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Simplify Your Signature Process: A Digisigner Getting Started Guide

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Signature Tips • Proven solutions

Digital signatures are crucial for ensuring important documents, contracts, and forms are legitimate online. Imagine signing your name on a paper, but instead of using a pen, you do it on your computer or smartphone. That's a digital signature!

Digisigner is a popular tool for this job. It's the go-to place where folks can securely sign and send digital documents. But guess what? There's another reliable option called PDFelement that's worth checking out. In this guide, we'll walk you through the ins and outs of Digisigner and PDFelement, making it easy for you.

digisigner sign document

Part 1. What Is Digisigner?

Digisigner is like your trusty digital pen for signing documents on the internet. It's super important in digital documents because it ensures your signatures are legit and recognized by the law.

Here's why Digisigner is a big deal:

  • Legally Binding: Signing using Digisigner is as good as signing with a pen on paper. Courts and the law agree that it's the real deal. It's like having your digital lawyer.
  • Secure: Your documents are safe and sound behind a super-strong digital fortress. We check every request to ensure it's you and all your stuff is encrypted, which means it's like putting your documents in a virtual safe.
  • Quick & Easy: You can sign your papers without leaving your comfy chair. No need to print, scan, or fax anything. It's a breeze!
  • Invite Others: Need someone else to sign your document? No problem! You can invite them with just a couple of clicks. Everyone's signatures are legal and fast.
  • Modern & Professional: Digital signatures are the way of the future. They show you're on top of your game and respect other people's time.
  • Signature Style: Make your signature your way. Use your mouse, upload a picture of your signature, or just type your name. It's all legal, no matter how you do it.

So, Digisigner is like your digital superhero, helping you sign stuff quickly, easily, and most importantly, legally!

How To Use Digisigner

Using Digisigner is as easy as pie, and eSignatures are super convenient. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Step 1. Upload your document. Start by clicking "choose file" or drop your file into the blue box. You can upload PDFs, Words, TXT, IMG, or XLS files. In a few seconds, your file will appear in the viewer.

digisigner upload document

Step 2. Make your edits. Now, you can make changes to your document. You can add text, check checkboxes, insert the date, or even initial things. It's like having a digital pen!

digisigner edit document

Step 3. Create your eSignature. This is where the magic happens! Hover your mouse where you want to put your signature and click. You have three ways to make an electronic signature:

  • Draw it using your mouse or touchpad.
  • Type your name.
  • Upload a picture of your signature.
digisigner create digital signature

Step 4. Fill out the document. Remember, you can also add check marks, dates, text, or initials anywhere in your document. Choose the function you want, pick the spot, and type it in.

digisigner fill out document

Step 5. Download your document. When you're done, click "DONE." Digisigner will turn your document into a PDF, and you can download it for free. No need to register or pay for anything. Just click "DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT" and save it to your computer.

digisigner save and download

eSignatures are like a digital magic wand. They're super convenient because:

  • You don't need to print or scan paper.
  • You can sign and send documents from anywhere with an internet connection. You can do it from your comfy chair.
  • It's quick and saves time.
  • No need to wait for snail mail. It's all done in a jiffy.
  • It's eco-friendly, saving paper and trees.
  • Plus, it's free and hassle-free!

So, using Digisigner isn't easy; it's a game-changer for signing stuff without paperwork.

Part 2. Wondershare Document Cloud as a Digisigner Alternative

Looking for an alternative to Digisigner? Check out Wondershare Document Cloud. It's an awesome online option for signing your documents.

Here's why it's cool:

  • Easy Peasy: Signing documents is a breeze with Document Cloud. Just a few clicks, and you're done.
  • Access Anywhere: Whether at home, in the office, or on vacation, you can sign your docs from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Security First: Top-notch security measures keep Your documents safe and sound.
  • User-Friendly: It's designed to be easy to use, even if you're not a tech whiz.

So, if you're looking for a hassle-free, online way to sign your documents, Wondershare Document Cloud has your back!

Sending Contracts for Online Signature with Wondershare Document Cloud

To send a contract for online signature using Wondershare Document Cloud, follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Sign in to Wondershare Document Cloud using your Wondershare ID.

Step 2. Click on "Initiate" to start the signing process.

initiate signing process

Step 3. Upload the contract or document that needs to be signed. Just click the "upload" button and select your file.

upload document

Step 4. Enter the email addresses of the people who need to sign the document. You can also select "Sign" for yourself if you're signing it too.

sign the document

Step 5. Drag and drop signature fields and any other required fields onto the contract where needed. This shows your signers exactly where to sign and add information.

signature fields

Step 6. Once you've set everything up how you want, hit the "Send" button. Wondershare Document Cloud will send emails to the signers with a link to the document for them to sign.

send to signers

That's it! Now, your contract is ready for online signatures. It's a simple and efficient way to get documents signed without the hassle of printing and scanning.

