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How to Convert PDF to CDF File

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For the past couple of years, technology has grown at an unprecedented rate. The impact of this growth has been especially felt in content development and publishing, where different methods of creating interactive content have been established. CDF, short for Computable Document Format, is one of the newest publishing technologies that have the potential of bringing life into published documents. If you want to convert PDF to CDF, you can find an easy solution here. Read on.

How to Convert PDF into CDF File

Mathematica is the only tool needed to create CDF files. A free trial is available for users to try and in case you don’t want to download the program, you can use it online.

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Step 1. The online version of Mathematica can be accessed on the Wolfram website after a simple sign-up process.

Step 2. Once you gain access to the platform, you can upload one or more PDF files for conversion to CDF.

Step 3. An imported PDF file will have all its pages converted to vector graphics that are compatible with the Wolfram Language. You can also opt to ignore graphics and textures on an uploaded PDF file and chose instead to upload the file as a plain text version of the original PDF.

Converted files can also be saved as a notebook file (.nb) in addition to the .cdf file extension. Both file types can be viewed exclusively by the CDF Player from Wolfram.

Ideal PDF Editor and Converter

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is an industry leader when it comes to PDF editing. This simple and user-friendly application can be used to perform most major PDF editing tasks on your most important documents. Apart from basic editorial functions, PDFelement presents a wide selection of annotation tools to help you correct or highlight important parts of your files. It also enables you to add useful elements such as hyperlinks, bookmarks, watermarks, digital signatures, bates numbers, headers, and footers etc.

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PDFelement is one of the few PDF tools that come complete with an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool to help you access and edit scanned PDF files. In addition, this tool helps you repurpose your document by converting between PDF and a wide range of file formats. For those of us who are crazy about security, PDFelement also features a simple but powerful passwords and restrictions module. This feature allows you to add passwords and editing restrictions so that only a limited number of people can access or alter your content.

Learn More about CDF File Format

CDF is a revolutionary – albeit complicated – way of presenting content. While many aspects of its functionality and usability are still in development, it holds a lot of promise as one of the leading ways of representing content in the future.

CDF files allow content to be displayed in an interactive environment where users can change certain aspects of content for instant feedback. CDF files have been used on documents such as reports, presentations, articles, infographics, data applications, and other types of content that would benefit from increased interactivity. CDF files are developed on the Wolfram Language platform using Mathematica, a proprietary software from Wolfram Research. At the moment, these files can only be viewed by the freely-available Wolfram CDF Player. You can create a new CDF file or import documents in other file formats (such as PDF) using Mathematica, which is also available online.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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