edit its name to rename it. Alternatively, you can rename a bookmark by right-clicking it and selecting the Rename Bookmark option.

3. Change a Bookmark’s Hierarchy

You can create a nested bookmark hierarchy that specifies the relationship between bookmarks.

Select the bookmark or range of bookmarks you want to move, then drag the icon(s) until the indicator is under your desired bookmark heading.

While the bookmark is moved, the actual page remains in its original location in the document.
drag bookmark
Drag bookmark