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How to Convert EPUB to Word (DOCX/DOC)?

In the above section, we showcase ways to convert EPUB documents to Word and other formats. Some are applications that come free or with a subscription price. Besides these, there are online converter tools as well. They offer an easy way to convert EPUB files. They ensure secure ways to convert and are risk-free applications.

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Part 1: Convert EPUB to Word on Windows & Mac

1. Calibre

Calibre is an eBook management tool that is free and open source. It can be used as a converter for EPUB to Word documents. It allows you to convert EPUB format eBooks to Microsoft Word and its newer version such as DOCX. You can also convert several EPUB eBooks into DOCX at the same time. There are several other formats that the software supports such as RTF, PDF, HTMLZ, AZW3, PDB, FB2, MOBI, and other eBook formats.

Steps to convert EPUB to Word format using this software are as follows:

Step 1 Add the source of EPUB eBooks to it using the main interface. Then open the converter tool.

Step 2 Set the output format to DOCX or Word in the conversion option. You can then configure among the eBook options for customization.

Step 3 Finally, choose the Convert button which then starts the batch conversion of EPUB to Word.

The software allows several customization features such as book cover design, layout, metadata inclusion, styling options, page setup, fonts, contents layout, and so forth.

Word to EPUB Calibre

2. HelpNDoc

This software comes free for personal conversion projects. As a result, you can download and install the latest version of this software on your computer.

The software is a single source and easy to use. It can help produce several manuals or documents. These can be of different formats such as HTML, CHM, DOCX, Qt Help, PDF, EPUB, and others. With this software, you can easily convert EPUBs to Word or PDFs. These will contain all contents of the EPUB files such as organization charts, hyperlinks, images, or table of contents. Once the EPUB file is imported, you can update the contents as well.

Steps to convert using EPUBs using this software are as follows:

Step 1 You can start by clicking the Import option on the File menu.

Import EPUB

Step 2 Here it would display files and folders. In order to navigate to files that you wish to import, click the button on the right.

Step 3 This will display a window that allows you to locate the documents. You can then select the EPUB file to import.

Step 4 Then update the content of the project. Click Generate help in the Home ribbon tab. Select PDF Documentation or Word Documentation from the menu. This will convert the EPUB ebook file to a Word document.

EPUB to Word

Steps for editing and converting EPUB files are easy on this software. There are several other features that this software offers. For instance, you can update the contents of a project. The software allows you to access the library which is a centralized storage location. Here one can access photos, documents, videos, snippets, variables, and HTML codes.

3. Sysinfo EPUB Converter

This is a converter that is secure and effective for converting EPUB files into PDFs. With this advanced tool, you can get 100% precision. It helps convert EPUB files into different documents. You can also convert into formats such as DOC, GIF, PNG, BMP, JPEG, XPS, and others. The software also allows bulk conversion. There is a feature that helps convert eBooks to GIF, PNG, JPEG, and others. You can convert EPUBs of any size into PDFs.

Steps to convert EPUB to Word with this program are the following:

Step 1 You need to download the application on your computer first.

Step 2 After downloading install and run it as an administrative tool.

Step 3 Select the EPUB file you wish to convert by pressing ADD button.

Sysinfo EPUB Converter

Step 4 Choose DOCX format from the drop-down menu. Rename the file and select the destination to save the file. Click Start Conversion.

EPUB to Word Converter

Part 2: Convert EPUB to DOCX/DOC Online

In this section, we explore the different online tools that are available for converting EPUB to DOCX.

1. EPUB to DOC Converter

To use this online free tool you simply need to visit the site called convertio.co. This site has several conversion tools, from image, audio, and video converters to eBook converters as well. You can visit the specific page for EPUB to Doc conversion on this platform. Once you do so the converter tool has an easy, user-friendly method for conversion.

EPUB to Word Online

The steps to convert using this tool are as follows:

Step 1 The main interface asks you to drag and drop files here; the files need to be limited to 100 MB.

Step 2 Once you have added the file for conversion, you can press the Convert button.

Step 3 Once you have converted your files you can download the document and save it on your hard drive.

You can select files from DropBox, Google Drive, or any URL for conversion using this tool. To convert you have the option to convert into many formats.

2. EPUB to DOCX Converter

This converter program helps convert EPUB files to DOCX. You can easily find this online converter tool by visiting the site onlineconverter.com.

EPUB to DOCX Online

The steps to convert EPUBs to DOCX using this software are as follows:

Step 1 Select the EPUB file you wish to convert.

Step 2 Click on the Convert button for uploading the file.

Step 3 Once the upload is complete the converter redirects to a web page. Here the conversion result will show.

This online tool is an easy way to convert small files. In case you have a large file to convert it might take time. In that case, you might need to cancel and try again.

3. EPUB to Word Converter Online

This is an online converter that helps convert EPUB to Doc files for free. It is a simple online tool that helps to convert files easily, even for beginner users. The steps to do so are as follows:

EPUB to DOC Converter Online

Step 1 Start by dragging and dropping files here; the maximum file size can be 1 GB.

Step 2 To convert EPUB files to Word you can start by clicking on the ‘Convert’ button.

Step 3 Once you click ‘Convert to Word’ the conversion starts. After the conversion is complete you can click on the download button.

This online tool is easy to convert and use. There is a batch convert feature as well. Under advanced settings, you can use custom as well as open-source software. This will help make conversions of high quality. The converter tool is free but secure. It can work on different web browsers.

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