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5 Minutes to Know the New Features in PDFelement for iOS V2.0

pdfelement for ios version 2.0

This week, we Wondershare released version 2.0 of its hugely popular PDFelement for iOS app. So, what new features can users expect to see and how can they update to the latest version of this blockbuster PDF app? Let’s take you down the road to greater productivity as we review the brand new look and powerful features of PDFelement for iPhone and iPad.

What's New in PDFelement for iOS V2.0?

Wondershare has constantly strived to keep enhancing the user experience across its product lines, and PDFelement for iOS V2.0 is no different. Greater alignment with iOS capabilities, a more intuitive home screen with new shortcuts, and convenient placement for editing tools are just a few of the hallmark additions to the new app version. A detailed overview of key new features follows:

Simplified UI with a New Look

The User Interface or UI of any digital product is literally the face of the brand, and PDFelement for iOS V2.0 brings some major changes on that front. A friendlier UI with more quick-access controls for features such as PDFelement-iCloud storage, file conversion, Favorites, Downloads, and even Trash makes it easier than ever to tap through to the right function. No need to search through endless menus for what you want. Everything is clearly labeled and the appropriate iconography has been used to indicate various functions. Some examples of the simpler UI enhancing UX or User Experience:

simplied user interface

· Convenient shortcuts on the home screen

· Faster navigation to access specific features

· Easy access to important locations and functions

· Less clutter means better productivity for the user

· Crisp iconography to avoid misidentifying features

A more simplified UI always translates to a better experience for the user, and PDFelement seems to have hit the nail on the head with this iteration.

Two New Navigation Buttons

The interface on the home page has also been given two convenient buttons to navigate faster to documents you recently worked on, as well as tools you need to access quickly.

Recents Button - The Recents button at the bottom lets you view files that were recently opened in the app, so if you just closed a PDF file and forgot to make some changes, you can easily find it again in a new tab by tapping the Recents button.

new recents button

Tools - This useful section contains all the tools you need to manage your PDF and document workflows, including importing from connected online storage locations, file conversion, image to PDF rendering, PDF file size reduction, PDF file merging, and file compression.

new tools button

The new navigation tab seeks to give users an easy way to navigate to relevant tools for that particular view. In the case of the two new tabs for Recents and Tools, it allows users to quickly access regularly used files as well as the tools needed to manage them. This also improves the user flow for specific actions, such as file merging - just select the tool by tapping it, then choose the files to merge, and combine them to create a single PDF file. Simple, elegant, and highly efficient.

Easier Editing with Accessible Tools

When a document is open in PDFelement for iOS V2.0, you will now see a pristine toolbar at the bottom with tabs for key document editing features such as annotations, text editing and image editing. Each of these tabs and their components is enumerated below:

new editing tools

1. Comment - This tab contains all the PDF annotation tools you need to review, markup, and provide feedback on documents on the go. Users can choose between various Pen tool options, text boxes, highlighting colors, border boxes, shapes, and stamps. Actions can also be reversed instantly with the Undo button on the editing toolbar.

2. Text - The PDF text editor in PDFelement for iOS V 2.0 brings the full power of desktop PDF editing to iPhone and iPad interfaces. This gives you full control of all text elements in your PDF files, including hyperlinks, watermarks, footer/header text, body text, titles, headers, paragraphs, and so on. You can also use the handles to drag text and reposition or resize it.

3. Images - Image editing in the context of PDFs is the ability to resize, reposition, replace, rotate, extract, and perform similar actions. The controls for image editing and very intuitive in the new avatar of PDFelement for iOS, allowing users to change image layouts, size, and alignment in seconds rather than minutes.

Full control over PDF editing is only useful when the relevant tools are easily accessible, and the new version of PDFelement for iPhone and iPad has you completely covered in that regard.

Supports Dark Mode

Dark & Light Modes have long been popular in iOS and macOS interfaces, and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that dark mode reduces eye strain and controls the amount of blue light that a person is exposed to when working long hours in front of any digital screen. PDFelement for iOS now supports both dark & light modes to give you full visibility in the day and strain-free viewing at night. Here’s what the latest research shows regarding blue light and the positive effects of dark mode:

support dark mode

● Dark mode is known to improve vision clarity, reduce eye strain, and cut glare, and has even been known to prevent or alleviate headaches and migraines related to working in front of a screen all day long or late into the night.

● The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) recommends using dark mode or night mode after sunset, and also says that reducing the screen brightness settings on your device will help further.

● It s a well-known fact that dark mode increases battery life, and every iDevice owner certainly knows the pain of battery anxiety.

