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Electronic document management is defined as the efficient organization of digital documents to keep them secure and enhance collaboration within the workplace servers. The user can save their files on a single server, making them accessible to everyone at work. It ensures that the clutter of files in the office is taken care of.

In addition to this, this document management system saves money by sharing the files, sending bills or invoices through multiple applications and software. Therefore, the importance of this trend can not be undermined. The article successfully defines the features offered by electronic documents, use case scenarios, and how to manage PDF files in an ultra-modern fashion.

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Part 1: Electronic Document - An Upward Trend

How have electronic document management systems become an upward trend for several years? Small, medium, and extensive business ventures are shifting their physical data and documents to digital PDF documents. This rising trend has an exhaustive list of benefits which is why document management system has become a thing now.

importance of electronic documents

The following sub-sections of this article mentions some promising features of this system and explains its usage factor in different segments of society.

1.1. Key Features of Electronic Documents

The digital documents have the following features and traits that have made people turn their back on traditional organization and management of documents.

Ease of Use

Keeping data on a specific cloud-based service brings effortless usage to all the employees of the company or students in a university. With the data accessible 24/7, the document management system doesn't create formatting concerns no matter what device and software are in use.

Effective collaboration is brought into action where more than two people can work on a document. It makes the process free of stress and saves time.

Equipment Compatible

The digital document management process is equipment compatible. The documents can be opened through smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers, and all the visual elements are intact. It means that the user can be located at any coordinate in the world, and he can easily access the document and play with them as he wants to. 


Editability is one of the most significant features of the electronic document management system. The system gives the user liberty to edit the PDF document as they want to. One can add or remove pages, insert, or delete text, play with images, and organize the document's layout. This freedom is never ensured through physical copies.

Backup and Security

Digital documents offer security and protection to the data without bringing stress to the user. A server has often established that constitutes of sensitive information of the company. The authorized employees can access the data anytime without having to be present at a particular location. With that, the documents are encrypted, and open passwords can be enabled on them.

The data is backed up through cloud-based services, and no one can have their hands on it with the intent of data breach and manipulation. In comparison to hardcover documents, any employee can access the data, duplicate, or leak it.

Cost and Time Effective

With all the relevant data is saved electronically on a server and backed up on the cloud service, the need for human resources is restricted. It protects the cost occurring in the business. The sharing of digital documents is ensured through email, which saves the price on posting and printing. The customer service is also effective as the requests are catered to in time.

The time is saved on posting the client bills and invoices. Therefore, this document management system has its way of handing control over to the players.

1.2. Use Case Scenarios of Electronic Documents

The usage of electronic documents management systems is not only restricted to big businesses and workplaces. Based on its unending list of benefits and provision of ease, the use case of this miraculous system knows no bounds. The subsection comprises the possible domain where a document management system is incorporated.

Personal Documents

The electronic documents management system plays a crucial role in handling and managing personal documents. With all medical and personal-based files secured at one location, the user can access them anytime from anywhere in the world.

It means that the stakeholder is never away from important documents and comply with state or country rules and regulations. The user can set up a digital photo album and update them whenever a new event picture kicks in.

Moreover, new details regarding personal insurance information, tax bills, policy agreements, health care documents, and lab results can be saved in one folder at one secure location. Organize PDF pages so that copies of marriage certificates, domiciles, birth information, and passports are easily accessible under one PDF document.

Work Documents

The document management system works like a charm when it comes to business and work documents. A business solely works on the efficient organization and management of sensitive information and data. The electronic document management process offers an easy breakthrough to organize PDF pages effortlessly.

One can intelligently hand the work documents such as monthly and yearly data sheets, marketing plans, company strategies and plans, client portfolio, and partner contact lists. It ensures data protection and accessibility.

Any information related to clients and partners can be inserted into templated contracts. A portfolio can be issued based on marketing tricks and materials. The customer information list can also be updated with ease. These use-cases are sure to help the user in the long run, and no data is prone to unauthorized users.

School Documents

Often ignored, school documents also require essential management and handling so that the student doesn't lose any critical assignments and thesis reports. The user can develop new entries and update the lesson plans or projects in the most effective way possible.

A student can organize PDF pages according to its need and importance. The papers, tests, laboratory reports, and school information can be put under one folder to be used whenever new admission takes place and preparation is needed.

On the other hand, document management can be aced by inserting all the individual assignments under one PDF document. The user can keep updating the group work and insert files to it weekly. All of this plays an essential role in enhancing the productivity of the user and limiting stress.

Part 2: How to Manage PDF Pages Efficiently and With Ease

Entrepreneurs, teachers, students, and government officials have incorporated the electronic document management system to organize PDF pages efficiently. Its benefits and pros are not new to anyone, and people are inclined towards it.

Wondershare PDFelement is one such software that helps organize, handle, and manage PDF files like an expert. It offers user security by allowing digital signatures and passwords. The annotation process has become frictionless through the markup tools, and the user can upload their work on Google Drive and Dropbox whenever they want to.

Wondershare PDFelement App

Your easy and powerful PDF editor app to read, edit, convert, annotate, sign, and share PDFs on iPhone/iPad/Android.

The pointers below offer a deep insight into some of the traits of this miraculous tool related to the organization and management of PDF files.

Creating and Inserting

interface of pdfelement ios


The user can organize PDF pages by adding new pages and creating new documents. Create a new PDF or folder or use the "Scan" option to use a camera and develop the PDF document. The scanned images can also be inserted, while regular gallery pictures also do not harm the document. One can add blank pages to the already built PDF document.

PDF Pages Deletion

If the user has added some unnecessary pages unintentionally, this fantastic tool lets them delete them with one click of a button. It means that the outlook of the document is preserved, and the professional display is presented.

Rotation of Pages

interface of pdfelement ios

The "Rotation" feature is the real deal when it comes to document management. When the pages are scanned through the camera, their orientation is distorted. With this feature, the user can spin the pages and rectify the alignment based on the document requirements. 

Rearrangement of PDF Pages

The following feature of Wondershare PDFelement does the trick by rearranging and organizing PDF pages as the user needs. One can change the order of the file's content by bringing the pages from the end to the beginning or vice versa.

Part 3:Wrapping Up

The traditional data-keeping and sharing systems have become obsolete, and new trends have taken their place. People are shifting their focus to the electronic document management system from small to big businesses and students to teachers.

The reason behind this uprising trend is that this system ensures complete security, with cost and time effectivity. In addition, easy usage, environment-friendly, and effortless editability are presented.  In addition to this, the use case scenarios of digital documents involve managing and organizing PDF documents at work, school, and home.