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What are More Interesting Uses for a PDF

Computer users all over the world are likely to encounter pdf files somewhere in their lives. PDF files serve unnumbered purposes. May it be businesses, academics or personal concerns, pdfs are used for a lot of reasons. However, there are some incredible features of pdf file format for you to know. Stick to the guide till the end.

Part 1. What Are Well-known Features of PDF

Before jumping to the interesting features of pdf, it is better to learn about some of the basic ones. Here are some of the most prominent features of pdf.

Lossless graphics

The advancement in high-resolution screens is surely for a better display. Pdfs don't hamper the graphics of the document. No matter you reduce its size or share it a million times. The representation of graphics will always remain the same. It does not play with your graphics. It is one of the most important features of pdf.

Read-only encrypted files

Pdfs are mainly for reading purposes. Books, comics, and whatnot, reading is heavily dependent on pdfs. Pdfs are originally read-only encrypted files. To protect your content, read-only encrypted files play a pivotal role. Most of the time, you don't want the receiver to end your content, and this feature gives you the exact feature.

Great for transferring data

In this part of the 21st century, data is transferred with immense speed and efficiency. Pdf files are remarkable data carries, you can create hundreds of pages filled with quality content and share it online without any hesitation. If you are planning to share business ideas, guidelines, or whatnot, pdfs are surely the best.

Transferring print material

The finest way to transfer print material is through pdf. There are a lot of reasons to believe it. You can't risk any change in layout and formatting when it's about print material. Like Microsoft Word, pdf does not change the format or layout of your document if shared multiple times or viewed on different devices. It will be printed the same as the author has sent it.

Create resumes

As the job market is increasing with the period of time. Resumes are getting more valuable. Electronic resumes are more preferable in this advanced era. It is easy to read resumes in pdf format. It keeps the design and layout exactly as you've set it. As pdf is efficient in preserving the graphics of the resume, it is highly preferable in the global job market.


In photobooks, images make a significant contribution to the overall content. To maintain the quality of the content, pdf format is highly preferable. Pdf is well-known for supporting high-quality photographs and no matter if you compress it, the quality will never be compromised. Moreover, it keeps the size and adjustment of images rigid, as per the demands of the author.


May it is legal documents or commercial, pdf format is at the top. Companies never compromise on the slightest change in the content of the document. As pdfs are read-only, it is stiff to make any amendments to the invoices. You can open invoices in pdf anywhere anytime without any troubles.


An E-book or electronic book is a book publication made in electronic form. E-books are read-only, this is the reason pdf is recommended. It is facile to share or upload it online. Moreover, you can also decrease the document size if it's in pdf. Same as comics, e-books are also read by a large population all over the world.

PDF infographics

The visual representation of information requires a highly supportive format. Pdf format perfectly displays, designs, maps, charts, diagrams, and almost all types of illustrations.


Presentations are always given with a peaceful state of mind. When you save presentations in pdf file, it freezes the layout and formatting. In case anyone does not have PowerPoint, they can still view the slides but will be restricted to make any changes in the slides. PowerPoint is a powerful tool, but it does not offer the same amount of security as pdf files.

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Part 2. What Are More Interesting Uses for PDF

Once you're known with the basic features of pdf, it is time to expose you to more interesting uses for pdf. Here are some more interesting uses for pdf.

PDF portfolio

The perfect portfolio is made with multiple files merged into one polished and organized package. Pdf portfolio is highly accepted in the international market as they can be shared with anyone without complications. The majority of companies prefer pdf portfolios. A solid portfolio can turn tables for anyone.

PDF forms and surveys

Forms and surveys are an important part of governance, academia, business, and whatnot. You can create pdf forms and surveys without any lengthy procedures. Most importantly, the security of your forms and surveys will not be compromised. It is easier to collect data using pdf forms.

Fill and sign

Apart from creating pdf forms and surveys, you can also fill and sign documents. With the advancements in tech, the workload is shifted to electronic devices. Using pdf format, business contracts are filled and signed with facile steps. Digital signatures assure the recipient of authenticity and integrity.

Added media

Ever wondered that you can incorporate video, audio, flash, and other types of interactive experiences directly into a pdf? Well, yes you can. Through rich media, you can bring ideas to life. You can insert interactive media into a pdf with simple steps. Added media makes your document more valuable.

Share point

The integration with Microsoft SharePoint is surely something new. You can work effortlessly with pdf files in Microsoft SharePoint. It is one of the newest and most enjoyed features of pdf.

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Action Wizard

To enhance productivity, it is one of the latest capabilities of pdf. You can create, manage, execute and even share a sequence of frequently used steps that can be applied to a single pdf. You can also create your own activities and share them with anyone.  

Embedding PDF

There are dozens of ways to embed pdf. Embedding pdf literally means that multimedia content in pdf can be presented as an embedded file stream.


Using the redaction tools, you can efficiently eliminate unwanted data from your pdf files. It is also one of the newest features of pdf. For security concerns, you can also redact them to permanently delete sensitive information.

Display 3D models

For advanced functionality, 3D models can be presented through pdf files. Pdf works beyond expectations; it has become an interactive platform with the period of time.

PDF sewing patterns

You can download a pdf sewing pattern from any of your favorite arts and craft website to your system. Moving on, you can print out the pdf and start following the pattern.

Part 3. All-in-one Solution: PDFelement

We have gone through almost all the interesting features and uses of pdf files, but what about the perfect tool to manage them? Here's the most exceptional tool to deal with pdf files.

PDFelement is an all-in-one power pack. You can enjoy all the uses mentioned above with the help of this tool. It is remarkable in providing your pdf file extra security as it can black out sensitive information and can also provide you password security. Moreover, its commenting tools are top-class, you can sign, add comments, and whatnot. Adding any type of media in a pdf file is never a problem for PDFelement. You can create, edit, and convert pdf documents with the simplest steps. It has the best features required to manage pdf files. It has tools such as pdf creator, converter, forms, annotator, and editor.


Pdf gives you a variety of features to enjoy, but what about managing them? PDFelement is surely the key to unnumbered uses of pdf files.

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