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According to Google Adwords, how to edit a protected Word document is one of the top searches on Google. To edit password protected Word document there are many programs which can be used to get the work done with ease. If you want to know how to protect a Word document from being edited the process is not complex at all. You just need a few clicks on your doc and it’s done. There are several other ways which need no external software program to unlock the protected Word file and all these will be discussed thoroughly.

How to Edit a Protected Word Document

Why password protection is required?

There are at times sensitive data which has been written over the word document and therefore a password is necessary to protect it. Unauthorized access is another issue which is avoided by applying password to the document. Whenever you want to access such document you will get the error that the document is read only and cannot be edited at all. There are however some ways to make sure that such issues are eliminated. It is a fact that password may become a headache if you forget it. Such permissions are highly used especially in the companies which transfer Word files from one location to another thoroughly.

Edit a Password Protected Word document

The process which is related to this is simple and any regular Word user can apply it to get editing access to the Word document. The process is really simple and does not require any complex process following to get the work done. The complete steps are mentioned as follows. These step are very easy to follow and therefore can be applied by rookies as well.

  1. Click "File" and select "Save As > Browse".
  2. A dialogue box appears and here you can change the name of file and click "Save". The file has now been unlocked and you can also edit the contents if required.
  3. how to edit a protected word document

If there are any editing restrictions?

The steps which are mentioned as follows are to the followed if there are any editing restrictions. It is very important that you follow the complete steps to get the work done. It is a problem which many users face so eliminating it is very important especially in all such cases where the password has been forgotten.

  1. Right click the document that has been locked. Hover over "Open With" option and choose WordPad from it.
  2. edit password protected word document
  3. The document has been unlocked and you can make desired changes. The WordPad warns you that some content might lost. Click "Save".
how to protect a word document from being edited

There is another scenario where the document has been locked by marking it final or protected. Getting out of this problem is easy and you just have to click "Edit Anyway" on the top of the document to get it unlocked. It can then be used for editing of any kind. The best part of the processes mentioned is the fact that these can be applied to all known versions of Word which makes these highly dependable and therefore applicable easily.

how to edit a word document that is protected

Advantages of PDF Document

PDF is one of the formats which are highly in use. There are many companies and even individual users that use this format to get the work done and transfer files with ease. Some of the advantages of using the PDF files over Word are as follows.

  • The PDF is more interactive than Word. Using PDF creates documents which are highly advanced and embed the features which Word cannot.
  • Most of the PDF readers are free of charge. For instance the Adobe Reader is free and can be downloaded easily.
  • PDF files can easily be transferred to mobile and there is no configuration needed. Same visibility can be enjoyed on mobile phone.

PDFelement is one of the best programs which can be used to access the password protected PDF with ease. PDFelement has many features and hundreds of functionalities embedded which make it one of the best programs of all times. To understand the program it is advised to go through the features as under.

  • Perform specific OCR or in user defined fields using the program.
  • Convert the PDF files to Word, HTML and text files with ease.
  • Approve and sign the PDF documents digitally.
  • Unlock text of PDF images using the OCR technology.
how to edit a protected word document

How to Edit a Protected PDF Document

Step 1. Open Password Protected PDF

If the PDF document has open password, then enter the password to open. If the PDF document has the permission password, then open it directly.

edit password protected word document

Step 2. Unlock Permission Protected PDF

If it is protected with permission password, then enter the permission password to unlock the PDF. Or click the "Password" button in the "Protect" tab to un-check the permission password option, then the permission password will be removed.

how to protect a word document from being edited

Step 3. Edit PDF

Click the "Edit" button on the top-left corner to start editing, then save the file directly.

how to edit a word document that is protected
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