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How to Add Header & Footer to PDF on Mac

The headers and footers tool allows you to add specific illustrations such as date, origin, and page number to your PDF pages and makes the pages formal and professional. Wondershare PDFelement for Mac supports adding the headers and footers to your PDF files easily with just a few simple clicks.

1. Add Headers & Footers

  • Go to the "Tool" > "Header & Footer" > "Add Header & Footer" button in the toolbar.
  • Alternatively, you can click the "Tool" > "Add or Edit Header & Footer" button on the Top Menu.
  • Click the "Add Header & Footer" button in the pop-up window, and hit the "+" icon on the right-side panel. You can change "Layout", "Format", or "Content".
  • After getting what you need, click the "Save" button.
  • Click "Apply" to apply the Header & Footer to your file.
add header & footer
Add header & footer

2. Edit Headers & Footers

  • To edit the existing headers & footers of a file, click the "Header & Footer" button, and hit the "Edit" icon on the right-side panel. In the pop-up window, change the settings as needed.

3. Delete Headers & Footers

  • Click the "Remove Header & Footer" button. Select the Header & Footer you set in the right column, and click the "Delete" button below to remove it.
  • Click "Yes" in the pop-up window to remove the Header & Footer from your file.
remove header & footer
Remove header & footer

4. Batch to Add and Remove Headers & Footers

  • To batch to add the Header & Footer, you can click the "Batch" > "Add Header & Footer", load all files you need to add the same Header & Footer, and click the "+" button at the right side to add headers and footers. Finally, click the "Apply" button and choose an output folder to proceed with the action.
batch add header & footer
Batch add header & footer
  • To batch to delete the Header & Footer, you need to click the "Batch" > "Batch Remove", load all files you need to remove their headers & footers, click "Header & Footer" on the right side, and click the "Apply" button, choose an output folder to proceed to remove Header & Footer.
batch remove header & footer
Batch remove header & footer