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3 Easy Ways to Copy PDF to Word

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Copying a text from a Word document, Website, or any other text editor is easy. But it might get complicated sometimes whenever you try to copy text from a PDF. You may not get the text and images in the same format from PDF to Word. You will learn all things about how to copy PDF to Word in this article.

Part 1. Copy a Page from PDF to Word

If the PDF file is large and you want to copy a whole page or several pages from PDF to Word, you can use a dedicated PDF app - Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor.  Its convert option can convert PDF to word document directly so that you can add the pages to your word document easily. Plus, it has the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature that can help you convert scanned or image-based PDF files to editable Word as well, you can copy and paste the content with no trouble.

Step 1. Open PDF

Go to the main program window of PDFelement and click on the add button to browse the PDF you want to copy to Word.

how to copy and paste from pdf to word

Step 2. PDF to Word

Click the "Convert" > "To Word" button to start the conversion process. And you can refer to the article here about how to convert scanned PDF to word.

how to copy pdf file to word

If you need to copy PDF to word for multiple documents, then you can also use the "Batch Process" option in PDFelement to help you convert multiple PDF files to word.

copy and paste from pdf to word

Part 2. How to Copy Table, Signature, and More from PDF to Word

Copying one by one from PDF to Word is such a hectic way to do things. Even, if you have copied the whole PDF to Word you won't get the same format, table, and images. So, in such conditions where you want to copy tables, images, signatures, and other things from PDF to Word, you can use a PDF to Word Converter.

PDFelement is such a tool that helps its users to convert PDF to Word documents with original format without losing its quality. This utility tool can be used across multiple devices such as desktops, the web, and smartphones. It's really easy to use and you can get started with a trial version and even con convert your documents from PDF to several document formats.

You can download Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor on your computer. In the below part, you will learn some techniques that will help you to work efficiently with PDFelement.

Copy table/diagram from PDF to Word

Copying a table or diagram from PDF to Word is a curricle thing that doesn't provide the same quality as it was in the original PDF. But PDFelement has made it easier and you can convert any PDF with tables or diagrams into Word within a few clicks as shown in the step-by-step guide below:

Step 1. We will consider that you have already installed Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor on your computer. Launch the PDFelement on your computer.

Step 2. Click on "File" and choose "Open" a dialogue box will appear that will ask you to open a PDF file from wherever you want. I will choose PDF that I have downloaded for such a purpose.

Step 3. On the top, below the Convert menu bar, you will see different options. I will choose "To Word" as we are converting the PDF with the table to Word in this scenario.

Step 4. After converting, you can open the converted file and copy all the tables/diagrams.

Copy Table from PDF

Copy Equations from PDF to Word

Copying problems in PDF is such a big issue that it makes users frustrated. In a simple PDF viewer, you will get stuck and there won't be any option to copy an equation from PDF to Word in its original format. Follow the steps given below to learn how to copy equations from PDF to Word.

Step 1. Launch Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor in your computer and import a PDF file that contains equations you want to copy to Excel.

Step 2. Click on Edit from the top menu bar and select the equation.

Step 3. Right-click on the selected area and choose Copy Text or you can simply press Ctrl + C.

Step 4. Open the Word document and paste the content from the clipboard. You have successfully copied an equation from PDF to Word in its original format.

Copy Equation to from PDF

Copy Picture from PDF to Word

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor empowers its users to copy images from the PDF files without much hesitation. The steps are simple as we did earlier in copying equations and text. Let's copy a picture from PDF to Word.

Step 1. Import a PDF that contains some images into PDFelement and click on Edit > Add Text from the menu bar.

Step 2. Now look for the image that you want to copy and right-click on it.

Step 3. Choose Extract Image and give it a name, choose a location where you want to save it. Hit the Save button.

Copy Image from PDF

Part 3. Copy Text from PDF to Word

One thing that you should always make sure of before copying text from PDF to Word is to make sure the protection is enabled or not. If the PDF has privacy enabled, it won't allow you to copy anything. But if the protection is not enabled, you can easily copy and paste anything from the PDF. You first have to remove the password or protection that has been applied by the owner of the PDF.

You can check a PDF whether allows copying content or content by following the instructions provided below:

Step 1. Open any PDF document, right-click on it, and from the options click on "Document Properties".

Step 2. In the opened window, look for the "Security" tab and click on it.

Step 3. You will see Content Copying in the Document Restriction Summary, if it's labeled as "Allowed" it means you can copy and paste anything from PDF. But if it's not, then you can't copy it from the PDF document.

Noted: Often PDF files that are protected by the owner have the word "Secured" written next to their name.

PDF Document Security

Copy & Paste Method in PDF Document

This is the most used and de-facto method of copying text or anything from PDFs. We use CTRL+C to copy anything from a document and we can paste it into any document by using CTRL+V. These commands are for Windows users.

But if you are using Mac, then you have to Command-C to copy the text from a document and paste it using Command-V into any other document or app you want.

There are other ways you can copy and paste such as you can make use of your mouse or touchpad to perform copy and paste action.

Select the text you want to copy and by dragging your mouse, right-click on the selected area and click copy.

Also, you can click on Edit from the menu and then select copy after selecting the text, you can also paste it by clicking on the "Paste" option next to "Copy". The content will be pasted from the clipboard to the position where your cursor was last time.

Copy Text from PDF

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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