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How to Customize AI Prompt on Mac

Customize the responses of Lumi, your AI reading assistant, to match your unique requirements. Follow these steps:

  • Begin by opening the AI Sidebar. To do this, click the "AI Sidebar" option from the dropdown list under the "Tools" tab.
  • Within the AI Sidebar, locate and select the "Custom" option at the bottom of the panel.
custom ai prompt mac
custom AI prompt Mac
  • In the pop-up "Custom" window, click the "Add" button to create a new custom prompt.
add ai prompt mac
add AI prompt Mac
  • Assign a meaningful name to your custom prompt, such as "Bullet Points". In the "Prompt Content" field, specify the instructions you want the AI to follow. For instance, you can input "Convert the following content into bullet points". Save your custom prompt settings by clicking "Add".
set ai prompt mac
set AI prompt Mac
  • Now that you've created your tailored prompt. When you encounter content that you want to transform into bullet points, follow these steps.
  • Select the "Bullet Points" command from the available options in the text box.
  • Input or paste the text you wish to convert into bullet points.
use custom prompt mac
use custom prompt Mac
  • Click the "Send" button to kickstart the process. Lumi, powered by advanced AI technology, will promptly analyze the provided text and craft organized bullet points based on your custom prompt.
custom prompt result mac
custom prompt result Mac