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Top 5 PDF Expert Troubleshooting and Solutions

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: PDF Software for macOS • Proven solutions

When using any new application or software, it is almost impossible to figure out how it works completely, and more often than not, users are usually forced to seek help in case of a fault. This can be done in the form of troubleshooting. Troubleshooting is the tracing and correction of faults whether mechanically or physically. PDF expert like any other software has its faults and its users can at times have to troubleshoot to find some solutions. The majority of the PDF expert troubleshooting are common among users and below we look at the top 5 PDF expert troubleshooting and their solutions.

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PDF Expert Troubleshooting and Their Solutions

1. PDF Expert Email Attachments Not Working

The problem is that most people have the confusion for the problems " where the path is to send emails" or "PDF Expert email attachments not working". Emails issues in PDF Expert are usually done via the email application. The solution to this PDF Expert troubleshoot is to tap the options button which will bring forth a list of options which includes email. You then launch the mail application by clicking on the mail option. One then taps outbox where one will locate the unsent mail and click resend which should do the trick.

2. PDF Expert Quits Unexpectedly

Like any other app, PDF Expert may shut down unexpectedly due to bugs or any other reason associated with your system. The solution for this is in four methods. One can try to reboot the computer by pressing the "Sleep/Wake" button until the red slider appears where one slides it to shut down completely. The second option is to open the app setting, click support, and further enable detailed logging toggle where one recreates the issue and sends feedback to the support. Also, PDF Expert update is one of the feasible ways to troubleshoot if PDF Expert quits. Lastly, one can open the iOS settings app, click privacy then analytics. One will find the latest PDF Expert crash logs which they will forward it to support.

3. Sync Issues

Another common PDF Expert problem is sync issues where the application fails to sync with other computer applications. This problem is mainly due to faults in the internet connection. To solve this problem, one can try disabling WIFI and connecting it back again. If the sync issue persists, one should disconnect the web storage account and connect it afresh. The disconnection is done by clicking the "in the cloud" tab and under it find the tab storage where one should tap and hold onto it. Tapping it once more will remove it. To connect it again, one should click "in the cloud tab" followed by add icon. At this point, one would choose the needed storage and the sync should work perfectly afterward.

4. File Cannot Be Opened

Most files cannot be formed because the format of the file is incompatible. A list of compatible formats to PDF Expert can be found in PDF Expert website. In case of an incompatible document, one should send the document to support for further scrutiny and a way forward will be sent back from PDF Expert help.

5. Sharefile/SugarSync Support

Support for Sharefile and SugarSync are missing in the PDF Expert software. However, there are ways you can go around it to perform the same function. This can be done by installing both the Sharefile app and the SugarSync app.

Best Solution to Solve PDF Expert Troubleshooting

In the case where one is not satisfied with PDF Expert's performance, there are various alternatives that the user can purchase in order to enjoy the same level of service. One of the best alternatives out there is the PDFelement for Mac which is another simple but effective application. The benefits of PDFelement are that it is cheaper as compared to other applications performing a similar task, it is fast and effective and also has all the necessary features one would need to edit a PDF document.

PDFelement, like any other PDF software, one can create, edit, and convert PDF files. Its interface just as simple and cool as that of Microsoft Office Word. It allows one to bookmark a file as well as signing it fast. PDFelement possesses hundreds of PDF templates at the user's disposal. The key feature, however, is the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which gives it the capability of turning documents and scanned files into fully editable, searchable and editable PDFs in more than 29 languages.

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Well, there you have it, now you know how to troubleshoot PDF Expert issues not to mention that you know which alternative you can go for in case you do not fancy software. Keeping that in mind, you can now enjoy your PDF experience!

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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