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Top 7 Free PDF to Speech Converters 2021

2021-11-29 13:57:25 • Filed to: Knowledge of PDF • Proven solutions

There is a significant importance attached on converting PDF to speech. It is surely true that Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the best formats for creating, saving, archiving or sending a school essay, business reports or document, or other work. However, one can be exhausted such that reading the documents may be tough task. It may also be very hard finding time to sit behind your computer so as to review your writings. At such a time you would wish a way was there through which you could Convert PDF to speech so you could download it to the MP3 player to listen. Hopefully, this is very possible with the present programs that can Convert PDF into speech. Examples are as discussed below:

Top 7 Free Tools to Convert PDF to Voice

Before uploading to Speech actor, it is essential that one undergoes the process of correcting the typos on the file. This may involve removing every kind of incorrect format or texts like the HTML tags, tables, charts, or images; one also needs to create a new PDF document that will be expressly converted to speech.

1. Natural Reader Free

Natural Reader is one of the perfect Free PDF to Speech Converters that can assist one to read text on your computer even in languages not familiar of. You have the option to adjust the speed of reading and the speaker. Natural Reader comes freely and is a powerful program for converting other written text apart from PDF, like MSWord, Webpage, PDF files, e-mails into the audio files (MP3, WAV or CD) or in even in oral speech.

pdf to speech


  • It has a wide selection of languages: English, French, German, Italian, Swedish and Arabian. A program is efficient software for allowing writers check their works. For sure, it is a discovery for people that cannot read or lost their voice temporarily.
  • Can convert multiple text formats.
  • It is entirely free.

2. YAKiToMe

YAKiToMe is one of the best online PDF to speech text convertor which will automatically transform text to speech. For every registered user, it is entirely open. Once registered, one can upload the PDF documents then this software will automatically convert PDF to speech into .mp3 file format. This is just done by the software has already been downloaded into the computer.

read pdf aloud


  • Apart from the PDF documents, YAKiToMe program can allow for the Conversion of the Word documents, web pages, text files, emails, RSS feeds, or even books into mp3.
  • It has the support of various languages, like Spanish, English, Russian, German, French, or Portuguese. One can select between female and male voices.


  • It must be fully registered.

3. ReadPlease

ReadPlease is the award-winning PDF to speech software. It is oriented to different user requirements: business or personal usage. It has three useful products of ReadPlease. ReadPlease version 2003 is a Free Edition that offers the whole support of voices. The program can read any text from the Windows clipboard.

pdf to voice


  • You can regulate the speed of the sound.
  • This interesting peculiarity of the program is that it can read even the emotions.
  • ReadPlease Plus 2003 provides extra functions, such as the addition of your words and reading from any place of the document you like.
  • ReadingBar 2 reads any Website and highlights the words and can read with the help of 20 different voices.

4. TextAloud

TextAloud automatically Converts both typed and PDF texts into naturally rousing speech. The texts can be easily listened from any audio devices. TextAloud program will economize on time and assist people who have reading disabilities. It is rather a very essential program for the improvement of reading and also useful in comprehension in simultaneous listening while looking at the printed text.

read out loud pdf


  • It has more than 20 voices with various natural accents. There are three products of TextAloud. TextAloud3 is a text to speech program is created especially for Windows OS.
  • It has a Next Up Talker program for those people who lost their voice temporarily or permanently.

5. Speaking Notepad

Speaking Notepad is a handy program with the high-powered text to speech capabilities. This software can easily Convert TXT, RTF, DOC, HTML and PDF file layouts into MP3, WAV, WMA. Speaking Notepad has the capacity to read out every separate word or a sentence that you type or that is in PDF format. This program lets your eyes gain a rest. You may also type on your keyboard and not to look at the screen; Speaking Notepad will read everything for you.

pdf read out loud


  • It also offers you ten different voices and more than 20 foreign languages. 1st read it aloud is an east to use the program, and it doesn't use the clipboard, it is sufficient to press some hotkeys.
  • First read it aloud can read texts for children and adults. This program will help you to correct your pronunciation (even some variants of English).

6. FlameReader

FlameReader is multifunctional software with naturally-human voices. This program can read texts from Word, Emails, Web pages, PowerPoint, PDF, and others. All these documents can be converted to audio files. You can then listen to them with the help of the CD player or IPod player. Flame Reader offers a unique version for the reading of people who has dyslexia, visual problems or other difficulties. By the way, this program can translate into seven languages: English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean and French. Children and adults think that this program is a necessary thing for everyday life.

pdf read aloud

7. SpokenText

SpokenText is a very reliable and famous PDF to Speech Converter. There is a 7-day free trial demonstration account. The program will automatically Convert pages/documents to speech PDF, PowerPoint, Word, web pages, plain text and. It has very fluent spoken text be it in English, French, German, or Spanish. The recordings can be downloaded in the form of m4b or mp3 files.

read pdf out loud


  • This software, besides, offers Chrome and Firefox extensions that allow you transform whatever text you find while you surf the web to quickly convert it to audio format.


  • It is a trial version, so it needs to be fully purchased.

The Best PDF File Openers

PDFelement is concerned with the reading, reediting, combining, transforming, and organizing PDFs. It becomes pretty easy to use the speech tools for reading out the PDF documents to effectively organize the work.

The more the documents can be edited, the better the basis for information. The better the storage, content, and the number of people the text can reach. This is entirely the sole work of Wondershare PDFelement, to develop the best possible mechanism dealing with documents, and enhance quick and easy accessibility by lots of people.

Some documents require reading out loud so as to obtain the possible mechanism of editing them. Reading out loud makes it easy to know the content of the PDF, and it is an added advantage to those who have impaired voices. PDF can be edited more easily yet not losing the layout and track through the read aloud programs.

In conclusion, Wondershare PDFelement is crucial to above-listed PDF to speech programs. They facilitate the process of reading and accessibility by both children and adults in their everyday life. They lessen the task PDFelement aims at doing for saving on the time taken for people to reach on and read their e-mails, PDF, or other web documents in small print. It will also save on their eyesight fatigue. Furthermore, it will be for the ultimate benefit of students studying different foreign languages with particular regard in their pronunciation. Regarding the people who have the inability to read because of ailments, these kinds of programs are very indispensable. Lastly, kids are fond of text to speech programs that can read different fairy tales. This can be done simply by downloading and installing the program. Enjoy listening to your PDFs!

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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