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How to Add Signature to PDF on Linux

To add a signature to PDF on Linux, you’ll either need a third-party tool, a workaround, or an online solution. While the first and second options are certainly viable, using an online solution for a Linux PDF signature is less of a hassle. Moreover, online services today are more secure than ever.

One such solution is what we’re going to cover today, and it is called Wondershare Document Cloud. You can use it for PDF sign Linux or any other platform because it is OS-agnostic, meaning it doesn’t matter what device or what operating system you’re using. As long as your device is connected to the Internet and has a modern browser, you can use the service.

Add Signature to PDF on Linux via Browser

Unlike most other cloud storage services, Wondershare Document Cloud not only gives you storage space on a secure cloud server but also a full-fledged electronic signature application that is also hosted on the cloud. You can avail of the free plan or the paid option. While the paid plan gives you unlimited sends for document signing and 100GB of cloud storage, the free plan is quite generous, with 1GB of space and up to 5 sends. The process of uploading a document and sending it to others to PDF-sign on Linux and other platforms is very simple, as shown in the process steps below:

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1. Login to Document Cloud

You can set up a fresh account or use an existing Wondershare ID for this.

linux pdf signature

After logging in, look for the Upload Files button.

2. Upload a PDF to Document Cloud

add signature to pdf on linux

When you click the button, you will be able to navigate through your folders and select the correct file.

Click Open to import the file into Document Cloud, where you will see it listed under Recent Document Activity.

3. Start the Signature Request process

You can click Start Signing on the Home tab or go directly to the Sign tab to choose one of two options.

pdf sign linux

The Request Signatures option will send all signers the same copy of the document with pre-defined placeholders for their signature and other details. The Bulk Send is intended to get the signatures of multiple signers on individual copies of the document.

You will also see a Template option where you can choose a readymade template or create your own for future use.

Click Initiate under one of the signature options and proceed to the next step.

4. Set up the PDF for remote e-signing

Since your document is already uploaded to the cloud, you can click Upload Files and choose Document Cloud to select the file to be sent for signing.

linux pdf add signature

There is an optional access authentication feature in case you would like to set up a password for the signers to enter before getting access to the document.

Next, add the email IDs of all the signers and include yourself as the first or last signer as required.

set signing order

Enter a subject line and message for the email that will be sent to all signers. Click Next to proceed.

5. Send for signature

On the final page, select the ID of each signer, drag the relevant fields to the PDF, and place them on the corresponding area of the document. When you’re done, hit the Send for Signature button.

drag and drop fields

6. How to Sign

All the signers, including you if you chose that option, will receive email notifications with unique links to the document. Clicking on the link will take them to the file, where they may need to enter the security code.

After that, they can click the signature field and choose to upload, draw, or type a signature, which will be digitized and added to the document. Clicking on the other fields will allow them to input the relevant information.

fill in fields

Once they’re done, they can click Submit Signature.

You will receive a notification as each signer submits the document, and this can be tracked on the dashboard in the Home tab of Document Cloud.

How to Sign PDF on Other Systems like Windows - Wondershare PDFelement Pro DC

So far, we’ve seen the process for “Linux PDF add signature” alone. What about other OSes like Windows? Wondershare has launched a new product for Windows users that integrates its blockbuster PDF editor PDFelement with Document Cloud. It is called Wondershare PDFelement Pro DC and offers the full range of PDF tools as well as integration with Document Cloud. Let’s look at some of the key features of this unique product:

Even though Wondershare PDFelement Pro DC is meant for experienced users who manage large PDF workflows, it is also very easy for a beginner to get started and get up to speed quickly. The process of editing and saving a PDF file to the cloud clearly showcases this user-friendly nature of the software.

1. Download the PDF from local storage or Document Cloud

PDFelement Pro DC can be downloaded and installed in minutes. After installation, follow the steps below.

linux pdf signature

The File → Open option allows you to fetch files from your local Windows PC but also has an option to download directly from Document Cloud.

Click the From Wondershare Cloud option to fetch a cloud-stored document from your online account.

2. Edit the PDF file

Editing is equally easy. Just click the Edit tab and use whatever tools you need from the ribbon-style toolbar below it to make changes to the file.

edit pdf on pdfelement

You can easily add, remove, or modify any content element in the file, including footer and header sections, text, links, images, objects, watermarks, etc.

3. Save the file to Document Cloud again

After you have finished your editing process, save the file to the cloud again by choosing the Wondershare Cloud option in the Save menu.

add signature to document linux

After saving, you’ll be able to see it listed in Recent Document Activity on the Document Cloud website.

4. Electronic Signature

To send a document for signing, you can click the Protect tab and then the Electronic Signature button.

send document for signature on pdfelement

This will take you to Document Cloud, where you can start the signing process as shown in the Linux PDF signature section above.

Wondershare PDFelement Pro DC

Simplify your Workflow with the Document Cloud for PDFelement.

pdfelement pro dc

Finding a good cloud storage solution is not hard. What’s hard is finding one that offers a very necessary tool like sending documents to capture electronic signatures. If your company’s staff regularly works with vendors, clients, suppliers, etc., you will definitely have signature workloads to fulfill in a timely manner.

Document Cloud allows you to do exactly that. PDF files can be quickly created or prepared and sent to others for signing; and they, in turn, can sign on any device of their choosing and submit the document back to you to close the loop in a rapid manner. You can imagine how this will tremendously boost your team’s productivity whether they’re in the field or in the office or even working from the safety of their homes.