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Easy Way to Add a Signature to PDF Documents

2021-11-29 16:11:06 • Filed to: How-To • Proven solutions

PDF is a document format used widely in the business world. Because of this, digitally-signed PDFs have now been widely accepted as secure, professional, and legally binding documents. Are you wondering how to add a signature to PDF documents electronically? In this article we'll show you steps to add signature to PDF with PDFelement.

How to Add Signature in PDF

Step 1: Open the File and Navigate to Protect Menu

Launch PDFelement, then click on the "Open files" menu to browse your computer for the PDF document that you want to add a signature to. After opening it, navigate to the "Protect" Menu to add a signature to the PDF document.

how to sign pdf

Step 2: Insert Signature in PDF

Under the "Protect" Menu, click on the "Sign Document" button. Move your cursor to the area where you want the signature to be added and click on it. When you do this, a dialogue box titled "Sign Document" will pop up.

how to add signature to pdf

Step 3: Create New Signature ID

When you add a signature to a PDF with PDFelement for the first time, click on the New ID button to create a new ID. In the "New ID" box, if you already have a digital ID, browse for the file on your computer and import it to PDFelement. If you don't have a previous digital ID, create one with your name, email address, company name, etc. When you finish importing or creating a digital ID, it will lead you back to the "Sign Document" window, with your ID info displayed in the box. Click "Sign" for your signature to be added to the PDF file. And that's how you add a PDF signature!

how to add digital signature to pdf

Note: Taking the authority of your digital signature into consideration, we suggest that you sign PDF documents with a certificate-based digital ID. PDFelement lets you create your own certificate ID, but the common approach is using a certificate ID issued by a trusted third-party certificate authority. With a certificate-based digital ID, recipients will able to verify whether the PDF file you've signed is authentic or not.

Video Tutorial to Put Signature on PDF

To add signatures to a PDF file, especially an imported PDF document, you need a professional PDF tool, like PDFelement. Though not as well-recognized as Adobe® Reader and Adobe® Acrobat®, PDFelement lets you apply a certified industry-standard digital signature to your documents, which of course, will speed up your workflow with co-workers, clients, and partners.

Below we'll cover how to use PDFelement to add digital signatures to PDF files. Signing documents with digital signatures save you so much time and energy, taking away the need to print and scan documents. Read on to discover how you can add signatures with PDFelement.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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Buy PDFelement right now!

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