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Learn How to Change PPT to PDF with These 3 Simple Methods

Microsoft PowerPoint slides can make information more usable through conversion into PDFs. Find the best tools and methods to change PPT to PDF right now.

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Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most common programs for creating presentations for business and academic purposes. However, the methods to change PPT to PDF can serve as a vital improvement for various groups of users. One of the best highlights proving why you need to transform a PowerPoint file into a PDF is the ease of printing. The following post helps you find out 3 easy methods for turning PPT into PDF.

change ppt to pdf

Advantages of PDF Over PPT

Slideshow presentations in the PPT format have been the traditional choices of businesses for delivering valuable information to their clients. On the other hand, businesses should try to find how to change PowerPoint to PDF to access many promising benefits.

The most noticeable trait of PDF documents points to the mobility and ease of sharing PDF files. You can also change PDF files into any other format with simple steps.

PDF files could also support effective results in organization, storage, and presentation of PowerPoint slides with better quality. It is important to note how PDF files offer better options for security through customization of user access privileges. In the case of PDF files, digital signatures can help in proving user authenticity.

On top of it, you don't have to compromise on quality when you turn PowerPoint into PDF files, alongside ensuring size reduction. Furthermore, PDF files can offer exclusive interactive functions for making your presentations more engaging.

Method 1. Change PDF to PPT With Microsoft PowerPoint

The advantages of PDF files over PPT presentations provide a clear idea of why you need to look for tools that could help you generate PDF files from any other file format. You could also look for methods to turn PDFs into PowerPoint files directly from PowerPoint. Yes, you can use Microsoft PowerPoint itself for changing PPT to PDF file formats.

When you convert PPT files into PDF files, you will lock the layout and formatting of the presentations. No one could make any changes to the slides, although they could view them without PowerPoint. Here is an outline of the steps for converting PowerPoint presentations into PDF files.

Step 1 Click on 'File' and then select 'Export.'

Step 2 Select the "Create PDF/XPS Document" option and then the "Create PDF/XPS" option.

export ppt to pdf

Step 3 You will find a "Publish as PDF or XPS" dialog box, where you must specify the location for saving the exported file. Enter the file name you want in the 'File name' box.

publish as pdf

Step 4 Now, you can change PPTX to PDF format by specifying changes in the final PDF file's format. For example, you can choose the 'Standard' option in the 'Optimize for' section alongside selecting 'Minimum size' to reduce the file size.

Step 5 You can also change settings in the 'Options' tab to define the final appearance of the presentation as a PDF. For example, you can specify the number of slides you want to convert into PDF format. Finally, you can click on Publish to export the PDF file.

Method 2. Turn PowerPoint Into PDF With PDFelement

The flexibility in learning how to change PowerPoint to PDF files with Microsoft PowerPoint is definitely commendable. However, you must also look for other interesting possibilities for achieving the same task with better efficiency.

For example, you can try PDF editing tools such as PDFelement for changing PPT files into PDF formats. The foremost advantage of such tools is the fact that they have been tailored specifically for the purpose of converting different types of files to PDF formats.

pdfelement interface

PDFelement is a competent and effective tool for changing PowerPoint to PDF files. It has been designed as an all-around PDF converter that helps in converting PDF files into different formats.

The tool offers the assurance of high-speed conversion of files without compromising quality. On top of it, you can find the benefit of seamless operations across any device featuring Windows, Android, iOS, or Mac systems.

Apart from the speed and consistency in converting files into different formats, PDFelement lets you convert to PDF with limited effort. You can also try converting Microsoft Word or Excel files to PDF formats.

Therefore, PDFelement not only shows you how to turn a PowerPoint into a PDF but also creates PDFs from other file formats. You can convert image files such as JPEG, PNG, VSD, ICO, and JPG into PDF format with PDFelement. Most important of all, you don't have to face any complicated steps to achieve portability advantages with PDF files.

How To Change PowerPoint to PDF with PDFelement?

The Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is an effective PDF editor and converter you can use for changing PPT files to PDF format. PDFelement is fast and easy to use, thereby offering significant assistance for beginners to convert PPT files. Here are a few simple steps for determining how to change PPTX to PDF formats with PDFelement.

