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Easy Steps to Merge PDF Files Free on iPhone and iPad


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It is always possible to use PDF files at some point if you share documents online, as it is the most secure file format. However, in the course of using PDF files, it is also possible that you may need to merge PDF files for many reasons. Most people merge PDF files to streamline their documents.

The most important thing is to understand how to merge PDF files. Fortunately, there is a way out, and this article will present the best tool to show you how to merge two PDF files. The question is, how do we merge PDF documents? You’ll need a PDF merge app – and PDFelement for iOS is one of the best. The following are the steps to merge PDF files using this app.

Part 1. Why Merge PDF Files on iPhone

For several reasons, you may need to combine multiple PDF documents into a single file on your iPhone or iPad. Consolidating everything into one PDF can make organizing, sharing, and referencing important information much more accessible.

Some common scenarios where merging PDFs is applicable include:

  • Combining source materials. If you have downloaded or received several PDF documents related to a research project or work assignment, merging them into a single multi-section PDF file helps keep all the source materials together.
  • Compiling reports/presentations. Need to share a lengthy report or presentation deck? Merging all the component PDF sections into one file makes it simple to send or upload as a complete document.
  • Travel documents. When traveling, it’s convenient to merge all your PDFs, like boarding passes, hotel reservations, directions, etc., into one file for easy access.
  • School/university. As a student, consider consolidating course materials, lecture slides, notes, and assignments from multiple PDFs into a single PDF for each class for better organization.
  • Contracts/agreements. If you need to fill out or sign a multi-part PDF contract or legal agreement, merging the files first helps ensure you get all the sections.

So, in many situations, combining PDF files seamlessly on your mobile device can save time, reduce confusion, and make sharing or referencing information much more efficient.

Part 2. How To Combine PDF Files on iPhone With a Powerful PDF Merger?

This part will teach you how to combine PDF files on an iPhone or iPad for free. Of course, the solution is Wondershare PDFelement – your all-in-one PDF tool.

Steps To Merge PDF Files Free on iPhone and iPad

Here’s how you can do it with Wondershare PDFelement:

Step 1: Download this app at the Apple Store for free. Then, install the app on your iOS device and launch it.

merge pdf app

Step 2: Open PDFelement for iOS. Click on the “Select” button on the top right corner of the screen to import the PDF file to the local list. You can do this by using Wi-Fi transfer, one of the most popular ways, or you can also download the email app or webpage or scan it to PDF. Whatever option you use is fine.

Step 3: Select the documents you want to merge by tapping the document icon’s checkboxes.

Step 4: Click “More” at the bottom of the screen and select the “Merge” option in the popup, which will directly combine files.

merge pdf app

Know More About the PDFelement iOS App

This free PDFelement mobile app enables you to read, edit, convert, and sign PDFs from your iPad and iPhone device. This app allows you to make all kinds of edits to your PDF file from just anywhere. It has many valuable features that make it a wise choice for iOS device users. For example, you can easily edit and change the font style and colors of your PDF text without having to lose the formatting.

how to merge pdf files

Another critical feature of this app is its ability to perform markups with highlight, underline, and strikethrough tools. It has a freehand drawing tool; you can annotate it with sticky notes.

In addition, one of the essential features of this app is the Fill and Sign Forms feature. With this, you can quickly fill out text fields to complete forms, insert your handwritten signatures, or have your documents signed electronically.

Other features of PDFelement for iOS include Wi-Fi transfer, which means you can quickly transfer your PDF files through a Wi-Fi connection across different devices. Then, you can rotate, reorder, and delete pages, plus seamless cloud connectivity.

Part 3. How To Merge PDF Files Into One PDF on iPhone Online?

While there are dedicated apps for merging PDFs on iPhone/iPad, sometimes you may need a quick online tool without any installation required. Thankfully, some excellent options to combine PDF files online from your mobile browser are available.

PDFelement’s Online PDF Merge Tool

One such tool is the free PDFelement Online PDF Merger from Wondershare. Here’s how easy it is to use:

Step 1: Open PDFelement’s Online PDF Merger in your mobile browser.

Step 2: Ensure the tool is set to Merge PDF (you can access other conversion features here). Tap Select A File and select the PDF documents you want to merge from your iPhone/iPad.

pdfelement online merge pdf

Adobe’s Online PDF Merge Tool

Another popular option is Adobe’s online PDF merger tool. The process is similar to PDFelement:

Step 1: Go to Adobe’s online PDF merge tool on your phone’s browser.

Step 2: Tap Select files and choose the ones to combine.

pdfelement online merge pdf

Both online tools are completely free to use and allow you to quickly merge multiple PDF files into a single document from your iPhone or iPad’s web browser. No messing around with desktop software or email uploads is required.

Part 4. How To Combine Files Into One PDF on iPhone Using the Files App?

If you still need to learn, iOS has a built-in way to combine PDF files on an iPhone for free. It’s a bit hidden, but it’s a fantastic skill once you learn how to access this feature.

The Files app method for combining PDFs is simple. However, it has one major limitation - the files will merge in alphabetical or numerical order based on their filenames. If you need to integrate them in a specific custom order, you must rename the individual PDF files before using this method.

Here are the steps on how to merge PDFs on iPhone or iPad:

Step 1: Open the Files app and go to the folder containing the PDF files you want to combine.

Step 2: You should see a three-dot icon in the top right corner. Tap it.

select menu files app

Step 3: Tap on each PDF file you want to include in the merged document to select them.

Step 4: Tap the three-dot More icon in the bottom toolbar after selecting all the files.

Step 5: From the menu that appears, choose Create PDF.

create pdf button files app

That’s it! With just a few taps, you can easily learn how to combine multiple PDFs into one on your iPhone with the help of the Files app.


Here are some FAQs related to your learning on how to merge PDF files on an iPhone.

  1. Which is the best free app to combine PDF files on iPhone and iPad?

PDFelement for iOS is one of the best free apps to merge PDF files on iPhone and iPad. It has a clean interface, is easy to use, and allows you to combine unlimited PDFs into a single file. Other good free options include PDF Converter Pro and PDF Editor.

  1. How to merge PDF files on iPad for free?

The beauty of iOS is that operations are similar across all devices. Thus, the steps to combine PDFs on an iPad for free are similar to iPhone. Just replicate the steps in your iPad’s “How To Combine Files Into One PDF on iPhone Using the Files App?” section.

  1. How to send multiple PDFs as one attachment on iPhone?

To send several PDF files as a single attachment from your iPhone, you have two options:

  • First, you can multi-select PDF files in the Files app, click the Share icon, and choose your desired messaging app.
  • Combining multiple PDFs with PDFelement beforehand allows you to attach and share them as one tidy document instead of several separate attachments. Some third-party messaging apps might have limitations in sharing the number of files.


Regarding how to combine PDF files on iPhone for free, PDFelement for iOS is the best solution. This dedicated app allows you to merge unlimited PDFs into a single file with just a few taps. Its clean interface and robust features make combining PDFs seamless.

While online tools and Apple’s Files app offer simpler merging, they have limitations like file upload requirements or alphabetical ordering only. PDFelement gives you full control to reorder merged PDFs as needed. For efficiently organizing materials, reports, and document attachments on your mobile device, PDFelement is the ideal free app to combine PDFs on iPhone and iPad.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!


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