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3 Methods To Convert XD to PDF Offline/Online

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You may be at the forefront of a large corporation and are thinking of creating a new product to introduce to the market. A prototype is an excellent way to help you fine-tune your idea and turn it into a marvelous product. Adobe saw the need to develop Adobe XD, which allows developers and designers to create prototypes that are extremely close to the real thing.

Unfortunately, the XD files are impossible to open and use outside this software. This article will explain three practical methods to convert Adobe XD to a PDF.

convert xd to pdf

What Is Adobe XD File Format?

Adobe XD is a user interface and user interface design tool that creative teams, designers, and organizations can use to create mobile applications and websites. XD files are associated with Adobe XD and are mockups specifically designed for use with the Adobe XD software. These files also contain artboards with layer-based graphic design elements such as text, shapes, and images to make the designing process more streamlined.

Developers and graphic designers will turn to XD files to create the prototype and test how it feels and looks before they complete the actual application. Adobe Acrobat developed XD files on 13th April 2021 for Android, IOS, or macOS devices.

If you want to open an XD file in Adobe XD, open the cross-platform, click on the "File" tab and select "Open From Your Computer." If you don't have Adobe XD, you can open the XD file in PSDETCH, Photopea, or Bohemian Coding Sketch.

xd file

Why Convert XD File to PDF Format?

Here are some main reasons you should convert an XD file to PDF format.

Ease of sharing

First and foremost, XD files are more challenging to share than PDF files. By converting them to the latter, you won't have to worry about getting your file from your computer to the recipient's device.


Another drawback of using XD files is requiring special software to open and access the content. Suppose you are a designer and need feedback from your colleagues or other stakeholders on the static design you created. If the recipient doesn't have Adobe XD software, they can’t open the file. Converting the XD file will make the content more accessible because PDFs are compatible with almost all devices.

Storage space and file size

Lastly, converting an XD file to a PDF saves you storage space. This is because the latter is smaller and takes up less space in your device or hard disk.

Password protection

If you are working on an exclusive prototype, you wouldn't want anyone to get their hands on it and steal your idea. PDFs come with a password protection feature that keeps your content away from prying eyes and unwanted audiences. If you leave your file in the XD format, you won't have a way to protect the content.

Method 1. Export Adobe XD to PDF

Converting XD files to PDFs is important to get your work done easily and on time. The first method you can use to achieve that is Adobe XD export to pdf.

Below are some easy steps you can follow.

Step 1 Open the XD file in Adobe Acrobat and right-click on your project in the "Artboard" tab. When a drop-down menu appears, click on "Mark for Export." Alternatively, you can click on "Shift + E."

adobe mark for export

Step 2 Right-click your project again and click on the "Export Selected" tab on the drop-down menu.

adobe export selected

Step 3 An "Export Assets" dialogue box will appear where you can specify the export format, quality, and folder where you want to store it within your device. You should also determine if you wish to export the file for the Web, Design, IOS, or Android.

adobe xd export to pdf

Step 4 Click on the "Export" button to initiate the process.

Method 2. Convert XD to PDF Using Filestar

Filestar is a helpful tool with numerous skills and features at your fingertips to help you convert XD file to PDF within minutes. The Convert feature allows you to transform one file format to another in mere minutes without wasting your time.

It doesn’t matter whether the file format is ordinary, like a PPT, or unusual, like an XD file. Filestar has seen it all; you won't have to worry that the platform doesn't recognize your file. We can also guarantee that Filestar will get the job done without compromising the quality of your document. You can also rely on this platform to convert single or bulk files. Here are other amazing features you can enjoy with Filestar.

  • Transform
  • Merge
  • Split
  • Compress
  • Extract

Here are some easy steps to help you convert XD to PDF using Filestar.

Step 1 Download the Filestar platform to your device.

Step 2 Right-click on the file or files you want to convert and select "Convert with Filestar."

Step 3 Press the "Convert" button to complete the process.

filestar convert xd to pdf

Method 3. Use Magicul to convert XD File to PDF online

Magicul is yet another Adobe XD to PDF converter online tool you can use to convert XD files to PDF. The developers at Magicul have spent countless hours designing this online tool and ensuring it produces accurate results to boost your satisfaction. The converter supports most major design formats like Figma, Adobe XD, Illustrator, Sketch, and Photoshop.

It doesn't matter whether your XD file was a full prototype. Magicul will easily handle it and convert it to a PDF, so you don't have a problem accessing the content within your files. Fortunately, you don't have to download the desktop version to enjoy the perks.

Using Magicul to convert XD files to PDF online for free is as easy as uploading it to the online tool or dragging and dropping it into the designated field. When you are done, you can move your design into code or back up your data for easy retrieval later. If something bad happens to your computer or external hard disk, you can rest easy knowing you can retrieve it from the backed-up files.

Stick around to learn how to use Magicul to convert XD to PDF online.

Step 1 Go to the Magicul website and drag and drop the file you want to convert. You can also upload it from your internal storage.

magicul convert xd to pdf

Step 2 Click on the "Upload Now" button to start the conversion process.

People Also Ask

This last part will tackle some frequently asked questions about Adobe XD and XD files.

Q1. Can I Edit PDF With Adobe XD?

Unfortunately, you cannot use Adobe XD to edit a PDF directly. On the other hand, you can’t also import a PDF file directly to Adobe XD.

To make your PDF editable, you first need to open it in Illustrator, which converts the PDF into an image format. The next step would be to copy and paste the format into Adobe XD. When you follow these simple steps, you keep the PDF editable, which wouldn't have been possible if you imported the PDF directly to XD.

While the method above is efficient, you might get lost along the way. Wondershare PDFelement provides a more straightforward way of editing your PDF file and converting adobe XD to PDF effortlessly. This user-friendly platform has an efficient Edit feature that allows you to make changes to your PDF effortlessly.

pdfelement edit pdf

You can add text, images, forms, and pages without tinkering with the original format. For instance, if you need to add an extra paragraph, the platform allows you to edit the text with the same formatting and modify the text's size, font, color, and alignment. Wondershare PDFelement also has a built-in spell check so that you won't submit work with spelling or grammatical errors.

Q2. Can You Convert Adobe XD Code?

Yes, you can convert Adobe XD into code using the Anima plugin for Adobe XD. It would help if you signed up for the Anima account with a pro plan, which allows you to copy or export the code you just converted.

There are two ways to go about this: export the entire code package or get the code for individual components. Your computer saves the code package as a zip file that includes all the HTML, CSS, font, and image files.

If you export the entire package, you can preview each on your browser once you unzip the file. You can also see all your interactions and Smart Layers within your design, similar to what you would see in the finished product. Alternatively, you can export the code for a specific component instead of converting the whole thing.

Q3. How Do I Save an Adobe XD File to My Computer?

Once you are done designing a project on Adobe XD, click on the "Menu" icon at the top left corner of your page and select "Save as a Local Document." A Save As pop-up window that shows the path the device has used to save your document will appear. Select the folder where you want to save your document, type a file name for it and select "Save."


With Adobe XD, your team of developers can refine a website or mobile application and solve any problems before they make their way into the final product. This software also streamlines your workflow and prevents you from straying too far away from your goals. Fortunately, many tools and platforms are at your disposal to help you convert XD files to PDFs for easy sharing and viewing on any device.