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Best Software to Convert Files to EPUB

Here is the most comprehensive guide for converting files to EPUB on devices or pc.

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EPUB is one of the most widely used eBook formats supported by eBook readers on different platforms. EPUB's popularity can be attributed to its flexibility, which allows it to be displayed appropriately across devices. The EPUB format is the best choice if you want to view your eBooks based on your preferences.

However, not all eBooks come in the EPUB format. Fortunately, there are many EPUB converters that you can use to convert files in other formats to EPUB, such as online services, software, or apps. This article provides 10 excellent EPUB converters in terms of convenience and efficiency. Let's check out each converter to help you find one that suits your needs.

Comparison of 10 Great EPUB Converters

The following table compares the 10 excellent EPUB converters in terms of type and supported platform.

Convertio Online All platforms
HiPDF Online All platforms
CloudConvert Online All platforms
Zamzar Online All platforms
Calibre PC software Windows, Mac, and Linux
PDFelement PC software Windows and Mac
Epubor Ultimate PC software Windows and Mac
Ebook Converter Mobile app Android
SmoothPDF Mobile app Android and iOS
The Ebook Converter Mobile app iOS

Convert to EPUB Online - 4 Free EPUB Converters


Supported file formats: PDF to EPUB, EPUB to PDF.


HiPDF is the best all-in-one free online PDF solution in terms of flexibility and convenience. It provides a variety of free tools that you can use to edit, merge, and convert your PDFs online. These tools can help you quickly manage your PDF files and allow you to convert PDFs to a variety of formats or vice versa.

You can use the PDF to EPUB Converter provided by HiPDF by performing the following steps:

Step 1 Go to the PDF to EPUB Converter page on the HiPDF website.

Step 2 Upload your PDF file and click CONVERT. Wait for the conversion to complete.

Step 3 Download the converted file.


Intuitive features.

Free basic features.

Online service without the need to download or install the software.

More than a converter.

Provides a variety of PDF tools.


Supports only conversion between PDF and other formats.


Supported file formats: PDF to EPUB, MOBI to EPUB, DOCX to EPUB, AZW3 to EPUB, TXT to EPUB, DJVU to EPUB.


Convertio is one of the most popular online services that you can use to convert files to different formats, including eBook formats.

Convertio provides an easy-to-use EPUB converter that you can use anytime on any platform. You can use the free version of Convertio to convert basic files. You can also buy subscription plans if you want to increase the conversion file size and the number of concurrent conversions you can perform.


You can drag and drop files that you want to convert.

Online service available on all platforms.

Supports batch processing.

Supports many file formats.


Maximum file size limit in the free version.

No customization options.


Supported file formats: AZW to EPUB, PDF to EPUB, RTF to EPUB, HTML to EPUB, MOBI to EPUB, DOCX to EPUB, CBR to EPUB.


CloudConvert is another reliable online converter that can convert various files, including audio files, videos, spreadsheets, images, and eBooks, to different formats.

CloudConvert provides a clean and easy-to-use interface on which you can select the input and output file formats and then upload the files you want to convert. The conversion speed depends on the size of the files you want to convert. However, there are limits on the number of concurrent conversions and conversion duration for free users.


Clean interface.

Online service availableon all platforms

Basic features are free.

A large number of supported file formats.


Limit on concurrent conversions for free users.


Supported file formats: PDF to EPUB, EPUB to PDF.


Zamzar is a trusted online converter that you can use to convert files to many different formats, including EPUB, efficiently. You can use Zamzar to convert videos, images, and many more. Zamzar also gives you the option to receive your files via email. After the conversion, Zamzar sends the converted files to your email address.



Available online.

Provides basic features for free.

Supports thousands of file formats.


File size limit of 50 MB.

Slow conversion for large files.

Convert to EPUB on Windows/Mac - 3 Best Desktop EPUB Converters


Supported file formats: PDF to EPUB, EPUB to PDF.


PDFelement is a fast and versatile PDF editor and the best Adobe Acrobat alternative you can use for PDF management. It has an easy-to-use user interface, allowing you to convert PDFs to various formats, including EPUB, quickly.

PDFelement also provides the Combine feature, which you can use to combine multiple files, such as documents and images, into a single PDF. Then, you can convert the PDF to an EPUB eBook for easy reading.

You can convert a PDF to EPUB in PDFelement with four easy steps:

Step 1 Click Convert in the Quick Tools section.

Step 2 Locate the PDF file that you want to convert to EPUB.

