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8 Best PNG to PDF Converter Software

PDF to PNG Converter is a utility tool installed on a computer, used online, or even installed on a smartphone that converts the PNG image file into a PDF document. If you are curious to know why PNGs are converted into PDFs, let's look at the possible reasons that might persuade a user to perform such action.

PDFs often don't require specific tools; users can view them using web browsers. They are easy to print. PDFs can be encrypted with passwords, and they are considered secure compared to PNGs. Anyone can share information and documents using PDF format without losing any quality. A lot of data, such as pages, can be arranged in PDF efficiently compared to PNGs.

These are some reasons that might force a user to convert the existing PNGs to PDF. All these can't be achieved until you don't have access to the PNG to PDF converter. This article will list some PNG to PDF converters, including the best PNG to PDF converter software for PC & Mac.

1. PDFelement PNG to PDF Converter Free Download

PDF format has attracted many companies to make PDF converters and PDF viewer applications; this resulted in many PDF editor applications. Some PDF editors are straightforward in interface and offer a few features. In comparison, some of them are very professional and provide productive features. It all depends on a user to find a PDF editor that fulfills their needs.

One of the first and best PNG to PDF converter software for PC & Mac is Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor . PDF stands between the spectrum of powerful and professional PDF editors. Its user interface is not as simple as the latest user interface. The other thing is it's very user-friendly. It comes with a bundle of features that can be very helpful and productive for a user dealing with PDF. One of the great reasons to put PDFelement in professional PDF editors is that it offers versions supported by both Mac and Windows.

Mobile app versions help mobile users perform PDF conversion and editing without worrying about installation on PC or Mac. It's the one-person army that has all the abilities to view, edit and convert PNGs to PDF document formats, including another bundle of other document formats available. Let's look at the pros and cons of the Wondershare PDFelement.

Click the link below to check out PDFelement, the best PDF editor out there which can help- you with all sorts of PDF edits and conversions.


Easily create and combine text files, web pages, images, and many other documents into PDF files.

Reuse content of PDF documents in EPUB eBooks, HTML pages, office documents, and other files.

Split and merge PDF files. Offers Built-in OCR.

Multi-OS support and also supports batch conversion and PDF compression and optimization.


OCR comes only in n premium version.

2. FoxPDF PNG to PDF Converter Offline

FoxPDF PDF to PDF converter is a tool that allows users to convert images in JPG, PNG to PDF without losing quality, and all the work done is performed at high speed. Now, you can convert all your PNG to PDF files without getting worried, and you have to drag and drop your PNG files into FoxPDF and click the convert button. Now, you can sit back while the processing completed, and after that, you can get your files in your desired document format.

3. Adobe Acrobat DC PNG to PDF Converter Program

Adobe Acrobat DC is a famous name and the old PDF viewer; whenever we talk about PDF documents, the name of Adobe Acrobat is not ignorable. It has comprehensive tools to overcome PDF editing, viewing, sharing, signing, compressing, converting, and optimizing PDF documents. It's one of the best PNG to PDF converter software for PC and Mac. There are mobile apps available for both iOS and Android for smartphone users. Its features are widely in use for both business and personal services all around the globe.


It supports cloud-based collaboration such as commenting and sharing.

Quickly fill and sign PDF forms.

Batch conversion is available.

It supports multi-platforms such as mobile, web, and desktop.


Automatic billing.

The contract for earlier canceling.

The layout and tools can be challenging to get used to for a new user.

4. Weeny Free Image to PDF Converter

Weeny free image to PDF converter is also an option whenever a person is looking for the best PNG to PDF converter for PC & Mac. It's a fully-fledged PDF editor that supports the conversion of various documents such as JPG, PNG, BMP, and many other image formats to PDF documents. It doesn't charge anything, and you can use it free on your computer, android smartphone, and even it offers an online version.


It's straightforward to use, and you don't need to learn anything.

It's free of cost.


Weeny PDF doesn't offer any support for encrypted files.

5. Free PNG Image to PDF Converter

This tool comes in fifth place when we talk about the best PDF converters. A user can easily create PDF files from the existing images and photos on his/her device. Free PNG image to PDF converter is a tool that's a freely available computer program that can empower a user to easily convert image to PDF using the batch conversion feature. It can be used on Windows computers.

6. Icecream PDF Converter

The Icecream PDF converter enables a user to convert PNG to PDF documents within seconds. Besides, a user can merge all the PDF documents into a single PDF. Also, you can convert PDF to Doc and other image formats. It comes with a built-in PDF reader, and you can apply passwords to protect your documents as well.


It comes with a nice look and feel.

It's free to use.


It doesn't offer too many features seen in paid PDF viewers.

It gets slower while scrolling down in large PDF files.

7. PNG to PDF Converter App for iPhone

In this part, we will show you some of the best PNG to PDF converter mobile apps for both iOS and Android smartphone users. Let's have a look:

iPhone is one of the widely used smartphones equally popular around the globe. iPhone comes with features that allow users to view, edit, and perform basic editing features without having access to a robust and productive PNG to PDF converter app; it's impossible. PDFelement is one of the top names popular among all iPhone users for viewing, editing, and creating PDF documents from images such as PNG, PDF, and other image file formats.

An iPhone can edit text and images using this PDFelement. Users can perform basic operations like efficiently changing the font, color, and size. Apple Pencil is supported in PDFelement for more perfection to overcome the imprecision of finger operations.

If your information shattered in more than one file on your iPhone, this PDF converter for iPhone allows combining both of them by merging into a single file. This tool can empower users to create and compress PDF documents from various file formats like BMP, jpg, png, gif, gif, PCX, TGA, EXIF, PSD, etc.


Extract data into various file formats.

Easy to use for everyone.

PDF annotation is a great feature.

PDF conversion works fine for all the formats.


The app wants the user to sign in to use all the features.

8. PNG to PDF Converter App for Android

PDFelement for Android helps users increase their productivity by efficiently creating, editing, and converting PDF documents. This app allows Android users to combine two or more PDF files into a single PDF document. It's one of the best PDF converter tools available for Android smartphones. Users can easily manage all their PDF files using this PDFelement tool. PDF can be renamed and shared across different devices and apps by using this tool.

You can apply different options like adding notes, underlining the text, and highlight different parts of the document with different colors. Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive can save all the PDF files. Users can even use this feature to find the deleted PDF files from the device.

PDFelement will automatically detect all the PDF files on your android device, and they will appear in the tool. You can tap on any file to perform your desired operation. It has a feature known as favorites, which allows a user to access the files quickly that are frequently in use.


It can extract data into a variety of other file formats.

Can annotate and comment on PDF files.

Add watermark and edit existing files.


To use all the features, you need to sign in.


This article has composed and provided a list of the best PNG to PDF converter software for PC & Mac. All perform the conversion, but PDFelement is one of the most reliable tools for such operations.

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