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JPEG or JPG is one of the most popular Image format used around the globe. For all those users who didn't know, you can also make a PDF into a JPEG/JPG. However, there are certain things which one should keep in mind before making a PDF into a JPEG or JPG such as each page in the PDF file will be exported as the separate JPEG/JPG image and a good PDF converter should also retain the quality of the document even in the image format. Here is the best converter - PDFelement which can be used to accomplish the task.

PDFelement is a perfect method for making a PDF into a JPEG/JPG file. It is not just a converter but a complete solution to deal with everything related with the PDF files. It can edit an already present PDF file, from editing text to the visual images, everything can be edited using simplest options in the program. With the ability of OCR, it can recognize the text present in the PDF files and you can also edit this text using the same program.

You do not have to be a professional to edit or convert PDF files, this program can do every job in the best way. It will not only work to make JPEG/JPG from the PDF files, documents or spreadsheets can also be made. You can create PDF files or PDF forms in the program and there are plenty of templates available inside the program to create the PDF forms. You can add text anywhere in the program or add radio button, drop down button or images in the PDF file.

How to Make a PDF a JPEG/JPG

Step 1. Open Your PDF with PDFelement

Open Wondershare PDFelement on your computer and click on the "Open File" button. Now, select the PDF file from the next window and click on the "Open" button.

how to make a pdf into a jpeg

Step 2. Edit PDF Document (Optional)

Once the PDF file is opened, you are able to make changes on each element in your document before convert it to image format. To do this, you can navigate to the "Edit" tab. Then you can select the text or images in the PDF file for editing.

change pdf to word

Step 3. Make JPEG/JPG from PDF

In order to convert the edited PDF file, click on the "To Others" button and then "Convert to Image" under the Home tab, which will open another window on the program. Normally, the JPEG/JPG format is already selected in the window, so, click on the "Convert" button to begin the conversion process.

create jpeg from pdf

Other PDF to JPG Converter on the Internet

1. Adobe® Acrobat® Pro

Adobe is the industry leader when it comes to PDF viewing, editing, and modification. As such, it allows the conversion of PDF files to multiple file formats, including JPG. It is an efficient process and almost always results in perfect images with most of the information intact. However, for you to use Acrobat's advanced editing functions, you will have to fork out a considerable amount of cash Acrobat Pro. Additionally, Adobe is notorious for complicating even the simplest of functions and usually requires you to go through tons of information in Adobe support and help forums before you can find something helpful.

News said that Adobe Acrobat XI will be end of life on October 15, 2017. That will cause the fact that your PDF file and PDF data might be exposed to hackers, since there is no more security updates from Adobe. In this case, you can check here to find out the best alternatives to Adobe Acrobat.

pdf to jpg file converter

2. Total PDF Converter

Total PDF Converter is another desktop PDF tool that allows you to convert PDF files into different file types, including JPG images. This application allows you to change different configuration settings for the output file type before converting, which gives you much more control over the end product. It also allows you to select files and folders that you want to convert via a files explorer, albeit an old-fashioned one. You can convert a batch of files at one go, though the quality of the resulting JPG files can vary widely.

If you are all about aesthetics, Total PDF Converter will undoubtedly let you down. Its interface while simple is somewhat tasteless and old-fashioned.

software to convert pdf

3. Reezaa PDF to JPG Converter

Reezaa PDF to JPG Converter is another popular tool for converting PDF to different file types, including JPG and JPEG. It has a simple and intuitive interface with conveniently located buttons for playing around with the application. One outstanding aspect of Reezaa is the amount of help and support that is available for users. When you launch the program, you get a healthy dose of instructions on the main window to ensure you don’t get lost as a first time user. There is also a comprehensive FAQ portal containing loads of information on the program that is accessible via the Help button on the application window. You can convert your file to other image formats apart from JPG, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, and BMP.

pdf converting software

4. Wondershare PDF Converter Pro

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is a PDF tool that enables users to convert PDF files to one of many different file formats and vice versa. This application lets you convert PDF files to Word, PowerPoint, HTML, Excel, EPUB, and image files, including JPG while also allowing you to convert these formats to PDF. So with a single installation, you get a PDF creator and convertor on one simple and user-friendly platform.

PDF Converter Pro has been known for many positives, chief among them its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature. OCR is an algorithm that searches for text and images on the scanned document and converts them into an editable form. The application also allows batch conversion of files to JPG, which helps save time. You can also work on files with password restrictions on editing and modification, which is great if you have a file whose password you have forgotten.

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