Step 1Create the PDF

Actually, the process for converting PPT to PDF files with PDFelement takes only one step. Start the process by downloading and installing PDFelement on your device and launch the program. Access the Home Window of the application and select the "Create PDF" button. Now, choose the PPT file you want to convert, and the program will detect the file, followed by beginning conversion.

pdfelement create pdf
Step 2Make Necessary Edits

You could introduce any changes you want in the PDF file you want to create. Select the 'Edit' tab in the tools bar at the top of the screen and choose the 'Edit' icon to make necessary changes.

pdfelement edit pdf

For more details about editing PDFs with PDFelement, watch the video below:

Step 3Convert PPT to PDF

In the final step, you can find out how to turn PPT into PDF format after making the necessary edits. You can begin the conversion by clicking on the 'File' button followed by selecting the 'Save As' tab. Once you have saved the PDF file, you can easily access it on your device.

 pdfelement save as

Advantages of Using PDFelement to Turn PPT to PDF

PDFelement is one of the best PDF converters in the market. With this program, you can get the converted file in high quality without losing the original format. PDFelement has the following advantages working as a PPT to PDF converter:

1. Edit PDF after conversion

PDFelement serves as not only a PDF converter but also an effective PDF Editor software. You can rely on the tool for editing PDF text even after conversion on Windows, Mac as well as mobile devices. PDFelement helps you add images, hyperlinks, and watermarks to the PDF file after conversion.

The flexibility to change PPT to PDF with Wondershare PDFelement also offers the benefits of adding or editing text with multiple functionalities. For example, you can edit texts in the same format or modify the text's size, color, alignment, and font.

pdfelement edit

2. Adjust the output PDF file size

The Compressor in PDFelement could play a crucial role in reducing PDF size by considerable margins. Most important of all, you can change PowerPoint to PDF formats without compromising on quality. With the assurance of three compression ratio settings, you can find the ideal balance between file size and output quality.

The other crucial highlight in the Compress feature of PDFelement refers to batch compressing for PDF files. In addition, it can also facilitate manual reduction of PDF file size within a few simple steps.

3. Combine several PPT files into one PDF

The benefits of PDFelement also include the facility of a Combine feature which helps in batching multiple PPT files into one PDF. You can drag and drop multiple PPTs, Word files, or images as well as other files with the Combine feature for creating one PDF.

Batch conversion with the Combine feature allows a substantial advantage in managing PPT to PDF file conversions with ease. In addition, batch compression and editing features offer a significant advantage for users with additional functionalities.

4. Adjust the page size and crop page margins

Another interesting advantage with methods to turn PowerPoint into PDF with PDFelement would refer to the Crop feature. Just like the Edit functionality, you can use the Crop feature to adjust the page margins and size manually.

The flexibility to change your PDF file's dimensions according to desired requirements is an effective option for many users.

Method 3. Turn PowerPoint Into PDF Online

Your quest for ideal solutions on how to change PowerPoint to PDF would also draw attention to online tools. The flexibility of using Microsoft PowerPoint or PDFelement offers exclusive solutions in both cases. However, you could also find online tools like HiPDF for conversion of PPT to PDF without setbacks.

HiPDF is an online PDF converter with a wide array of services for converting file formats. It is one of the popular tools for accessing many other functionalities beyond conversion of PPT to PDF or vice-versa. The PDF converter also includes services for compression, merging, or splitting PDFs within a few simple steps.

The best thing about HiPDF changing PPTX to PDF file format is the easy list of steps as follows.

Step 1 Upload the PPT file on the HiPDF online tool

hipdf ppt to pdf

Step 2 HiPDF would complete the successful upload of the PPT file within a limited time.

hipdf upload file

Step 3 Click on "CONVERT" to start the conversion process.

hipdf converting

Step 4 Select the "Download" option to obtain the desired PDF document.

hipdf download


The guide on how to turn a PowerPoint into a PDF file showcased 3 proven methods for achieving the objective. PDF files are easily transferable and printable, along with limited security concerns. Therefore, businesses and common users could extract many benefits from conversion of PPT to PDF file formats. However, PDFelement serves as an effective all-in-one solution for all your PDF needs. Learn more about the tools for extracting the true value of your document flow right now.

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