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4 Flipbook WordPress Plugins to Make Your Website Content Stunning

Using PDFs to create PDF marketing materials is not enough, and many businesses are shifting their attention to flipbooks to win and retain viewers on their sites. While it is easy to talk about flipbooks, creating them for website content can be tough. Fortunately, flipbook for WordPress is making things much easier.

With a suitable flipbook WordPress plugin, you can seamlessly create stunning flipbooks that will help you reach and engage many potential customers. This article gives you a guide on the best flipbook WordPress plugins.

flipbook for wordpress

Part 1. Benefits of Flipbooks to Website Content

Flipbooks are a digital representation of documents like brochures, magazines, newsletters, books, and catalogs. They provide that page-turning effect and animations to make you feel like you are reading a physical book.

Flipbooks are changing the way marketers and content creators present their content to potential viewers/readers. Flipbooks offer several benefits to website content compared to traditional PDF files.

Flipbooks are more interactive and engaging. They are not static like PDF files and seamlessly grab user attention. This interactivity brings fun, and visitors can stay longer on your website. Flipbooks allows users to add audio, GIFs, videos, and various multimedia effects to present content more attractively.

Furthermore, these effects and animations are automated. You design once and use them anytime, everywhere. This saves time, energy, and money. Again, designing, adding, and sharing flipbooks across various platforms, including your favorite social media channels, is easy.

flipbook wordpress plugin

Part 2. Best Flipbook WordPress Plugins

Flipbook WordPress Plugins are tools that allow users to add animations, layouts, and effects to create customizable and interactive flipbooks for your WordPress site.

These plugins can add new functionality to your website or extent the existing functionality. They use various effects and features to create stunning flipbooks like 2D and 3D flipbooks for your website.

There are many flipbook WordPress plugins in the market, and you should pick a Flipbook WordPress Plugin that works for you. A good flipbook plugin should be a highly responsive, interactive, and customizable flipbook. Your choice of flipbook WordPress plugin can make or break the experience and quality of your flipbooks.

As aforementioned, there are several flipbook WordPress plugins in the market. However, you ought to be careful in selecting the plugin that meets your needs.

1. 3D Flipbook WordPress Plugin

wordpress pdf flipbook

Ratings on WordPress: 5 stars out of 5 from 102 reviews.

Editor's Verdict: It is an amazing flipbook WordPress plugin for interactive and responsive flipbooks. Its flexibility and ability to customize animations make it an excellent 3D flipbook WordPress plugin.

3D FlipBook is one of the best picks for WordPress plugins. This plugin allows users to create stunning 3D flipbooks that seamlessly impress viewers. 3D FlipBook has plenty of features to help create flipbooks that mimic the natural behavior of books, cards, magazines, and other physical printouts.

Thanks to the customizable page flipping animation, skin support, and smart pan algorithm that displays the book most appropriately and comfortably. This plugin also supports HTML, PDF, and images as source pages. HTML offers a better way to add interactivity to the flipbook.

This plugin works with a block of pages, and its performance is independent of the number of pages. The beauty of this plugin is that it is responsive. While it is designed to occupy a whole container, it automatically adjusts if the container size changes. Again, this plugin is easy to use and customize. It has a lot of examples, and getting started won't be a rough ride.

2. Real3D Flipbook WordPress Plugin

real3d flipbook wordpress plugin

Ratings on WordPress: 4 out of 5 stars.

Editor's Verdict: It is a good flipbook WordPress plugin. While many features help users create appealing flipbooks, better features are available in the pro version.

Real3D Flipbook WordPress Plugin, as the name suggests, displays your images and PDFs as realistic flipbooks. This plugin is optimized for mobile and uses on Javascript 3D library to display amazing ultra-realistic features. It doesn't use any iframes or third-party services to achieve this functionality.

The good thing about this plugin is that it is easy to use, and users have full control over the server. Your PDFs are embedded in the existing WordPress pages, and all the files are on your server. When browsing, you also have multiple view modes like horizontal swipe, 3D page flip, and no animation. These view modes fit all design styles, and you don't have to worry about the view mode of your choice.

