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Though PDF files are extensively used, given their shareability and compactness, what if you need to share a file for real-time collaboration? Suppose you need to collaborate on an important business project file or an academic assignment.

In such cases, PDF files fail to achieve the teamwork goal. Therefore, you must navigate to a cloud approach like Google Slides to yield productive results. Given this need, we have elaborated on how you can convert PDF to Google Slides.

convert pdf to google slides

Can I Convert A PDF To Google Slides?

Of course, you can convert a PDF to Google Slides by adopting the right approach. However, note that the conversion process isn't that straightforward. You can't directly convert PDF to Google Slides; still, executing a few tricky steps lets you reach your target.

Against this backdrop, let's uncover some productive methods to import PDF into Google Slides.

In this article
  1. Convert PDF To Google Slides as a Powerpoint File
  2. Convert PDF to Google Slides as an Image
  3. Convert PDF To Google Slides as a Link
  4. Bonus: How To Convert Google Slide to PDF File

Method 1: Convert PDF To Google Slides as a Powerpoint File

Are you looking for a way to share your PDF file in a collaborative environment via Google Slides? For this, you first need to transform your file into PowerPoint format. Like Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint is another powerful tool for creating presentations & slideshows, but it doesn't facilitate simultaneous collaborations.

To convert the PDF file into PPT format, you can opt for a top-grade PDF management tool like Wondershare PDFelement that allows you to convert your files to any format within seconds, acting as the best PDF to Google Slides converter.

Step 1

Access the "PDFelement" application and navigate to "Open PDF" to open your PDF file.

open pdf file in pdfelement
Step 2

To convert the PDF file to PPT, select "Convert" > "To PPT."

convert pdf to ppt
Step 3

Specify the Output Folder and hit "OK" to initiate the conversion.

choose options for file conversion
Step 4

You can access the converted file by clicking "Open Folder" once the file is converted successfully.

pdf file converted to ppt successfully

After the successful PDF to PPT conversion, you can conveniently convert your PPT presentation to Google Slides to streamline the work.

Step 1

Go to "Google Slides" and click the "Blank" option to start a new presentation.

google slides blank presentation
Step 2

Go to the "File" > "Import Slides."

import the ppt file
Step 3

Navigate to the "Upload" tab and click "Browse" to upload your PPT file.

choose and upload the file
Step 4

Select the slide and click the "Import Slides" button.

import the selected ppt slides
Step 5

The file is successfully uploaded to Google Slides. You can change its theme, layout, background, etc., per your requirements.

ppt file uploaded successfully

Method 2: Convert PDF to Google Slides as an Image

If the above method doesn't seem feasible, you can also upload PDF to Google Slides as images. Transforming the images into Google Slides ensures more compactness and accuracy. The entire process gets executed in two phases; initially, you have to convert the PDF file pages into images, and then you can upload these images on Google Slides. You need to follow a few basic steps to do so:

PDF to Image Conversion

Step 1

Open your PDF file in PDFelement and navigate to "Convert" > "To Image."

convert the pdf file to image
Step 2

Choose the Format and specify the Output Folder. Click "OK" to proceed.

choose options for pdf conversion
Step 3

The converted file automatically gets exported to the specified folder.

pdf format converted successfully

Image to Google Slides Conversion

Step 1

Access "Google Slides" and go to the "Insert" > "Image" > "Upload from Computer."

insert image in google slides

Step 2

Select and open the particular image file.

select and upload image
Step 3

The image file is successfully converted to Google Slides. You can customize the Slides further as needed.

pdf converted to google slides

Method 3: Convert PDF To Google Slides as a Link

In addition to PPT or image format, Google Slides presents variant choices for creating slides. In this connection, it's worthwhile to state that the tool allows you to add PDF to Slide as a clickable link, too. In various scenarios, you might need to upload your PDF on Google Drive, and in such cases, converting the PDF to Google Slides gets easier.

Here, we have simplified the conversion process by presenting a few quick operational steps:

Uploading PDF to Google Drive

Step 1

Navigate to "Google Drive" and select "New" > "File Upload."

select new option to upload file
Step 2

Select and open your PDF file in Google Drive.

select and upload the file
Step 3

Right-click on the uploaded PDF file and choose "Share" > "Copy Link."

copy the pdf file link

Posting File Link to Google Slides

Step 1

Launch the "Google Slides" and start a new presentation.

Step 2

Paste the copied Link of the PDF here by employing the shortcut key "Ctrl + V".

add pdf link to slide

Bonus: How To Convert Google Slide to PDF File

Even though you've converted your PDF file to Google Slides to elevate its accessibility and allow others to edit it, you can still convert it back to PDF format anytime.

How To convert Google Slides to PDF?

To convert Google Slide to PDF or any other size, what you need to do is:

Step 1

Open the created presentation in Google Slides.

Step 2

Select the "File" > "Print Preview."

select the print preview option
Step 3

Go to the menu bar and choose the option "Download as PDF".

download slides as pdf file

To explore the in-depth conversion process, continue with the insightful details on converting Google Slides to PDF.

Final Thoughts

Various situations lead to the need to convert PDF to Google Slides in a specific size. For instance, you may be required to share an important PDF file with a collaborative team so that every member can edit the file.

It is worthy of attention that Google Slides doesn't support directly uploading PDF files. Therefore, you may find the conversion process challenging. So, to address such a problem, this detailed guide illustrates how you can initially convert the PDF file to another format and then upload that converted file to Google Slides.

People Also Ask

  • Q: How to convert PDF to Google Slide on Mac?
    To convert PDF to Google Slides on Mac, follow the below-stated steps:
    Step 1: Launch the “PDFelement”
    Step 2: Access your PDF file by clicking “Open PDF.”
    Step 3: Go to “File” > “Export To” > “PowerPoint.”
    Step 4: Choose the suitable options for conversion.
    Step 5: Click the “Save”
    Then, you just need to upload this converted file to Google Slides.
  • Q: Is there a PDF to Google Slides Converter?
    No tool specifically supports the PDF to Google Slides conversion. However, you can initially convert your PDF to PPT or Image format; then, the converted file can be uploaded on Google Slides.
  • Q: How do I convert a PDF to Google Sheets?
    To convert your PDF to Google Sheets:
    Step 1: Open your PDF file in PDFelement.
    Step 2: Select “Convert” > “To Excel” and proceed with the conversion process by clicking “OK.”
    Step 3: Then access “Google Sheets.”
    Step 4: Go to the “File” > “Import” option to upload your Excel file.
  • Q: How do I upload a PDF to Google Docs?
    Initially, you need to convert the PDF to Word format to upload to Google Docs. For this:
    Step 1: Open the PDF in PDFelement.
    Step 2: Navigate to “Convert” > “To Word” and Click “OK.”
    Step 3: Then, the converted file can easily be uploaded to Google Docs.
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