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How to Change over VCE to PDF

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: PDF Converter • Proven solutions

Some leading corporate companies provide certain certifications that help one advance in their career. Mostly the IT companies conduct these examinations for their employees so that they can enhance their knowledge and expertise. To succeed in these exams, one needs to prepare well.

You can take assistance from a range of exam simulators that give one the perfect environment needed for examination using the VCE or Visual CertExam files. This is an exam emulator used popularly for preparing for certification examinations, especially IT certifications. There are some online and desktop programs using which you can easily convert your VCE to PDF format. This article is going to show you how to achieve it.

Part 1: How to Convert VCE to PDF by Printing

One simple way to convert VCE to PDF is by using VCE Designer program in your system. You can print the VCE to PDF file.

Step 1. Download a PDF Printer

Before going any further, make sure you have a PDF printer installed on your computer. If you need a PDF printer, try Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, which is a PDF printer and editor that can print images, documents to PDF, edit and annotate PDF files.

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Step 2. Open VCE designer and print to PDF

Next, open VCE Designer on your PC and click on the "File" tab. Select "Print", and then choose a PDF printer at the "Name" option. After that, you can customize the properties as you want. Click "OK" when you're ready. Your VCE file would be converted to PDF in a few seconds.

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Part 2: Convert VCE to PDF - Best VCE to PDF Converter Programs

A VCE to PDF converter can easily bridge the gap and offer easy document usage. All VCE exams are conducted in a similar fashion and you have to answer the questions showing up on the screen. The exams are developed in the VCE exam simulator with the VCE file extension.

However, the problem arises when question papers are given out to the students. They would need a VCE exam simulator on the system. But it is not common for students to have them. This is the reason you would need a VCE to PDF file converter.

Here are a few tools that you can use to convert VCE to PDF files.

1. VCE Plus

VCE Plus enables users to change their VCE files to PDF format. Since it is an online tool, you don't have to download it. One of the best features of the tool is that it doesn't limit the number of conversions or scans a user does from the platform. If you have to convert a VCE file to PDF with the help of VCE Plus, you have to upload the file to cloud storage. The VCE Plus team is going to mail the user a PDF file up to 24 hours after the submission time.

VCE Plus has a collection of the most common certificate exams. Hence, you can check if the file that you want is available in the website's PDF version. If not, you can request the site to convert the VCE files.

vce to pdf converter

2. VCE Exam Simulator

VCE Exam Simulator is a test engine, which has been created primarily for certification exam preparation. It lets you create, edit, and practice tests in an environment that's quite similar to the real exam.

With the tool, you can easily preview the function. There are different question types and the entire exam in one file. It is a tool that allows more than 5 million downloads. The company's team of experts will offer the same exam simulation technology, which is used for enterprise customers. It is already used by the best companies in the world.

vce to pdf converter

3. VCE to PDF Converter

The tool is popular due to its easy operation. VCE is one of the quickest file converters that are available in the market. With this, the software can convert as many files as you want. You can download the software and can be used well to understand the operation of the platform.

VCE to PDF gives you accurate results and is popular for its speed of operation. The software also enables users to share the converted file with the help of emails and other options.

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Part 3: Convert VCE to PDF for Free

Here are some of the VCE to PDF converters available for free.

1. DoPDF

A great free tool that you can use for converting VCE to PDF is DoPDF. Once you install the converter on your PC, it serves as a virtual printer and begins printing PDF files. So, you can see it in the printer list. But one thing you should keep in mind is that DoPDF does not work alone. For converting VCE to PDF, you are going to need another tool known as VCE Designer. It is a VCE tool that enables you to edit, create, and print VCE files. As soon as you install the VCE programs on the computer, open the VCE file using VCE Designer and print it using the Print Options.

vce to pdf converter

2. VCE Converter

VCE Converter is a VCE files converter that you can access and print very easily. The tool uses 2048-bit SSL encryption. It is good for people who place their privacy over everything else. Not only is the tool available for free but also available online. This means you do not have to download it to use it. Since it is secure, you do not have to worry about your privacy.

vce to pdf converter

Part 4: What is VCE Files?

VCE, also known as Visual CertExam Suite, is software used for offering IT certification. Corporates and many other institutions use the file format for generating virtual certificates for their students and employees. Several institutions and brands depend on Virtual CertExam Suite for creating certified online courses along with virtual certificates.

These files are shared with students or employees of the institution to let them prepare for the exams. VCE files enable them to adjust to the exam room scenario. These suites come in very handy for people who would like to excel in their careers.

Best PDF Editor for Windows and Mac Users

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  • You can annotate the PDF files and include some custom stamps or you can highlight, underline, and strikeout some portions as per your requirement
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