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The Best Way to Flatten PDF Files on iOS

The world is going global as well as digital. It might be a minor hardware issue or the most significant business intervention; the documents are shared worldwide. It means that the workplaces have to create their documents and data which can be delivered and printed without any formatting concern.

The flatten PDF brings all the document's contents into one allowing all the annotation to be converted into the native text. If the documents are flattened, a professional environment is ensured, and multiple operations can be worked upon the file without any hassle.

The article articulates ways to flatten PDF on iOS through PDFelement and explains the need to flatten the document. But before going any further, let us understand what a flattened copy is.

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Part 1: What is a Flattened Document?

To begin, it is crucial to clear one's mind about flattening the PDF document. A flatten PDF means that all the details of the document are integrated into one cohesive layer. We know that a PDF document comprises an extensive range of interactive layers and separated contents that are primarily fillable.

The fillable elements include checkboxes, textboxes, radio buttons, or dropdown lists from different forms like questionnaire surveys, agency forms, polls, court needs, and company profiling. Once the data is filled and sent to the relevant department without flattening it, the information can be prone to forgery and counterfeit.

A flatten PDF on iOS ensures that no further editing can occur as all the annotation becomes part of the native text. In addition to this, multiple layers of texts, images, and page numbers become one layer. Flattening the PDF document is always a good idea if your business understands the value of accurate and precise data.

Part 2: Why Do I Need to Flatten the Document?

Now that the users have understood the basics of flatten PDF, it is necessary to focus on the need for and importance of flattening the PDF document. There are several strings attached to the flattening of the PDF document. Some of them are mentioned below in detail.

importance of flatten document

Safety and Security

A PDF document often consists of polls, survey questions, and other relevant fillable. To make sure that the stakeholders safely receive the entries of the document, flatten PDF is required. It locks the content of the form and guarantees safety and security.

For instance, if the banking details of the employer reach in wrong hands, they can alter the bank accounts so that the money is wired to them.

Effortless Sharing

The flatten PDF on iOS reduces the size of the overall document and makes it easily accessible to be viewed and sent. The large-sized records take much longer to be shared and take an awful lot of space in the system.

Facile Printing

An extensive range of printing problems can be avoided with the flatten PDF. Some elements are not loaded, the pages can be distorted, and significant formatting issues are bound to occur. When the user flattens the document, these concerns are addressed, and facile printing is ensured.

Moreover, all the visual elements are displayed as one cohesive document in the form of notes. The process saves time as well as money.

Enhanced Usability

Flattened PDF documents are faster to render and streamline the document based on basic PDF specifications. The flatten PDF on iOS limits the wear and tear of the paper and controls the crashing and freezing problem of different PDF applications. Therefore, flatten PDF to improve the usability factor of PDF files.

Part 3: How to Flatten Documents on iOS within Seconds?

Unlike any other PDF editor, flatten PDF on iOS becomes effortless when Wondershare PDFelement comes into the frame. It plays a valuable role in playing with PDF documents and making it a complete hassle-free task. This tool offers unmatched services, from editing flattened PDF documents to viewing and navigating office and homework files.

Wondershare PDFelement App

Your easy and powerful PDF editor app to read, edit, convert, annotate, sign, and share PDFs on iPhone/iPad/Android.

A wide range of markup tools makes reading easy. PDFelement also takes charge of organizing the documents in the best way possible. Following are some features presented by Wondershare PDFelement to bring freedom to the user.

  • The software lets the player edit text and remove pages as per requirement.
  • The user can flatten PDF and ensure its security by following a simple set of instructions.
  • Furthermore, PDFelement offers minimalistic ways to annotate text and make the reading process stress-free.
  • One can fill the interactive fillable forms through this application like a pro.

Let us walk you through the procedure if you are unaware of how Wondershare PDFelement offers its role to flatten PDF on iOS.

Step 1: Opening the Targeted Document

To begin the flatten PDF process, launch Wondershare PDFelement from your smartphone. Afterward, open the document that needs to be flattened.

open pdf file

Step 2: Saving as Flattened Document

As the document appears on the window, navigate to the "three dots" option on the top right and click on it. From the menu that appears, tap on "Save a Copy."

flatten pdf ios

Step 3: Saving to Files

The "Save a Copy" page pops up. The user is directed to rename the file based on the contents and hit "Flatten Copy." The process is concluded.

flatten pdf

Part 4: What Else Can Be Done After Flattening the Document?

The flattening of a PDF document is not the last step. It paves the way for another set of actions and things performed on a flattened PDF document. The usage of PDFelement instead of PDF editor can turn things in the user's favor. The article offers multiple ways that can used on the flatten PDF effectively.

editing flatten pdf file on ios

Editing Process

After the flattening document process is completed, the user can edit any component of the content. An efficient workflow is offered, which lets the user edit text, insert hyperlinks, add or delete footers/headers, draw tables, mention watermarks, including forms. The original layout and formatting remain intact throughout the whole operation with this software.

Rich Annotation

The after process of flatten PDF on iOS enable the user to insert rich annotation to the content. The application makes sure that the reviewing and reading experience is made effortless and hassle-free. Therefore, the user can work on a flattened PDF document like an expert, from text callouts, shapes, underlining to highlighting, sticky notes, and free hand drawing.

With that being said, one can insert a digital signature and seal the document. The electronic signature is legally binding and displays authenticity. It means that the data integrity and breach can be minimized by using PDFelement instead of a PDF editor.

Printing Action

The flatten PDF file has a minimal size that improves the accessibility and usability of the PDF document. It means that a small file is easy to view and send across borders without taking much time. The printing action is also made frictionless as the flatten PDF on iOS keeps the formatting of the text and document safe and intact.

In addition, flattened files show no concern regarding chromatic aberration and fuzzy pictures, which means that the display will be free of distortion after printing. Flatten PDF to be sure that no resistance is there in the printing process.

Setting Password Protection

To create a distinction from an authorized user to a non-authorized one, an open password is enabled. The encryption is ensured that secures the document from being manipulated and duplicated. With this feature, a flatten PDF on iOS cannot be edited by anyone, and all fillable elements are displayed as one integrative document.

The software offers the latest and most robust encryption algorithms updated periodically, and the data received by the stakeholders is authentic, reliable, and unchanged.

Convenient Sharing

The user can take control of the PDF document after it is flattened. It means that the editing process can be enabled when the user wants to, and a lock can be ensured when the user wants it to be in the right hands. A facile and convenient sharing of a flatten PDF lets the stakeholder confidently display their design and work without any fear of manipulating or copying data.

Part 5: Last Words

Where the world has become a global village, certain reservations come with it based on security and data processing. There are several things associated before going through the sharing and printing process of a PDF document. The file has to be flattened so that no distortion occurs once the document undergoes printing.

A flatten PDF is needed not only for security but to enhance the usability of a PDF document. Wondershare PDFelement plays a crucial role in the process and lets the user gain control of the dynamics of PDF documents. If you run a multinational business enterprise with international and national clients, flatten your PDF documents and steer clear of fraud and data corruption.