Signing Contracts Sent via Wondershare Document Cloud

Here's how signers can easily sign a contract sent via Wondershare Document Cloud:

Step 1. Signers will get an email inviting them to sign the contract.

sign contract in email

Step 2. They must click the "Sign the Document" button in the email.

sign document

Step 3. Next, they'll be taken to a webpage. They should read the terms carefully and check the "I agree..." box.

agreement box

Step 4. To sign, click on the signature field assigned to the signer. They can type their name, upload an image, or draw their signature with the mouse or touchpad.

add signature

Step 5. For transparency, they can click the "Detail" button to see the activity on the contract. This lets them track who else has signed and when.

track document

With Wondershare Document Cloud, signing contracts online is a breeze, keeping everything organized and transparent.

Sender's Role in Checking Contract Status and Appending Signatures

Here's how senders can manage contract status and add their signatures in Wondershare Document Cloud:

Step 1. Senders can easily track the status of the contract in Wondershare Document Cloud. Just click on "Sign."

check status

Step 2. Check the "I agree..." box to confirm agreement with the terms.

check agreement

Step 3. Now, senders can sign the contract using one of three methods:

  • Type their name.
  • Upload a scanned image of their signature.
  • Draw their signature using the mouse or touchpad.
sign the contract

Senders can keep tabs on the contract's progress and add their signatures as needed. It's a straightforward process to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Checking the Signed Contract

Once all signers have completed the contract, the sender can download the fully signed document from Wondershare Document Cloud.

Step 1. The sender can access the fully signed contract by logging into Wondershare Document Cloud. Look for the option to download the contract. It's usually as simple as clicking a "Download" button.

download the contract

Step 2. All other signers involved in the contract will receive a notification email. This email informs them that the contract has been signed and provides a link to view it.

notification email

It's a smooth process that ensures everyone gets a copy of the signed contract, and the sender can have it ready for their records or any further actions needed.

Checking the Signature Certificate

To open the signed contract using Wondershare PDFelement and verify the digital signature certificate, follow these steps:

Step 1. Launch Wondershare PDFelement and open the signed contract document.

Step 2. Find the digital signature on the document and right-click on it. A menu will appear.

digital signature properties

Step 3. From the menu, click on "Signature Properties." This action will open a popup window with information about the signature.

signature properties

Step 4. Inside the popup window, look for an option that says "Show Certificate." Click on it.

show certificate

By checking the certificate, you can ensure the document's authenticity and verify that it hasn't been tampered with. It's an essential step for security and trust when dealing with digital documents and contracts.

Part 3. PDFelement's eSign Feature as an Offline Alternative

PDFelement's eSign feature is a trustworthy offline alternative to Digisigner. It allows you to sign documents without needing an internet connection. This means you can handle your document signing needs offline or in areas with limited internet access.

With PDFelement, you can enjoy the convenience of electronic signatures without being dependent on the web. It's a handy solution for anyone who needs to sign documents on the go or in places without internet connectivity. So, whether you're in a remote location or prefer to work offline, PDFelement's eSign feature covers you.

Using PDFelement eSign Feature with Certificate

Using PDFelement's eSign feature with a certificate is a straightforward process:

Signing Within PDFelement Desktop Application:

Step 1. Open PDFelement on your computer and go to the Agreement panel.

Step 2. Double-click on the agreement labeled "Waiting for me" to start the signing process.

signing wait for me

Step 3. Click the "Sign" tag to access the signature and other required fields.

signature field

Step 4. Choose your preferred signature method:

  • Upload: Import an image of your signature.
  • Draw: Create a signature in the field.
  • Type: Enter your name with font style and color options.

Click "OK" to apply your signature.

signature options

Step 5. At the bottom, confirm your agreement to the terms and electronic disclosure.

Step 6. Click "Click to Sign" and "Next" to complete the process.

click to sign

Signing via Email Link:

Step 1. Access the agreement from the notification email and click "Sign the Document."

email notification sign document

Step 2. Check "I agree with EULA and Privacy to use electronic records and signature," and click "Continue."

agree with policy

Step 3. Click the "Signature/Initial" field. For first-time users, create a signature using one of three methods: Type, Upload, or Draw.

signature initial field

Step 4. Click "Save" to apply the signature securely to the agreement and store it in Wondershare Document Cloud.

create signature for agreement

Step 5. Click "Download" and select your preferred download option.

download pdf audit report

This process is user-friendly and allows you to conveniently sign documents using the desktop application or an email link. It ensures security and compliance while making the signing process efficient and easy to follow.


Digital signatures are the modern way to sign documents hassle-free. Whether you use Digisigner for online convenience or PDFelement for offline ease, these tools make signing a breeze. They ensure security, save time, and keep your documents organized. So, embrace the digital age and make signing documents a piece of cake!

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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Buy PDFelement right now!

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