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How to Upload File to Cloud: Easiest Way Explained

The cloud upload of documents is becoming vital for organizations with every passing day. To upload files to the cloud an organization needs a complete system that will ensure to get the documents safe and secure. The software program which is to be used in this regard should be the one that is easy to use and maintain. It is because such programs are not used by a single person so the ease of use will get hands-on for several people that are not tech-savvy.

Today the document cloud software programs also perform a hoard of functions to make sure that all the organizational needs are fulfilled. Before choosing such a program all such secondary factors must be considered. The upload to cloud storage means that the data is safe and above all centralized. It also means that the people making changes are also leaving their trail so that the audits become easy and straightforward. This article will make sure that one such program i.e. Wondershare PDFelement Cloud is deeply explained. The related processes will also be discussed so that you make the best choice for your business.

How to save documents to the cloud conveniently?

Wondershare PDFelement Cloud is one of the best and the most used programs that have several advantages. From free cloud upload to securing files it is a program that will allow the users to overcome the issues which the traditional programs present. It comes with 100GB of free cloud storage so that you never have to use an external storage device. With this program, it is easy to electronically sign a document and to get notifications at the same time.

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Wondershare PDFelement Cloud

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

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Easy and Fast File Sharing

The Process

Step 1: For free cloud upload you need to click the upload button as soon as the program is downloaded and installed.

cloud upload

Step 2: Just wait unless the progress bar completes. This also indicates that the upload has been successful.

upload file to cloud

Step 3: To download the document you just need to click the ellipses against the desired document and click download from the dropdown.

upload to cloud storage

Share the Document seamlessly

Step 1: Click “My Documents” to view all the documents.

free cloud upload

Step 2: Click on ellipses and make sure that the document is shared with the others by link or email notification.

upload file to cloud storage

The renaming has never been easy

Step 1: Select rename by clicking on the ellipses beside the document.

cloud storage upload file

E-signature, effectively and easily

As the name suggests in addition to uploading files to cloud storage the electronic signature can also be done with the help of this program. This is a phenomenon where you don’t need a pen or paper to sign a document rather than an electronic docu sign panel is used to get the work done.

How to Create a Signature?

Step 1: Go to the document cloud main page to start the process

file upload free cloud storage

Step 2: Click on Avatar > Signing Setting to continue.

upload large files free online storage

Step 3: Once you are on the set signature page click on “Create Signature”.

upload file cloud free

Step 4: There are options once you get to the drawing board. You can type your initials or name:

free online upload storage

Step 5: You can upload the picture of your signature.

Step 6: You can also draw your signature to make sure that they are uploaded correctly. Once done click on save signature to ensure that the changes made have been saved.

Sending Document for Signature on One Click

Step 1: Click on start signing and choose a method to initiate the signing process.

initiate signing process

Step 2: Add a message or change the brand logo if required.

add message and logo

Step 3: Add signing fields as you need if required.

set signing fields

Step 4: Track the document that has been sent.

track document status

Conveniently Sign the Documents

Step 1: Access the document to sign without log in via the notification in your mailbox sent by Wondershare PDFelement Cloud.

email notification for signature

Step 2: Accept the EULA and Privacy, then you can view the requested document directly.

agree with eula and privacy

Step 3: Sign the documents and complete the process.

complete signing fields


The cloud storage upload file has never been as easy as it is with the document cloud. The program is highly sophisticated and allows the users to overcome the issues such as slow performance and delays in processes. The file upload to free cloud storage has also been made possible by the program as it comes with 100GB of free data. The best part of the program is its ability to get the documents sign from the remote recipients without hampering productivity. The program can also be used to upload large files free online storage as it is highly reliable. With Wondershare PDFelement Cloud your organization can do wonders when it comes to document management.