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Methods to Optimize PDF Files for a Tablet

Are you a tablet user? If yes then you must’ve found issues while dealing with PDF files? Well, this article is just for you. In this guide, we will be discussing some of the finest methods to optimize pdf files for a tablet. Make sure you read the guide till the end.

Part 1. The Features of a Tablet

In this 21st century, mobiles and tablets have created a lot of ease for the users all over the world. Working remotely has become common in different nations. Most of the population rely on tablets and cellphones. However, when dealing with pdf files, work becomes stiffer, primarily if the files are large in size. In order to get a satisfactory experience, you can optimize pdf files for a tablet. Before diving into the methods, we need to compare it with desktop computer.

1. Compared with desktop computer

There is no denying to the fact that tablets and desktop computers come in different sizes and shapes. However, the display quality is what matters the most. Desktop computer use advanced graphic cards to enhance the quality of their display. Ultimately, improving the quality of the display of pdf files. To read pdf files, the finest screen size would be 210 x 297mm, it is same as A4 size paper. When it is about tablets, there are a lot of differences between IOS and Android tablets.

2. Reasons for optimizing PDF files on tablet

While reading a pdf, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind. The functional area on the screen or the navigational panel can hamper the reading experience of the user. In order to get more reading space, one can hide functional area and the navigational panel. Apart from these two, hiding status bar can also give a better experience. People who read Pdf’s frequently can make few amendments to get an ease. On a tablet, there are a lot of things that you strive to adjust, but due to the absence of a software, it becomes stiff for the user.

Part 2. Choose Professional PDF Manager-Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is one of the most astonishing software in market when you’re planning to deal with pdf files. It is a majestic software with all-in-one pdf solution. It has efficient tools to edit, convert, fill, annotate and sign pdf documents. It is known for creating a comfortable environment for those who wish to deal with pdf files. It has easy to use tools to customize fonts, personalize text styles, and add graphics.

Even if you want any comment or something, it gives you a set of commenting tools to utilize. Users can easily take notes and add color highlights. It is a complete power pack for the people who frequently deal with pdf files. Either you want to create a pdf document, or edit it, PDFelement is at the service.

It can utterly change the way you deal with pdf files. PDFelement also gives you the feature to blackout sensitive information before sharing the document. It gives you the option of password protection. In case you are planning to convert pdf files into Microsoft word and PowerPoint without losing the actual font and formatting, there is not software that can help you out like PDFelement. It is the finest pdf manager available.

Part 3. Methods to Optimize PDF Files

To deeply understand the significance of PDFelement, you need to be more practical with it. To optimize pdf files, here are some of the methods you can utilize using the remarkable PDFelement;

1. Cut PDF

There are users who want to split their pdf files. As PDFelement is tailored in splitting pdf files, you can use it to split pdf pages into separate files in no time. The software makes splitting documents much reliable. Here are the steps to do so;

Step 1.Open pdf file in PDFelement

First, you need to download and install PDFelement on your system. Moving on, launch the software and open the pdf file you want to cut. Choose the option “Open files” and browse to local folders. You can also drag and drop the pdf files into the program.

Step 2.Split tool

You need to click on the tab “Page” and choose the option “Split” to manage the pdf pages.

Step 3.Split Pdf pages

In the last step, a new window will appear on your screen and you’ll be able to select the page number or top-level bookmarks to split. Once you’ve selected properly, click the option “OK” to proceed. In the output folder, you will witnessed new pdf files saved.


2. Combine PDF

When it comes to combining the pdf, PDFelement gives you a wide range of choices to select. To increase productivity, you can combine large sized pdfs by combining pdfs from home windows, a less time consuming method for the users. The software also gives you the utility to combine pdf pages by thumbnail, a two-step method easily applicable.

combine pdf

Apart from these two, tablet users can utilize facile method of combining pdfs by inserting pages. You can simply launch the software and click on “Open Files” and then “Insert” to properly browse and select the pdf files you want to combine using the software. You will find no trouble in selecting pages from another pdf and combining it with yours.

combine add files

3. Compress PDF

A major trouble that pdfs cause is storage issue, as these files are much heavier in size. To reduce the size of the pdf without losing its quality, PDFelement is efficient. Here are the steps to reduce pdf size with PDFelement;

Step 1.Open a pdf

The first step is to download and launch the software on your system. In the home window, choose “Open files” button and import a PDF into the software.

Step 2.Compress Pdf file

Once the pdf is selected, under the tab tool, you need to click on the button “Optimize.” Here you can select the quality of the pdf, such as “Low”, “Medium”, and “High” for the compressed file. After confirming the size and quality, click the “Apply” button to proceed.

optimize pdf

4. Extract the content you want

Sometimes you only want some part of the data from the pdf files, but find it hard to do so. Well, here is the method to extract content from a pdf file using PDFelement;

Step 1.Open a pdf form

The initial step is always to download and launch the software on your system. Use “Open files” button to select the file from which you want to extract data.

Step 2.Extract data from pdf

When the program opens the pdf form, click on the “Form” option and then “More” to select the “Extract data” option.

extract data
Step 3.Start the pdf data extraction process

Soon, a new dialog will appear on your screen. Select the option “Extract data from form fields in PDF” and lastly click “Apply” to start the process.

extract data


Dealing with pdf can get tricky most of the times. However, when it is about tablets, it becomes more complex to handle pdf files. Still, there are multiple ways to handle a situation. In the case of pdf files, there is no software better at managing pdf files than PDFelement. A software with wide range of options can surely create ease for the users.

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