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When you extract pages from PDF to JPG, what it means is that you’re looking to convert the images in a PDF file (or complete pages) into their native JPG format so they can be processed by image editors. But there’s a conversion process here that’s quite complex, which means having the right tools makes all the difference between making it an easy task and making it an extremely difficult one.

With regard to these PDF to JPG extractor tools we’re about to showcase here, you’ll see that there are essentially two different ways to do this:

  • The first method involves converting each page of the PDF into one JPG image
  • The second method is to extract JPG from PDF; in other words, save each image in the PDF file as a separate JPG image

There are several use cases for both requirements. For instance, if you have non-image content that you want to share along with the images, the first method might be preferred since every page of the PDF gets its own equivalent JPG image. On the other hand, if you need to further process the images in Photoshop or a similar image editing application, you’ll need individual image files.

Now, let’s look at some ways to extract PDF pages to JPG and also extract JPG from PDF as individual images.

Part 1: How to Extract JPG from PDF Automatically

In this section, we’ll show you the best tools to extract PDF pages to JPG using offline and online methods. Of course, the offline method is preferred because it’s more secure and usually faster, and you can process very large files this way; nevertheless, the online method allows you to do the same thing in a pinch - for instance, when you don’t have your own system handy.

Method 1: Extract All Images in the PDF Offline

The first method being showcased here is how to extract JPG from PDF into individual images. This feature of PDFelement is extremely useful when PDF design mockups need to be edited in Photoshop on a picture-by-picture basis. It’s also a great way to make sure that anyone you’re sending these images to won’t have issues handling PDFs.

Step 1 Open your PDF file by dragging it into the PDFelement software interface.

open pdf in pdfelement

Step 2 Click the Convert tab and go to the Settings section by clicking the button in the secondary toolbar.

convert pdf with pdfelement

Step 3 In the Settings panel, choose PDF to Image on the left, and then click the radio button next to where it says “Extract all images in the PDF”.

extract images from pdf with pdfelement

Step 4 Click Apply and then click To image when you see the secondary toolbar again.

Step 5 Confirm the extraction on the final page and then save the ZIP file when prompted; this file will contain all JPG images that have been extracted from the main PDF file.

Method 2: Extract Images from PDF Online

This is the same process, but it’s done using Wondershare HiPDF, the online sibling of PDFelement. Both are equally expansive, but HiPDF has the advantage of users being able to access it from anywhere using a modern browser and a stable Internet connection. The images will be extracted from the PDF file and converted into individual JPGs, which will be zipped and made available for the user to download.

Step 1 Visit the ‘Extract Images from PDF’ URL on the HiPDF website.

extract pdf images by hipdf

Step 2 Upload your PDF with a drag-and-drop motion.

Step 3 Click through to process the extraction, and then download the ZIP file containing your images.

Both these methods will extract all images from a PDF file. So, what do you do when you only need to extract specific images or just one image from the entire PDF? That’s when you can use the manual method that we describe next.

Part 2: How to Extract JPG from PDF Manually

The methods described here show you variations on what you can do with the versatile PDFelement PDF to JPG extractor. As a PDF to JPG extractor, PDFelement gives you the flexibility you need for random or one-off jobs, such as extracting a single image from a PDF full of images or even creating a single, large image from your PDF pages.

In the first method, we show how to extract just one image at a time, so if your PDF has multiple images and you only need one or a few, this is the best way to do it.

Step 1 Click Open File to open your PDF file.

extract pdf image manually

Step 2 Click the Edit button in the top menu, and click on Edit All → Image.

edit extracted pdf image

Step 3 Now that you’re in image editing mode, select any image, right-click on it, and choose Save Image As.

Step 4 Save the image to the desired location

The other method, which is similar to the JPG extraction method, gives you the flexibility of converting each PDF page into a separate image or collating and combining the entire document into a single JPG image file. Let’s proceed!

Part 3: Extract Pages from PDF to JPG with PDF-to-JPG Extractor

In this method, we’ll show you how to tweak the settings, so you get one JPG image for each page in your PDF. That means the entire page gets converted, not just the image. This conversion, therefore, will include any other content on that page, such as text and so on. In other words, anything that will appear in the printed version will be part of your converted image file.

Step 1 Open the PDF file in PDFelement.

open pdf file in pdfelement

Step 2 Click on Convert and then on Settings in the secondary toolbar.

Step 3 Select PDF to Image in the left panel.

select pdf to image

Step 4 Under image settings, you can choose between converting each page of the PDF into an image file or combining all converted images into one single file.

extract pdf page with pdfelement

Step 5 After clicking on Apply, click To image in the secondary toolbar.

Step 6 Follow the on-screen instructions until your file or files are saved, then unzip to extract the image files.

Introducing PDFelement for PDF to JPG Extraction and Other PDF Tasks

PDFelement is a great file conversion utility, for sure. But did you know that it also comes with a full suite of PDF management tools? From using it as a simple PDF reader to converting large scanned files into an editable format, you can do practically anything with PDFelement. The following bullet points show you the extent of what you can achieve with PDFelement at your side.

  • Editing - Any PDF version can be edited quickly and seamlessly, just like editing a DOC file in MS Word; this includes text, links, images, objects, graphics, header/footer content, backgrounds, watermarks, page numbers, etc.
  • Annotation - Comprehensive but user-friendly markup tools to help you communicate with other document collaborators.
  • Creation - Convert over 300 different file types to PDF with this powerful PDF creation engine.
  • Conversion - Not limited to PDF to JPG alone - extensive output options such as HTML, MS Office files, and more.
  • Protection and Organizing - Get your PDF workflows in shape and secured with vast organizing tools and enterprise-grade protection for confidential files.
  • Advanced Processes - These include OCR, form field data extraction, redaction, Bates Numbering, Batch Process, and other high-performance tools.

PDFelement also comes with a slew of other advantages in the form of cost-efficiency, superior usability, regular feature updates, cross-platform availability, collaborative cloud integration, and more. As a matter of fact, in addition to being a top-notch conversion utility, you could say that it is a holistic PDF solution in a multi-terminal scenario, which can be deployed organization-wide or just for a single user. The plans are flexible, and there are also bundle offers and other special discounts to entice new users to switch to this versatile and pocket-friendly premium PDF editor.

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