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10 Best PDF to EPUB Converters

Here we recommend the best 10 PDF to EPUB converters to transform your PDF ebooks to EPUB.

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PDF and EPUB are popular eBook formats that support rich content types, such as texts, images, and links. You may have existing PDF eBooks that you find challenging to read on specific devices but still want to use. Fortunately, many PDF to EPUB converters can help you transform your PDF eBooks to EPUB.

This article lists the 10 best PDF to EPUB converters that you can use to convert PDF to EPUB for free. Keep reading to find the best converter that works for you.

What's the Difference between PDF and EPUB?

Both PDF and EPUB are popular eBook formats that most eBook readers support. PDF retains the layout of files on different devices, whereas EPUB can adapt to the layout settings of eBook readers. The PDF file is more static in layout but easier to use and distribute. On the other hand, the EPUB format is very flexible and can adjust depending on the device.

If you prefer the EPUB format, you can try the following 10 best PDF to EPUB converters.

10 Best PDF to EPUB Converters to Consider

HiPDF Online Fast High
Zamzar Online Medium Medium
Convertio Online Medium Medium
CloudConvert Online Medium Medium
Calibre Windows and Mac Slow Medium
PDFelement Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android Fast High
Google Docs Online Medium Medium
Cisdem PDF Converter Mac Medium High
Ebook Converter Android Medium Medium
All File Converter Android Medium Medium

HiPDF: The Best All-In-One Free Online PDF Solution


HiPDF is the best, all-in-one free online PDF solution. HiPDF provides a variety of free PDF tools that you can use to edit, merge, and convert your PDFs online. These tools allow you to manage your PDF files easily. HiPDF also provides the best online PDF to EPUB converter that you can use in terms of efficiency and convenience.


Best all-in-one online PDF solution.

Free basic features.

No software download or installation is needed.

Provides many PDF tools.


100-page limit in a single file.

Detailed steps to convert PDFs to EPUB by using the PDF to EPUB Converter:

Step 1 Go to the PDF to EPUB Converter page.

Step 2 Upload the PDF file that you want to convert and click CONVERT.

Step 3 Download the converted EPUB file.

Zamzar: Online Converter for Video, Audio, Documents, and More


Zamzar is another recommended online converter that you can use to convert your files, including videos, audio, documents, and images, to different formats. You can use Zamzar to convert PDF to EPUB and obtain satisfactory results. Zamzar can also send the converted EPUB files to your email address after the PDFs are converted.


Easy to use.

Basic features are free.

Massive file formats are supported.


Limited file size.

Slow conversion for large files.

Convertio: Convert Your Files to Any Format


Convertio is a popular service that you can use to convert files online. It allows you to convert files to thousands of existing formats, including eBook formats. You can use Convertio to convert PDF to EPUB online anytime on any platform.

However, the free version of Convertio has a limit on file size. You can purchase subscription plans to increase the file size and the number of conversions you can perform simultaneously.



Provides free basic features.

Can convert multiple files.

Supports all major file formats.


The free version has a file size limit.

No customization is allowed.

CloudConvert: Swiss Army Knife for File Conversions


CloudConvert is another online converter that you can use to convert files, including videos, audio, documents, and images, to a variety of formats. CloudConvert provides a clean interface to facilitate your conversions. To convert PDF to EPUB, select PDF as the input format and EPUB as the output format, then upload the FDFs you want to convert.

The conversion speed varies depending on the size of the files that you want to convert. CloudConvert supports only a limited number of concurrent conversions and limits the conversion duration for free users.



Basic features are free.

Large number of supported file formats.


Limited concurrent conversions.

Calibre: One-stop eBook Management Solution


Calibre is an all-around eBook manager software that provides rich eBook management features and is available on both Windows and Mac. It provides almost every feature that you need to manage eBooks. You can read, edit, and catalog your eBooks. You can also convert your eBooks to a variety of formats, including PDF to EPUB.

