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Best Ways to Convert a Scanned PDF to Excel

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Are you looking for an easy way to convert a scanned PDF to an editable Excel file? Documents are often scanned for easy storage, but this makes them impossible to edit. However, by converting a scanned PDF to excel you can regain editing capabilities. To convert scanned PDF to Excel, a PDF to Excel OCR feature is also needed. We recommend Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor to convert a scanned PDF to an editable Microsoft Excel file.

Part 1. Convert Scanned PDF to Excel

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is the best PDF converter for converting scanned PDF files to Excel. Its amazing conversion feature lets you easily convert your PDF in minutes using an intuitive interface. With excellent OCR technology, it can handle multiple files in different languages. You can even do batch conversions and work with large files.

Step 1. Open a Scanned PDF

Launch PDFelement and click on the "Open PDF" button to import your scanned PDF. You can also directly drag and drop a scanned PDF file into the program from your local folder.

pdf to excel ocr

Step 2. Convert Scanned PDF to Excel

When you open the scanned PDF file, it will remind you to perform OCR. Click the "Perform OCR" button, and make sure the OCR feature is activated.

scanned pdf to excel

Then, in the "Convert" tab, click on the option "To Excel". A dialog box for Excel conversion will open. Adjust settings as required for your Excel sheet. Now click on the button "Save" and PDFelement will provide you with a high-quality Excel file from your scanned document.

convert scanned pdf to excel

After conversion, you will get an editable Excel document. Open it in Excel to edit.

convert scanned pdf to editable excel

Note: Learn more about How to OCR PDF to Excel

Tip: Convert Scanned PDF to Excel in Batches

PDFelement enables you to convert multiple scanned PDFs to excel in a batch, which can help you save time and effort a lot.

Step 1. After opening a file with PDFelement, click the "Tool" > "Batch Process" button to get access.

convert scanned pdf to excel

Step 2. Click the "Convert" tab, you can add multiple scanned PDF files to it. And choose Excel in the "Output Format" option. Click the "Settings" button to select the settings you need. After setting up, click the "START" button to start the process immediately.

how to convert scanned pdf to excel


Video on Convert Scanned PDF to Excel

Part 2. Scanned PDF to Excel Converter with OCR

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is a professional converter, specializing in converting PDF to/from a customized Excel spreadsheet while keeping the original PDF formatting and layout. With its advanced OCR technology, you can turn scanned PDFs into editable Excel files easily. Here offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to convert scanned PDF to editable Excel.

Step 1. Use OCR to Convert

Launch the program, click "Click Here" to add your scanned PDF file, then select "Excel" format under the type list. When you click the "Convert" button, it will remind you that this is an OCR file, and you need to perform OCR.

Note: If you want to convert scanned PDF to Excel with OCR directly, please go to the "OCR" option.

scanned pdf to excel converter

Step 2. Convert scanned PDF to Excel

Before converting scanned PDF to Excel, click the "OCR Setting", then you can choose the language you need to recognize and click "SUBMIT". Then click the "Convert" button to begin the scanned PDF to Excel conversion. Within minutes, the process to convert scanned PDF to Excel spreadsheet will end, and you will get the converted editable Excel file.

convert pdf to excel ocr

Part 3. Convert Scanned PDF to Excel Online

HiPDF PDF to Excel Converter OCR

HiPDF is an excellent online converter program that also supports the conversion of scanned PDF to excel. The conversion process is seamless and guarantees a high level of privacy and security. Besides scanned PDFs, you can convert images, faxes, eBooks, and screenshots to editable formats like Word, Excel, and PPT. You can retrieve your files in cloud storage platforms like Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive anywhere anytime.

Step 1. Visit the HiPDF homepage using your browser. Login using your credentials and click the "OCR" tab on the toolbar.

Step 2. The Online OCR page will give you options to upload the source file. To upload the scanned PDF file, click the "CHOOSE FILE" option. From the subsequent file explorer window, select the target scanned PDF file and click "Open" to upload it to the program’s interface. On the other hand, drag and drop the PDF onto the program.

Step 3. When the file is successfully uploaded, the "OCR Setting" window shall be displayed. Select the document language by checking on the respective box. After selecting the language, choose "xlsx" as your output format just under the "Output format" section at the bottom of this "OCR Setting" window.

pdf text recognition


You can also use an online free scanned PDF to Excel converter - OCRonline to convert scanned PDF to excel files for free. The online converter can convert scanned PDF to Excel, Word, images and more than 40 languages are supported. You can use this free scanned PDF to excel converter without email. However, it can't convert scanned PDF files that are larger than 15MB.

pdf to excel free online

Tips for Converting Scanned PDF to Excel Online

Everyone would like to enjoy an incredible online conversion of scanned PDF to Excel. However, this is not possible without taking heed to some useful tips for converting scanned PDF to Excel online, as explained below.

  • Use the right tool- Nothing beats using the right tool to convert scanned PDF to excel online. It ensures seamless conversion and quality output.
  • Look for a good internet connection- Online conversion requires an internet connection. A steady internet connection ensures faster and quality conversions.
  • Do not overspend- Do not pay a lot of money for tools that aren’t satisfactory. There are several effective and affordable tools.
  • Think about file security and privacy- File security and privacy are important aspects. Make sure the platform you are using high-level encryption technology. Make sure you also install an antivirus on your device to avoid downloading malicious programs.

Part 4. FAQs about Converting Scanned PDF to Excel

1. How do I copy text from a scanned PDF to Excel?

To copy text from a scanned PDF to Excel, you need to use a OCR tool to convert the scanned PDF to editable text, then you can copy the text to Excel. PDFelement can help you to do that.

2. How do I insert scanned PDF into Excel?

In the Excel spreadsheet, click Insert > Object and select the scanned PDF file you want to insert. The PDF file will be inserted as an object.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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Buy PDFelement right now!

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