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Extract Data from PDF Receipts or Invoices in Automated Way

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2023-10-11 15:52:54 • Filed to: Extract Data from PDF • Proven solutions

The need to extract data from PDF files, be it standard or scanned has grown over the years. One of the reasons is that we are moving towards a world where documents are scanned and converted into electronic format. And when using software for extracting data, you can get all the text and everything else in the PDF, and you can export it to Excel spreadsheets or Google Sheets. Today this article will offer you Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor to extract data from PDF receipts or invoices.

Let's say you have many invoices or receipts. And you need to manipulate with them. You need to organize them. The right software will not only allow you to extract them to output source like Excel or Google Sheets, but also organize them. Once you have the data extracted, you can search through the invoices, and even manually rename and organize the documents.

Now, there are two scenarios how to extract data from PDF receipts and invoices. You can have your invoices in a standard PDF document, or you can have the receipts in a scanned PDF file. It all depends how you create, send, and receive invoices. For example, some people prefer to use PDF software for creating invoices. Other times, you might receive or send an invoice that is actually paper form, and scan it into a PDF file. The good news is that in both cases, you can use software tools to extract the batch data and then utilize it for better organization. The form data extraction feature is available in PDFelement.

  • In the first case, when data comes from a native PDF file, the process is simpler. You just upload your files, extract the data, and the info will be saved into a CSV file. The file can be then exported into Excel or PDF software, depending what you want to do later with it. If you want to organize in spreadsheets, you export to Excel.
  • For scanned documents, the process is different, as the scanned documents are actually pictures and objects. Users need to mark the area they want to extract data from. But once you mark the area, the same process will begin. Again, your info will be extracted, and you'll have your invoices and receipts ready for organizing.

Many Industries Have Similar Needs

Accountants and financial experts are not the only ones that can benefit from using software like this. Other industries get a ton of scanned PDFs and PDF documents. And they also need to extract the data.

For example, lawyers get ton of court orders. The more clients you have, the more orders you can get. In most cases, lawyers get court orders via email as scanned PDF files. And instead of manually entering the data from every file, you can extract it using the proper software tool.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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