Calibre also provides rich conversion settings that allow you to control how your PDF is converted and the metadata of the converted EPUB file, including the cover, metadata information, font, and many more. Calibre also supports many eBook readers. This allows you to transfer the converted files to your eBook reader easily.


All-around eBook manager.

Rich eBook management features.

Conversion settings can be adjusted.

Supports many eBook readers.


Complex settings for beginners.

PDFelement: Best PDF Editor for Everyday Use


PDFelement is a fast, reliable, and affordable PDF editor. It provides powerful features at half the price of Adobe Acrobat, making it a great alternative. In addition, PDFelement provides a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows you to convert PDFs to a variety of formats, including EPUB.

In terms of efficiency and affordability, PDFelement is one of the best PDF editors that you can get. If you want to convert PDF to EPUB on Windows or Mac at high efficiency and conversion quality, PDFelement is the best choice.


Intuitive interface.

Free trial version.

Rich PDF editing features.

Supports a variety of conversion options.


Download and installation are needed.

Detailed steps to convert PDFs to EPUB by using PDFelement:

Step 1 On the homepage of PDFelement, click Convert.

Step 2 Select the PDF file that you want to convert to EPUB.

Step 3 Set the output format to EPUB.

Step 4 Click OK.

Google Docs: An Alternative for PDF to EPUB Conversion


Google Docs is an online document editor provided by Google. It is a good alternative to Microsoft Word. You can use Google Docs to edit, share, and collaborate on documents. Google Docs also provides a clean and easy-to-use interface with a wide range of features for editing documents.

You can also use Google Docs as a PDF to EPUB converter. To convert PDF to EPUB in Google Docs, open your PDF in Google Docs and download the file as EPUB. Then, you can obtain the converted file.


Free online document editor.

Easy sharing and collaboration.


Not as good as a dedicated converter.

No explicit menu for conversion.

Cisdem PDF Converter: Great PDF Converter for Mac


Cisdem PDF Converter is an excellent PDF converter for Mac. It can quickly and accurately convert your PDFs to various formats, including DOCX, PPTX, HTML, EPUB, and many more. Cisdem PDF Converter also supports OCR and allows you to convert scanned PDFs to searchable formats.

Cisdem PDF Converter also preserves the layout of original files as much as possible to provide you with high-quality conversion results. If you prefer a desktop app for Mac, Cisdem PDF Converter is a good choice for PDF to EPUB conversion.


OCR support.

Good conversion quality.

Supports batch processing.


Only available on Mac.

Downloadand installation are required.

Ebook Converter: Free PDF to EPUB Converter for Android


Ebook Converter is a free Android app that you can use to convert various files, including PDF, DOCX, and TXT, to EPUB. You can use Ebook Converter to convert multiple PDF files to EPUB at the same time.

Ebook Converter also provides options that you can use to optimize the files for specific devices, such as Apple iPad. However, Ebook Converter displays ads on the user interface. You must purchase the premium version if you want to remove the ads.


Free app for file conversion.

Supports many file formats.

Supports batch conversion.


Available only on Android.

Displays ads in the free version.

All File Converter: Another Great File Converter for Android


All File Converter is a free online converter app for Android. It provides a variety of online converter tools that you can use to convert various files, such as video, audio, image, and eBooks, to many formats.

You can download the app from Google Play and convert files on your phone anytime. However, since All File Converter provides online conversion services, it requires an Internet connection to work. It also deletes all your files from its server after 24 hours.


Free to use.

Rich converters.


Slow conversion, especially for large files.

Internet connection is required.


With so many conversion services and tools available, converting PDF to EPUB has never been easier. This article provided 10 PDF to EPUB converters that you can choose from, including online converters and software or apps that you need to install.

Among the 10 best PDF to EPUB converters, HiPDF is the best all-in-one free online PDF solution to choose from. If you prefer a desktop app for PDF to EPUB conversion, PDFelement is the best choice. PDFelement is a fast and powerful PDF editor that provides all the features you need for conversion and more.

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