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How to Edit a Screenshot Online

2024-04-18 13:56:21 • Filed to: Cropro Tips • Proven solutions

All of us have taken screenshots at one time or another, and we know the difficulty in finding a good editing tool that’s integrated with the screenshot program to edit screenshot online. Of course, you have expensive premium tools like Snagit from TechSmith and so on, but for the average professional it can be prohibitively costly. The main reason is that most of these tools don’t offer free upgrades, and you have to shell out extra money every time a major update is released. To do away with many of those issues, people tend to use free tools like the ones that come built into the Windows and macOS environments.

Best Ways to Edit Screenshots Online

Strictly speaking, you won’t find any online tools for taking screenshots. That’s because any screenshot app needs to have specific access and permissions, which means it must be properly installed on your computer in order to work. However, there are a lot of tools to edit the screenshots that you take with the downloadable tools. Such sites are essentially online image editors that let you markup your screenshot before sharing the file online. You may see one or two apps that claim to be online but they will invariably piggyback on Windows or Mac utilities to take the screenshots. Some examples of this are PrintScreenshot.com and OnPaste.com.

One of the best ways to edit a screenshot online is to use a free utility like Pixlr.com. All you need to do is upload your screengrab, make edits, add notes, crop the image, and save or share the output file. But, again, the screenshot part is your responsibility and requires a different tool.

In light of all these difficulties, we can safely say that, while these methods are certainly viable options, wouldn’t it be better to have an affordable screenshot tool that has editing, annotation, cropping, and other tools built into it?

That’s why, today, we’re featuring Picpick, the best alternative to editing screenshots online. The software is downloadable and totally self-contained, so you can do the screen capture, edit the image, make markups and annotations, crop it to the desired dimensions, and save it directly to a local drive, making the whole process secure. This is a crucial consideration where sensitive information is concerned.

How to Edit a Screenshot Online with Picpick

Although Crorpro is essentially a downloadable installation, it does have the advantage of being connected online so you can easily share your screenshots with others or upload them to the cloud. Offering a full collection of screenshot, editing, annotating, cropping, saving, and sharing functions, Picpick is as versatile as they come. The best part about Picpick is how easy it is for first-time users to get the hang of. Essentially, you can hit the ground running as soon as you start using this intuitive app.

Here is a run-down of the essential steps to use Wondershare Picpick to take a screenshot, edit it, mark it up, crop it, and save or share it.

Take a Screenshot

Picpick offers a variety of screenshot options for professionals: you can grab the entire screen or just an active window, you can do object-based selection or grab a manually selected area, and you can even do a scrolling screenshot if you want to capture a long web page or any window that’s scrollable. Here are the steps:

  • 1. Click the Picpick icon or shortcut after you’ve installed the application on your Windows or Mac computer. You can also click the capture button inside the app when it’s open or click the small black arrow next to it to choose a different screenshot mode.
  • 2. After clicking, define the area or simply click within it.

Your screenshot is now ready for editing.

Edit and Annotate the Screenshot

  • 1. When you release the mouse clicker, it will give you options to save it to the desktop (pin it) or edit it in the software window. Choose the Open in Main Window option for now.
  • 2. Your screenshot will open in the built-in editor, where you can edit the image and add annotations such as notes, shapes, and so on.

Some of the markup tools include text insertions, shapes, arrows, pens for freehand writing and drawing, area highlighting, stickers, stamps, etc. Each of these elements has customizable attributes for font, size, color, and so on. That means you get the tools you want to annotate your screenshot the way you like.

Crop and Save/Share the Image

When you finish your annotations and other edits, do the following:

  • 1. Click the Crop icon at the top
  • 2. Choose the area to be retained by adjusting the borders
  • 3. Hit Crop again to get the final version of the image

You can now save it or share it from within the software interface by clicking the respective icons. Please note that the functions are identical in both Windows and Mac, with a few minor differences in button placement and so on. This is intentional and intended to make it more intuitive irrespective of the platform you’re using it on.

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