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How to Sign PDF on Mac

With PDFelement for Mac, you can sign a document to protect or approve its content with four kinds of signatures: image signature, handwritten signature, electronic signature, and digital signature.

1. Image signature.

You can sign a document by adding an image signature to your PDF document. Click Markup button on the Main Toolbar, select Signature on the Secondary Toolbar, click Create Signature on the right pane, and upload the image signature file.

sign pdf
sign pdf

In the pop-up window, browse your computer to select the signature image and use it to sign your PDF.

image signature
image signature

2. Handwritten signature.

You can create your handwritten signature to sign your PDF file. After clicking Markup>Signature>Create Signature, create your signature with the mouse to sign your PDF.

handwritten signature
handwritten signature

3. Electronic signature.

It's easy to create electronic signature to sign your PDF. After clicking Markup>Signature>Create Signature, creating your signature with the trackpad.

electronic signature
electronic signature

4. Add digital signature.

  • You can use our PDFelement Professional for Mac to create a digital signature field by clicking the "Form" > "Digital Signatures" button, then send the PDF file to others to add digital signatures, and change the signature settings on the right pane.
digital signature
digital signature
  • Or you can also use our program to let others add the digital signatures. After adding a digital signature field, click the "Preview" button and click the "Sign Here" symbol on the page.
preview digital signature
preview digital signature
  • In the pop-up window, choose a digital ID as you want to sign. If you do not have any ID yet, please click the "Create" button to create one.
create signature
create signature
  • In the pop-up windows, enter the Identity information to be used for creating the self - signed Digital ID, then click OK.
create digital id
create digital id
  • It will go back to the first "Sign Document" window and you can preview your digital signature. You can also click the "Create" button under the Appearance to change the style of your Digital signature.
digital signature appearance
digital signature appearance
  • Click the "Sign" button and save your file, the digital signature will be applied directly.
sign digital signature
sign digital signature

5. Sign PDF Agreement on Mac

When you receive an agreement for your signature via PDFelement's Request eSign feature, an email notification arrives, including a link to sign the agreement. Additionally, if you're using the PDFelement desktop application, an agreement awaiting your signature will be visible in the Agreement panel.

Whether utilizing the PDFelement desktop application or following an email link for signing, follow these steps to ensure a seamless and effective agreement process:

a. Sign PDF agreements using PDFelement desktop application

  • Launch PDFelement on your Mac and navigate to the Agreement panel. Easily locate the agreement marked as "Waiting for me" and give it a double-click to initiate the signing procedure.
signing wait for me mac
Signing wait for me Mac
  • Identify the designated signature fields as well as any additional required input areas. Specifically select the signature field, then proceed to choose your preferred signing method from the following options:
    • Image: Attach a previously saved image of your signature;
    • Mouse: Draw your signature with the mouse;
    • Trackpad: Employ your Mac's trackpad to create your signature.
  • Upon successful signing, click the "Done" button to confirm and apply your signature to the agreement.
signature options mac
Signature options Mac
  • Towards the bottom of the interface, you'll find a notification verifying your agreement to the terms and the Customer Disclosure for conducting business electronically. To finalize the process, confidently click the "Click to Sign" button, followed by the "Next" button.
click to sign mac
Click to sign Mac

b. Sign PDF agreements using the email link

  • Access the agreement by clicking on the signable link provided within the email notification.
email notification sign document mac
Email notification sign document Mac
  • Ensure compliance by checking the "I agree with EULA and Privacy for electronic records and signature" checkbox, and then proceed by clicking the "Continue" button.
agree with policy mac
Agree with policy Mac
  • Locate and select the designated "Signature/Initial" field within the agreement to proceed with adding your signature.
signature-initial-field mac
Signature-initial-field Mac
  • If this is your initial time using this feature, follow these steps to create your signature:
    • Type: Input your name in the field, with options to choose the signature color;
    • Upload: Select an image of your signature;
    • Draw: Draw your signature.
  • Upon creating or uploading your signature, save it. This action will embed your signature onto the agreement, securely storing it within the Wondershare Document Cloud for future use.
create signature for agreement
Create signature for Agreement
  • Click "Download", and select an option:
    • Only PDF: Download the agreement itself;
    • Download PDF and Audit Report package: Receive both the agreement and a comprehensive audit report within a convenient zipped file;
    • Download PDF and Audit Report combined file: Obtain a single combined PDF containing the agreement and audit report.
download pdf audit report
Download PDF audit report
  • Once all signatories have successfully completed the signing process, an email notification will provide you with access to the fully signed and executed document.