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[2024] Online and Offline Methods to Export PDF to JPG

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The question of how to export PDF to JPG has probably cropped up in your mind at some point. Unless you regularly work with both documents and images, it’s possible you’ve asked yourself, “can I save a PDF as a JPG?” The answer is simple: YES! But that’s only part of the answer. The full answer requires a knowledge of the right tools to use, so you retain the resolution and clarity of the PDF image in question.

So, why would one need to convert PDF to JPG in the first place? Here are a few reasons why you might want to perform this task:

  1. The PDF contains images that need to be edited in a native format
  2. You may want to extract just one or a few images from a master PDF
  3. A high-resolution output may be required, for which JPG is an ideal medium

Of course, this short list is in no way exhaustive, but the general purpose of how to save a PDF as a JPG should be clear to you by now. In simple terms, when you need to work with image formats and your only input source is a PDF, converting it to one or more JPGs is the only way to go. So, how do we go about converting PDF documents into a completely different format? With the right tools, of course!

Part 1: Steps to Export PDF to JPG with PDFelement

Method 1: 3 Steps to Convert PDF to JPG

Step 1 Click Open PDF to import your PDF file into PDFelement and click the Convert tab in the top menu.

open pdf to convert

Step 2 Choose To Image in the secondary toolbar right below the main menu.

choose to image to convert

Step 3 When prompted to save the file, select JPG in the ‘Save as Type’ dropdown menu and click OK to save your image file.

save pdf to jpg

That’s it! Just 3 simple steps to convert any PDF file into an image! However, PDFelement doesn’t leave you with just one option. There’s also another way to convert PDF to JPG in this versatile and professional utility.

Method 2: Save a PDF as JPG

Step 1 First, click the Convert module in the PDFelement home page view.

convert pdf in pdfelement

Step 2 Select your file in Explorer and note that ‘PDF’ is selected as the input file type.

select pdf and the input file type

Step 3 Click Open to see the download pane, where you can choose ‘Save as Type’ as JPG and click the Save button.

save pdf as jpg

Both methods can be used to quickly convert any PDF file into a JPG image. But both these methods use the desktop editor PDFelement. Is there a way to do this online without having to download and install any application? Yes, there is! The next section shows you how to do this with an equally versatile cloud-based tool called Wondershare HiPDF, which you can access directly from your browser! We’ll also show you a couple of other online tools for how to save a PDF as a JPG file.

Part 2: Can I Save A PDF as A JPG Online?

Online tools can be very convenient when you’re on the move, or you don’t have your own system to hand. As long as you have a modern browser and a relatively stable Internet connection, you can convert PDF to JPG with an online utility. Some users have expressed concerns over security exposure, but all the tools showcased here today are highly secure. The only problem may be your Internet connection.

In order to prevent your precious files from being compromised, please ensure that you’re on a secure network. Once you have that, you can use one of the three versatile online tools to convert a PDF to JPG and perform other actions, as we’ll soon see. One thing to note is that we

Tool 1: HiPDF - PDF to JPG Converter

Wondershare HiPDF is one of the top online PDF solutions available today, free for light usage. There are some limits on how large your file can be or how many files you can process in a given day, but the good news is that upgrading to a paid plan is very affordable, costing just a few dollars a month. And for that low amount, you get a full suite of advanced online PDF tools, including security, conversion, annotations, OCR, and even batch processing. The process shown below, however, is completely free.

export pdf to jpg with hipdf

Step 1 Upload your PDF to the PDF to JPG Converter URL of HiPDF.

Step 2 When you see the preview of the file, click JPG on the right panel.

Step 3 Save the JPG file when prompted; it will be made available as a ZIP file, which you can easily unpack to extract your image files - each page of the PDF will have been converted into one image file.

Tool 2: Smallpdf - Convert PDF to JPG

Another great online PDF utility is Smallpdf. You may have heard of it or even used their online or desktop products before. One of the reasons for its popularity is the width of features it offers. Not quite as robust as HiPDF, to be honest, but still quite impressive when you’re only dealing with light to medium PDF workflows. Let’s see how it works:

export pdf to jpg with smallpdf

Step 1 Drag your PDF file to the URL for Smallpdf PDF to JPG conversion.

Step 2 In the next window, choose the free option to convert one PDF page into one image file - the Pro option can be used if you want to extract images from the PDF as individual files.

Step 3 Make your choice and click on Choose Option, and you’ll see a download page where you can save the converted file or files.

Tool 3: iLovePDF - PDF to JPG

iLovePDF is the sister product of the hugely famous iLoveIMG. The features are quite limited when compared with HiPDF or even Smallpdf, but the advantage here is that the platform works well for image conversions while maintains clarity and accuracy.

export pdf to jpg with ilovepdf

Step 1 Use the Select PDF Files button to import a PDF.

Step 2 Similar to Smallpdf, you’ll see options to convert each page into JPG or just extract the images alone.

Step 3 After making your choice, hit the Convert to JPG button.

Step 4 Download your image file on the final page once the process is complete.

Part 3: Not Just a PDF Converter, Also an Easy PDF Editor and More

PDFelement is an excellent PDF-to-JPG conversion tool, and there’s no doubt about that. But what else can it be used for? Here’s a brief glimpse of just a few of the things you can do with PDFelement.

export pdf to jpg with pdfelement
  • Edit PDF Files - Edit PDF just like editing a Word file in MS Word
  • Annotate PDF - Markup your documents to share with others
  • Create PDF - Over 300 input file formats are supported
  • Protect PDF - Secure your files with password encryption
  • Forms - Create, Fill, Convert, and Manage forms in several different ways
  • Organize PDF - Organize files by merging/splitting, and organize PDF pages with simple drag-and-drop actions and mouse clicks
  • Electronic Signature - Digital and electronic signature creation and application
  • OCR - Text recognition in multiple languages (20+)
  • Language Translation - Powerful and accurate translation from and to numerous languages
  • Document Comparison - Compare the differences in two documents, side by side
  • Batch Process - Numerous advanced processes can be executed on a batch of files instead of having to do them one at a time

It’s simple to see why PDFelement is rapidly becoming one of the top PDF utilities in the world today. It’s far more affordable than most comparable tools, including Acrobat and Nitro; it’s available for desktop, mobile, and web environments, it’s highly user-friendly, and it comes with all the basic and advanced tools to handle light, medium, or heavy document workflows.

So, the next time you hear someone wondering how to export PDF to JPG, you can confidently say: I know just the right tools for the job!

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