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Top 5 Free Online PDF to RTF Converter

2021-11-29 16:08:04 • Filed to: Online PDF Tools • Proven solutions

Finding a good PDF to RTF converter online requires a little bit of research, especially if you have certain conversion requirements. For example, if you've got a lot of images and other visual content in your PDF file, it may not translate well in the output RTF file. You'll find alignment issues with the text, sudden and random page breaks and line breaks everywhere, extra spaces where they shouldn't be, and so on. In that situation, you need a PDF to RTF online conversion service that can preserve the attributes of the original text as well as render the "rich" part of the text bits as accurately and faithfully as possible. That's why we've done the research for you and identified the top 5 PDF to RTF converters online that you can use for free.

5 of the Best PDF to RTF Converter Online

Let's take a look at each one, its pros, and its cons.

1: hipdf

hipdf is actually part of a larger ecosystem developed by Wondershare, the makers of Filmora, dr. fone, and other popular applications for Windows and Mac. When coupled with the powerful desktop version - PDFelement - it offers an impressive array of functionality that can be used online (connected) and offline (no Internet) on any device running Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

pdf to rtf converter online

hipdf is the online part of this infrastructure, offering several features like editing, protecting, unlocking, converting, merging, splitting, compressing and other essential PDF functionality to manage your document workflows. The conversion engine is of note because it runs on the cloud rather than locally, making it far more efficient and accurate.


  • Secure cloud-hosted service
  • Files are only retained for 1 hour before being purged - greater security
  • High-quality conversions to and from PDF
  • Option to upgrade to Pro, which offers OCR, batch processes, and larger file size limits
  • Seamless transition to the desktop applications for Windows and macOS


  • Must upgrade for batch processes and other advanced features

2. PDFCandy

Another great free online tool for PDF to RTF conversion is PDFCandy, which also offers other modules for PDF editing, compression, creation, page and file management, PDF protection, unlocking, and more. One of the special features of PDFCandy is the way it is able to accurately extract just images or just text from a PDF document. In addition, you can create PDFs from a wide range of file types, including off-the-beaten-path ones like TIFF, DjVu, and CHM.

pdf to rtf online


  • Accurate conversion of PDF to RTF with formatting preserved
  • Just two steps to convert any document - upload and download
  • Cloud integration to save directly to authorized Dropbox or Google accounts
  • Advanced features like OCR are also free


  • Desktop version for Windows has limited functionality
  • Accuracy drops with some complex PDF files
  • Some issues with large files

3. SmallPDF

Although SmallPDF is a fantastic set of online PDF tools, there's no separate module for PDF to RTF conversion, unfortunately. However, you can use a workaround method by converting PDF to Word first, then opening the file in MS Word and saving it as an RTF file. The advantage of this is that the formatting of text content is easier to convert accurately into DOCX, which is a far more advanced version of the older RTF file type. Both were developed by Microsoft, but RTF and even the later DOC format are rarely used today. The benefit you get is a fully editable text document where all the formatting is maintained faithfully from the original PDF.

pdf to rtf converter open source


  • Conversion accuracy is high
  • A versatile website with several other PDF tools
  • Feature-unrestricted free trial
  • Can easily upgrade to the desktop version or enable the Chrome extension


  • Free trial for only 14 days
  • Going premium can be expensive

4. Zamzar

Zamzar might be one of the lesser-known online PDF tools out there but it has a strong and loyal following of users dating back from 2006, when the service was first launched. Zamzar offers fast and accurate conversions, but don't expect blazing-fast conversion times with the free version - you'll need to upgrade for that. Nevertheless, it's worth using the free version if you're only converting PDF to RTF once in a while.

pdf to rtf free


  • Mature product with a large user base
  • Accurate conversion quality
  • Numerous PDF conversion options


  • Free version is much slower than premium
  • File size limitations

5. Online2PDF

Online2PDF doesn't have a snazzy web interface to attract customers. Instead, what it offers is pure, unadulterated performance. It can remove PDF permissions passwords (owner passwords) for conversion, you can convert up to 20 files at a time (total file size limit is 150MB and single file size limit is 100MB), and there are even tools for compression and protection.

pdf to rtf converter online free


  • Simple interface
  • Additional tools to manage your PDFs
  • Completely free to use


  • No advanced features for editing, annotations, data extraction, etc.
  • Limited customer support
  • No desktop version

How to Convert PDF to RTF Online

Using hipdf to showcase online PDF to RTF converter online for free, we've listed out the steps for you to reproduce on your PC or mobile device. Make sure you're connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection or a robust mobile network, as the case may be. The faster your connection, the better your online experience with any web-based service. Here's what to do once you're in the PDF to RTF conversion page of

pdf to rtf converter online free
  • 1. Click the "Choose File" button to navigate manually and select your PDF file, or simply drag it from Explorer or Finder and drop it into the web page in the space provided.
  • 2. Once the file is uploaded, click "Convert" (blue button below where the file appears) and wait for the progress tracker to hit 100%.
  • 3. Click the download icon to save it locally, or the cloud service icons to directly save to a connected cloud account. If you want to do another conversion, click the "Start Over" option.

Why an Online PDF to RTF Converter can be Disadvantageous

Though they provide the convenience and speed that most business users constantly seek, online PDF management tools are not as secure as doing the job offline on a desktop software application. This factor becomes important when you consider that PDF is frequently used for sensitive or confidential information, such as company filings, legal documents, medical records, and so on.

That's not the kind of information you want floating around. True, there are adequate PDF protection tools, but it's equally true that there are as many tools for cracking passwords and removing editing and copying restrictions. The best way to maintain a high level of security is by not uploading it to the Internet, which is where desktop software comes to the rescue.

In addition, you might not get the speed or quality you're looking for because the conversion is happening in some remote cloud server and totally out of your control. Again, a desktop PDF to RTF converter is the right answer in this type of situation.

How to Convert PDF to RTF with Desktop Software

The software we'll use for this exercise is the desktop contemporary of hipdf and is called PDFelement. As an affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat, it is second to none. That's one reason the user base is growing fast and furious. The other reason is the sheer range of advanced functionality it offers in the Pro version and the flexibility and capability in the Standard version.

Step 1. Click "To RTF"

Launch the program and open the PDF file to be converted. You can use the "Open File" option in the welcome page, the "File" menu option, and even drag-and-drop into the software or just over the icon in the task tray.

Click and go to the "Convert" tab, below which you'll be able to see various conversion options. Select "To RTF" as your conversion output format.

convert pdf to rtf online

Step 2. Settings for Conversion

When you select that option, a "Save As" dialog will appear, where you can change the output format again if you need to, and specify the target destination for the converted RTF file. Hit "Save" when ready.

pdf to rtf converter online

The conversion will be done in a few seconds to a couple of minutes depending on the size of the file, but the good part is that the conversion is fast even if you're running the software on an old PC.

Now in its seventh major iteration, PDFelement is a fully functional PDF editor and converter that offers the entire gamut of basic and advanced operations for PDF and other document files. Here are some of the key features:

  • Create, Edit, and Convert PDF.
  • Annotations and Commenting.
  • Security and Privacy Tools like password encryption and redaction.
  • Batch processes and OCR in the Pro version.
  • Comprehensive forms management tools for creating, converting, filling, etc.
  • Slick, redesigned UI for the new version.
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.
  • Integrated with popular cloud service providers.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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