● It has also been shown that dark mode can help alleviate other symptoms and conditions such as frequent dry eye, visual disturbances, and even insomnia.

More New Features of PDFelement for IOS V2.0

In addition to major UI and UX changes, the new version of PDFelement for iPhone and iPad also introduces several other features that will be extremely attractive to users.

1. Scanning to PDF - In the past, photos could only be scanned one at a time, but with the new feature in PDFelement, multiple scanning PDFs are now a piece of cake. What’s more, you can modify your scans after completing them, giving you even more flexibility. In short, it’s a one-stop solution for scanning documents to PDF on the go.

scan to pdf on ios

2. File Conversion - The newly introduced feature in PDFelement for iOS now includes support for 12 common document formats and PDF files. These formats include MS Office file types such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, image files like JPG and PNG, and other formats such as HTML, ePub, Text, and RTF. Easily convert PDF on iPhone & iPad using the powerful and highly accurate conversion engine.

file conversion on pdfelement

3. Multi-page and Single Page Cropping - A simple page cropping job can turn into a laborious exercise without the right tools. But with the new feature, you can define a crop area for a single page and then apply that to all your files, making you much more productive in the process.

crop pdf on pdfelement for ios

4. Custom Watermarks and Watermark Removal - Watermarks are an important way to convey document-specific information such as showing that a file is confidential, indicating that a document is a draft, or even using an image background as a watermark. PDFelement for iOS now allows you to customize your watermarks and control attributes such as position, size, rotation, opacity, and page ranges where the watermark should appear. You can also remove any existing watermark to clean up a document.

custom watermarks on pdfelement app

5. Existing Features Refreshed - All the best features of the first version of PDFelement for iOS that users have loved have been carried over to the new iteration. This includes full editing capabilities, PDF printing, PDF size optimization, file sharing, PDF pages organizing, and more. The new features build on the existing ones, making the new version one of the top solutions for PDF and document management on iOS.

download on app store download on google play

Overall Verdict for PDFelement for iOS V2.0

After going through the new UI and navigating to all new features and testing them out, we’ve been truly impressed by the jump in technology and usability between the older version and the new one. The latest version is definitely slicker and better-looking, and the added functions tremendously extend the versatility of the product and its viability as your go-to PDF application on iPhone and iPad.

The effect of these changes is dramatically seen when you use the app on an iPad with the Apple Pencil and a wireless keyboard - the experience is butter-smooth and feels like you’re working on a native iOS app. Here’s our overall impression of various aspects of this powerful mobile app.

1. Simplicity - Usability is all about removing the clutter and helping users find exactly what they need in the shortest amount of time possible. The new PDFelement for iOS version does that to a tee by providing an intuitive and faster UI where users have everything they need with just a couple of taps.

2. Multi-device Support - PDFelement for iOS runs on iPhones and iPads and is fully compatible with Apple Pencil and any detachable keyboard that you might be using. This allows for infinite configuration options so you can find the perfect setup that works for you.

3. Batch Operation - The fact that you can perform actions on a batch of files rather than having to perform a task over and over again with new files makes it a very appealing proposition. Conversion progress, for example, can be seen when performing batch conversions so you know what’s going on at all times. This is most definitely a feature of note since it directly and positively impacts your productivity.

4. Faster Updates - New feature updates are now blazing fast so you can super-charge your current version in a matter of seconds and upgrade to the new version.

How to Upgrade to PDFelement for iOS V2.0

Regular Users If you currently use PDFelement for iOS, you can easily upgrade to the new version with a simple software update. Go to the Check for Updates section by clicking the avatar icon and tap to update to the new version.

check for updates

New Users For new users, the app can be found listed in the App Store. Launch your App Store app and search for “PDFelement”, after which you can fetch and install the app as you would any other.

download on app store download on google play

Why Upgrade to V2.0?

We’ve already had a detailed view of impressive changes brought to the new version. Here’s a quick summary of the benefits of upgrading or updating to PDFelement for iOS V2.0:

Simplified UI for better and faster navigation

Dark Mode & Light Mode to provide eye-friendly screen settings

Powerful new features for multi-photo scanning, fast file conversion, cropping and watermarking

● The perfect tool to manage any PDF or document workflow - light, medium, or heavy

Try PDFelement for iOS V2.0 today and take home a “Santa’s sackful” of goodies to try on your iPhone or iPad. Guaranteed to give you a better experience, faster operations, and useful feature additions that will make you more productive and efficient in the workplace, in your business, and for personal use.