Step 3 Set the output format to EPUB and specify the directory where you want to store the EPUB file.

Step 4 Click OK.


Fast conversion.

Free trial version.

Powerful PDF features.


Can convert only PDFs to EPUB.


Supported file formats: RTF to EPUB, EPUB or AZW3, PDF to EPUB, Mobi to EPUB.


Calibre is an all-around eBook manager that is available on multiple platforms. It provides rich features that you can use to manage eBooks. You can use Calibre to read, edit, and catalog your eBooks. You can also use Calibre to convert eBooks to various supported formats, including EPUB.

Calibre provides rich conversion settings that allow you to adjust the metadata of the output file, including the cover, metadata information, font, and many more. After conversion, you can easily transfer the file to your eBook reader.


Professional eBook manager.

Rich features.

You can adjust conversion settings.

Supports many eBook readers, including Amazon Kindle.


Can be complicated for beginners.

Epubor Ultimate

Supported file formats: PDF to EPUB, AZW to EPUB, Mobi to to EPUB, PRC to EPUB, TPZ to EPUB, Topaz to EPUB, TXT to EPUB, and HTML to EPUB.

epubor ultimate

Epubor Ultimate is an eBook manager that you can use to convert eBooks on Windows. Epubor Ultimate allows you to convert files to a variety of formats and remove DRM protection from files.

Epubor Ultimate also supports batch conversion to help save time. You can also use Epubor Ultimate to edit your eBooks' metadata, making eBook management easier. Epubor Ultimate works with most eBook readers, making it easy for you to transfer files to or from them.


Removes DRM.

Fast conversion.

Supports metadata editing.

Supports many eBook readers.


Limited access to the trial version.

Software installation is needed.

Convert to EPUB on Phone - 3 Mobile EPUB Converters

Ebook Converter (Android)

Supported file formats: FB2, AZW3, LRF, TCR, SNB, RB, PML, PDB, OEB, MOBI, LIT, EPUB.

ebook converter android

Ebook Converter is a free Android app that you can use to convert various files, such as PDF, DOCX, and TXT, to EPUB. You can use this app to convert multiple files to EPUB simultaneously. You can also optimize the converted files for specific devices, such as Nook and Apple iPad. Ebook Converter also allows you to select a cover before you start the conversion.

However, since Ebook Converter is free, ads are displayed on the user interface of the app. To remove the ads, you must purchase the premium version.


Free conversion app.

Supports a variety of formats.

Supports batch conversion.


Available only for Android.

Displays ads on the user interface.

SmoothPDF (iOS, Android)

Supported file formats: PDF to Kindle, PDF to ePub.

smoothpdf ios android

SmoothPDF is a converter app that is available on both Android and iOS. You can use this app to convert PDFs to EPUB effortlessly. This app uses an advanced AI engine to recognize structures in PDFs, including tables of contents, tables, and chapter titles. It also supports synchronization between devices. This way, you can convert a file on one device and read it on another device.


Available on both Android and iOS.

Supports synchronization between devices.


Can convert only PDFs to EPUB.

Some features are available only in the premium version.

The Ebook Converter (iOS)

Supported file formats: Convert to MOBI, EPUB, PDF, TXT, AZW3

the ebook converter ios

The Ebook Converter is an iOS app that allows you to convert files to a variety of major eBook formats. This app can easily convert eBooks in other formats to EPUB. After conversion, you can immediately open and view the converted EPUB file on your reader apps.

The Ebook Converter uses a server to perform the conversion. Therefore, an Internet connection is required to use the app.


Free conversion app.

Fast conversion.

Supports a variety of formats.


Available only on iOS.

Requires an Internet connection.

People Also Ask

EPUB vs. MOBI vs. PDF: Which eBook Format Should You Use?

EPUB, MOBI, and PDF are the three most popular eBook formats that most eBook readers support. PDF ensures that the layout of a file remains the same on different readers and is often used in professional documents. Meanwhile, eBooks in the EPUB and MOBI formats are displayed based on preference settings, such as the font and page size.

You can choose from a variety of converters to convert eBooks to these formats. If you prefer a specific format, choose a converter, and convert your content to your desired format.


With the popularity of the EPUB format, there are so many apps, software, and online converters that you can use to convert files to EPUB.

To help you choose the best converter, this article listed 10 EPUB converters that you should check out. If you are looking for a fast and affordable PDF editor that allows you to create, edit, and convert PDFs to EPUB, PDFelement is highly recommended.

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