How to Change PDF to PPT

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In this Information Era, it became very much imperative to record and present the available data in the most convenient way. That's where PDF comes forward to record the data in an uneditable way and then presenting it via PPT slides. The question is how to edit and change PDF to PPT? In this write-up, we are going to share three methods to change PDF to PowerPoint.

Method 1: How to Change PDF to PPT

We are going to describe how to change PDF to PowerPoint with Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor below Method 1 step by step.

Step 1: Open the PDF File:

Firstly, you got to launch PDFelement on to your machine. Then, open up the PDF file you want to change to PPT. In order to open the required PDF file, you can either click "Open files" on the Home window or click the "Back"> "File" > "Open" button. Provide path and select the file and then click the "Open" button.

change pdf to ppt

Step 2. Edit PDF before Changing to PPT (Optional)

Before you head to change PDF to PPT, you can edit or remove the unwanted text or images. In case, you are going to present the file as a presentation, there will be a lot of text content or images that will be redundant and you would not like to include them in the PPT. Go to the "Edit" tab and click the edit icon. However, it's an optional choice.

change pdf to powerpoint

Step 3: Change PDF to PPT:

Having given the path to the PDF file, and clicking on the "Convert" button, you will see the options to convert. Of course, you got to click on the "To PPT" button. Once you click on the "To PPT" button, your PDF file will be changed into PPT. Here you go and have fun with your PPT file to present anywhere you want.

how to change pdf to powerpoint

Besides, there is another alternative method that can help you change the PDF into PPT. Again, we are going to guide you step by step through Method 2.

Method 2: How to Turn PDF into PowerPoint

Step 1: Click on "Convert PDF"

Once you have launched PDFelement on your machine, you got to click on the "Convert PDF" button. This action will lead you to the next stage where you will have to choose the PDF file to be converted to PPT.

how to turn pdf into powerpoint

Step 2: Select PDF

Once you have opted for "Convert", you will be asked to select the file from the folder you want to turn to PPT. So, you will have to choose the required PDF file to be turned to PPT.

turn pdf into powerpoint

Step 3: Turn PDF into PowerPoint

In step 3, you will choose the "Output Format" for the PDF file to be turned to PPT and select the "PowerPoint Files (*.pptx)". After that, you will click "Save" to turn PDF into PowerPoint. Once you click the "Save" button, it gets to converted into PPT almost in no time. So have fun with your PPTs now.

turn pdf into ppt

Hey, guys if you find both of the above methods difficult to follow, we got another method or Method 3 as well to help you change PDF to PPT which is going to be described below step by step.

Method 3: How to Transfer PDF to PowerPoint

In this method, first, you have to transfer the required PDF files bunch to PowerPoint.

Step 1: Click "Batch Process"

As obvious from step 1, in this method, you have the facility to convert a host of PDF files into PPTs as a single operation as a batch process. So, having launched PDFelement, you have to click on "Tool" > "Batch Process".

transfer pdf to ppt

Step 2: Add Files

Now, you can upload your PDF files by clicking "+Add file" or drag and drop the files into the window.

transfer pdf to powerpoint

Step 3: Transform PDF to PPT

Once you have added all the required PDF files, you will click "Apply" and transform the added files to PPT. Almost in no time, all the added files will be transferred to PPTs. So here you go to have fun with your PPT slides.

transform pdf to ppt

You must be wondering what other features PDFelement may have. Let's find an answer below.

Well, it has been designed simply to help you communicate in the easiest, fastest and friendliest way while handling PDF files. Using it, you can edit and/or convert all the utilities of MS office while handling PDF format. It also helps you in:

  • Optimize large PDF files into the size you want.
  • Convert PDF files to MS Word, Excel, PPT, images, ePub, HTML etc.
  • OCR a scanned document into searchable, selectable and editable texts.
  • 1-click form creation and automatically form recognition.
  • PDF creation from popular and mostly used file formats.
  • Edit PDF with the texts, images, graphics, etc.
  • Protect PDF documents and apply passwords and permissions to them.
  • Apply redaction on a PDF document to protect sensitive information.
  • Print webpage into a PDF with the virtual printer.
  • it helps you simplify reviews and collect the signatures faster than you expect.
  • Also, it guarantees to protect your documents while going for information exchange.

In a nutshell, PDFelement is a one-stop solution to all your problems in terms of editing and conversion of documentation jobs.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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