Real3D Flipbook WordPress Plugin pro version offers more and better features for creating interactive flipbooks. These features include dark skin, thumbnails, custom table of contents, UI layout and colors, PDF hyperlinks, and custom logos. The list is long!

3. DearFlip - 3D Flipbook WordPress Plugin

3d flipbook wordpress

Ratings on WordPress: 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 16 reviews.

Editor's Verdict: It is a good multiplatform 2D and 3D WordPress plugin for multiple platforms. It is simple, and users can learn faster. However, the interactive and responsive aspects don't get much weight.

DearFlip is one of the best WordPress plugins for every website and PDF. This plugin gives a serene platform to create flipbooks in WordPress, including image, PDF, 2D, 2D, and portfolio flipbooks. The easy post structure of DearFlip makes it easy to create realistic flipbooks in WordPress powered by WebGL technology.

DearFlip is available on multiple platforms, including WordPress Plugin, CodeCanyon, and Chrome app. It offers general and pro features that help users seamlessly create 3D and 2D flipbooks.

Some of these features include Google analytics, stage padding, global settings, PDF links, responsive book thumbs, PDF and image support, embedded inline flipbooks, and partial loading, among others.

This tool is easy to learn and only involves a few steps to create a post.

4. FlippingBook WordPress Plugin

flipbook wordpress

Ratings on WordPress: 4 out of 5 stars from 4 reviews.

Editor's Verdict: It is a good flipbook plugin for any type of digital document. Its ease of use and customization flexibility makes it a suitable WordPress plugin for newbies.

FlippingBook plugin is an excellent WordPress plugin that allows users to embed flipbooks made through FlippingBook Online or FlippingBook Publisher. Embedding flipbooks into WordPress is simple and doesn't need extra fuss. This plugin allows users to create any type of digital document.

Plenty of inspirational samples can help you get started with 3D flipbooks. The beauty of this tool is that you can always tweak the embedding settings from the admin page to make your flipbook more responsive. You can customize the WordPress flipbook by specifying elements such as width, height, page, mode, ratio, wheel, and lightbox.

Part 3. Optimize Large PDF for Easy Creation of Flipbook with WordPress Plugin

Knowing the best flipbook WordPress plugin is not enough. When you create a flipbook from a PDF, you might encounter a file size limit. Naturally, smaller files are easy to upload and process. If you import too long PDFs, it will take longer to import them to the plugin for processing.

Therefore, you need to reduce the file size of a PDF file before uploading them to a plugin for better performance. However, reducing PDF file size requires a good PDF editor.

Fortunately, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor gives you the best platform to compress and optimize PDF files to desired sizes. This powerful all-in-one PDF editor transforms how you interact with PDF files. PDFelement lets you compress PDF files to desired sizes without losing the original quality.

Users have the flexibility to compress and optimize PDF files depending on their needs. You can compress PDFs in one click, batch, or reduce PDF size manually. The compression process is easy and can be handled by anyone, including newbies. You can also edit, annotate, merge, protect, sign, share, convert, print, and organize PDF files with PDFelement.

flipbook wordpress

How to Optimize/Compress PDF with Wondershare PDFelement

The following steps show how to optimize pages with Wondershare PDFelement.

Step 1. Launch Wondershare PDFelement on your computer. Click the "Open PDF" button on the main window and choose the PDF file you want to compress. Click "Open" to exit the file explorer window and upload the PDF file.

open pdf files

Step 2. When the PDF file loads, head to the "Tool" tab and select the "Compress" option. Proceed to the "Compress Options" section and choose a suitable compression level. You can choose High, Medium, or Low.

compress pdf

Step 3. Choose the desired output folder and click "Apply" to trigger the PDF optimization process. Your PDF compression should be completed in a few seconds.

Moreover, PDFelement still has a mobile version that allows you to resize your PDF files anytime. Watch the video below and learn how to compress large PDFs on iPhone.


After reading this article, you won't struggle to find the right flipbook WordPress plugin to create stunning website content. Choose a suitable plugin from the list discussed and make your website content attractive and engaging.

Furthermore, optimize your PDF pages for a better experience when creating flipbooks from PDFs. Remember, PDFelement is the best in this line and won't disappoint you. You can download PDFelement for free and get started.

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