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How to Convert PNG to PDF with iLovePDF?

The raster images that offer lossless transfer and viewing are usually found in the PNG format. But, making it portable enough may need a conversion from PNG to PDF. Because PDF files can not only preserve the content without corruption, but also hold several images in one single file. In this article, you will learn how to convert PNG to PDF with iLovePDF, a successful online PDF converter. However, if you want to do more, such as performing OCR on the converted PDF files, the offline PDF editing software with powerful features and no limits on file size, like Wondershare PDFelement, must be your better choice. If you have been trying out various tools lately and want something well tested, this might be the article for you.

Part 1. How to Use iLovePDF to Convert PNG to PDF or Vice Visa

iLovePDF PNG to PDF converter works like a charm in just a few clicks and makes your worries go away with its ease and simplicity. The whole process can be broken down into 4 simple steps.

Step 1 Open "JPG to PDF" iLovePDF Tool

Make sure to check the official iLovePDF website. Here, you won't find the PNG to PDF option, rather go by clicking on the "JPG to PDF" button, or start from "CONVERT PDF" > "JPG to PDF" on the top toolbar. This will take you to the next page, where you can select images.


Step 2 Select Images

In this step, you can select one or multiple PNG files using the red "Select JPG images" button. It even allows you to drag and drop files or import files from Dropbox or Google Drive. You can also use this tool for converting JPG images as well.

select images

Step 3 Start to Convert

Next, it is time to customize the conversion settings. You can select the page orientation, choose the page margin, and set the page to be A4 size or letter size, or fit to the original image size. It shows an option to merge all images to a single PDF, which is handy as well. After adjusting, click on the "Convert to PDF" button.

conversion settings

Step 4 Download PDF File

Once the conversion is completed, the browser will prompt you to download the file. It usually takes a few minutes to complete downloading. However, depending on the file sizes and the number of images, the time can vary. iLovePDF PNG to PDF converter also allows you to save the converted files to Google Drive and Dropbox, or share the file with others through a download link or a QR code.

download PDF

You can also use iLovePDF to convert PDF to PNG by clicking "PDF to JPG" on its homepage, and the remaining steps work pretty much the same way.


iLovePDF is an easy-to-use tool that enables you to convert one or multiple PNG files to PDF format or vice visa. You can also edit the converted files as you wish.

This converter is an online tool, so you don't need to download or install any program on your computer.

iLovePDF allows you to save files to Google Drive and Dropbox for easy sharing with others.


The tool can only run with a connection to the Internet, and the conversion and downloading times highly depend on your internet speed.

iLovePDF has limitations on the number of conversions.

You cannot perform OCR with iLovePDF.

Part 2. Convert PNG to PDF or Vice Visa with iLovePDF Alternative - Wondershare PDFelement

PNG to PDF iLovePDF converter still has several other limitations like restricted file number and few editing tools. However, the alternative tool Wondershare PDFelement, which you can use even offline and achieve similar or even better performance, can perfectly solve these problems. In addition, Wondershare PDFelement is also a full-scale PDF editor, with which you can edit & annotate PDFs, perform OCR, add passwords to protect your PDFs, etc. Simply follow the steps below to convert PNG to PDF or vice visa with this iLovePDF alternative.

Convert PNG to PDF with Wondershare PDFelement

Step 1 Launch PDFelement

If you haven't installed the software yet, go to the official website of Wondershare PDFelement to download the tool. You are free to choose the Windows version or the Mac version as needed. Then, execute the installation file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Once done, click on the icon to launch the software. After that, click the "Create PDF" > "From File" button on the Homepage.

create PDF from file

Step 2 Convert PNG to PDF

In the pop-up window, select the PNG file you want to convert and click "Open". The choosen PNG files will be converted to PDFs automatically. Save the converted PDF files as needed.

save PDF

Step 3 Edit the Converted PDF (Optional)

Wondershare PDFelement is also an efficient PDF editing tool with which you can add annotations and comments on PDF files, split and merge PDF pages, edit PDF forms, and encrypt your PDF documents with passwords. After converting PNG to PDF with this perfect iLovePDF alternative, you can also perform OCR on the image-based document to recognize texts in the PDF and make them searchable and editable.

Convert PDF to PNG with Wondershare PDFelement

With Wondershare PDFelement, it is also possible to convert PDF to PNG quickly and easily. Here, follow the steps below to do the reverse process to convert PDF to PNG files.

Step 1 Launch PDFelement

Launch Wondershare PDFelement, and click the "Convert" button on the Homepage.

the convert function

Step 2 Convert PDF to PNG

In the pop-up dialog box, open the PDF file you want to convert. Save it as PNG format, rename the converted PNG file, and choose your desired output folder. Then the conversion is completed.

save as PNG format

Batch Convert PNG to PDF or Vice Visa with Wondershare PDFelement

Moreover, you can batch convert multiple PDF files to PNG format or vice visa simultaneously by using the "Batch Process" tool, which saves your time and effort.

Step 1 Open Batch Process Tool

Launch the program and click the "Batch Process" tab on the Homepage.

batch process function

Step 2 Start to Convert

In the Batch Process window, click the "Create" box if you want to convert PNG to PDF with this iLovePDF alternative. If you want to convert PDF files to PNG format, select "Convert".

convert and create function

Step 3 Save Output Files

In the pop-up window, add files by browsing your computer or through drag-and-drop. Finally, click the "Apply" button to start conversion after choosing the output folder.

save output files

If you're looking for more features with PDFelement, check out the video given below to get some clarity.

Part 3. People Also Ask

1. Why it takes such a long time to convert PNG to PDF with iLovePDF?

iLovePDF is an online PDF editing tool. To use iLovePDF to convert PNG to PDF, you need an active internet connection using any modern browser. If your network connection is not stable or your broadband supplier is not able to offer decent internet speed, the conversion may take a long time. What's more, the larger the file, the longer the conversion takes. Due to the file size, the conversion time may vary from seconds to minutes.

2. Is it safe to use online tools like iLovePDF to convert PNG to PDF?

Yes, it is. iLovePDF guarantees the privacy of your documents as it doesn't view, share, or backup the files, and promises to provide you with safe services. Furthermore, users are highly recommended to be careful with their privacy, especially handling important or sensitive data. Thus, please use some professional PNG to PDF converter tools to keep your document safe.

3. Can I save files to the cloud using Wondershare PDFelement?

Of course, yes! As a perfect iLovePDF alternative, Wondershare PDFelement, even as an offline professional PDF editor, also has cloud services to help you save documents, keep them in sync, and allow you to access them anywhere and anytime.

After opening the file:

  • Click the "File" button on the Main Toolbar.
  • Select the "Save to Cloud" option.
  • Click "PDFelement Cloud" to save the file to Wondershare Cloud.

Then you can access the files from other devices. PDFelement also allows you to save files to Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive and Box, and share the documents with others through creating Google links.


To summarize, iLovePDF PNG to PDF converter is a decent online tool but has limitations on size, time, and relying on internet speed. Wondershare PDFelement removes all these issues and works more quickly and smoothly. In addition, you can also use PDFelement on Android and iOS devices. This makes it a great companion for daily use and an on-the-go no-fuss productivity tool. It gives you high-quality output and also flexibility to make adjustments. In short, it has the best performance as a great offline alternative to online PNG to PDF or PDF to PNG iLovePDF converter.

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