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How to Convert PDF to JPG Using Python

PDF documents are widely used in business communications. when comes to sharing files over the internet containing information on thousands of pages, PDF is considered the most reliable format. But sometimes users have to convert PDF to JPG format and there are a lot of applications available over the internet. This post will show you how to convert PDF to JPG via Python without software. 

And if you want to save your time, there are many easy-to-use, ready-made PDF tools that enables you to easily convert PDF to JPG, such as Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor . With this all-in-one PDF editor, you can batch convert PDF to JPG, convert PDF to JPG in high DPI and more. Other file formats such as PNG, GIF, DOC, TXT are also supported.

Part 1: Convert PDF to JPG in Python Using pdf2image

Python has changed the way how things work and it has brought a revaluation in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It works on all the platforms and we will be showing you how you can convert PDF to JPG in Python using pdf2image and popper in this part.

The modular pdf2image can convеrt a PDF filе into a PIL objеct while popper allows you to rеad, rеndеr, and change PDF documеnts. The modulars are available on Github.

Step 1 Install pdf2image and Popper

The process starts by installing the pdf2image module and typing the following code to install it on your terminal: pip install pdf2image.

Then you need to install Popper. For Linux users, the code is: sudo apt-get install poppler. If you are using a Mac computer, the code is: brew install poppler.

Step 2 Set up Variable

You can use a script or add a folder to your PATH environment variable.

Step 3 Convert PDF to JPG in Python

Now you can run the code to change PDF to JPG format with Python.

# import module

from pdf2image import convеrt_from_path

pages = convert_from_path('example.pdf')

for i in range(len(pages)):

pages[i].save('page'+ str(i) +'.jpg', 'JPEG')

With Python, we can do more things on the computer easily. However, you want to save your time or need more PDF editing features to get your job done, a reliable PDF editor tool is what you need.

Method 2: Easy PDF to JPG Converter without Python

The method we have shown you in the above part is related to the programming and it would be difficult for a common user. Do not get worried, we have an easy solution for this. A lot of PDF converters are available but one we are going to use is Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor .

PDFelement is one of the top PDF viewer and editor tools that can be used by anyone whether it is a common user or advanced user. You don't need to be an expert in programming, you just have to download this tool and install it on your computer. The rest will be done by the tool. Let's learn to get into step by step guide on how to use Wondershare PDFelement for converting PDF files to JPG images.

Why choose PDFelement for PDF to JPG Conversion?

You may wonder why you should choose PDFelement for PDF to JPG conversion. Well, there are many reasons and we will list some.

Easy to use. PDFelement is easy to use and user-friendly. A user without having any technical knowledge can use and can perform all his/her PDF-related tasks without getting in much trouble. You don’t need to learn Python for such tasks.

Fast conversion. The conversion speed is much faster as compared to many other tools and online PDF conversion tools. It works without the internet so, it's fast as well.

Batch conversion. What to do if you want to convert multiple files into JPG? Well, Wondershare PDFelement comes with a batch conversion feature that allows users to add multiple files and convert them into JPG simultaneously with a single click.

Supports multiple image formats. It supports almost all the image file formats that are widely in use whether it's JPG, PNG, PDF, or TIFF.

Powerful PDFs editing features. You can also edit your existing PDFs or can create new PDFs as well. Besides, this you can also create editable PDF forms.

The most reliable, effective, and efficient way to work with PDFs is now available to everyone. Click the link given below to learn more.

Steps to convert with PDFelement

Step 1 Download and Install PDF to JPG Converter

Download the setup of the PDF converter and install it according to the instructions provided. Once the installation is complete, launch the tool on your computer.

Step 2 Load PDF Files

Click on the "File" and choose "Open", it will open a window for the user to locate the PDF files. Choose any PDF files and open them in the PDFelement.

PDF to JPG Converter without Python
Step 3 Convert PDF files to JPG without Python

Now click on the "Convert" button and then click on "To Image", enter the name that you want to save the file with, and from the type, box chooses "JPG" and hit the "Save" button. The conversion process will start and it can take a little bit of time if your PDF file is too heavy.

PDF to JPG without Python


How to convert PDF to JPG using Python seems difficult for common users but we have shown an easy and most efficient tool for PDF conversion. PDFelement is one of the best tools that can be helpful for users in such situations, you can also give it a try.

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