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Top 5 Signature Makers for Names

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Signatures are quite ubiquitous because they are embedded in our day-to-day activities. Online signature makers for names work with a document in any form, ranging from a simple letter or initials to a handwritten and typically stylized inscription of either a name or a nickname. From a general perspective, a signature represents proof of identity as well as an intention to be bound or at least associated with the signed document. Here will introduce top 5 signature makers for names.

5 Best Signature Makers for Names

1. PDFelement

This signature creator for name offers the easiest way signing your names on PDF documents electronically. It is a fully loaded File Management app that lets you sign any digital PDF with a digital signature or handwritten signature. Its features work smoothly and are efficient.

signature maker for names


  • PDFelement indicates PDF status using customized stamps.
  • It is an excellent apart PDF signing app.
  • It helps in facilitate editing process of a PDF document.
  • The tool minimizes your effort while dealing with PDFs using its easy-to-use interface and Microsoft-like design.


  • PDF does not allow embedding of video files while making PDF documents.

Pricing:The Windows version goes for $89.95 for 1 PC user and $169.11 for 2 – 10 PC users. For users between 11 and 20, PDFelement is offered at $890.51 — that is 10% savings.

2. Adobe Acrobat DC

As a component of the Adobe Acrobat Cloud, this program also provides features qualifying it as an industry-standard signature generator for my name. Adobe Acrobat DC gives users the room for getting rid of the archaic ink signature delays as it lets them collect e-signature, which is exactly as legally binding in several nations all over the globe.

signature creator for name


  • It is a very popular PDF file management app.
  • Adobe Acrobat DC is useful for creating, sending, saving, editing and exporting PDFs.
  • It features great options for signing on-the-move with the aid of a browser or a mobile device.


  • It does not allow users that open one’s PDF using Adobe Reader to edit the document.
  • While this app enables users to fill out forms in PDF documents, they cannot modify any existing formatting or text.

Pricing: Acrobat DC Standard subscription is available at $156 annually (that is works $13 per month) or $23 monthly for the monthly plan. As for Acrobat DC Pro perpetual, it is offered at $450 — $200 upgrade — and the Standard perpetual plan goes for $300 ($140 upgrade).

Free Download Adobe Acrobat DC >>

3. HelloSign

This is yet another my name signature maker, which can be used for your PDFa, forum signatures, e-mails, and others. A signature can be employed for integrating into your existing paperwork and steps for tracking and managing every one of your documents in just one location.

online signature maker for names


  • With HelloSign’s user-friendly interface, the whole file management process is smoothly done, without any difficulty or issue.
  • It is easy to make a signature since you can utilize your smartphone touchscreen or the mouse of your laptop or computer.
  • Even, on this platform, you can simply type your name using your favorite style and font. HelloSign is a very common app that can help you generate an excellent digital signature.


  • The features it offers on its free package are somewhat too basic and scanty.
  • The premium plans are a bit costlier compared with of subscription rates of other tools.

Pricing: Though HelloSign is available for free, its premium plan (monthly) starts from $15 while the annual package starts from $13/month.

Free Download HelloSign >>

4. DocuSign

DocuSign is readily available online to assist you with your digital signature making. This online signature maker for names adopts the nascent trend of making sure moving into a paperless business atmosphere is done with improved speed for your workflow along with secure electronic signatures for your PDFs.

my name signature maker


  • As with other signature makers for names mentioned above — the likes of PDFelement, Adobe Acrobat DC, and HelloSign — DocuSign also saves time and money that could be wasted in printing, faxing, scanning, and shipping documents to be signed.
  • With DocuSign, you can do all these easily and efficiently and receive your PDFs back within minutes, after they have been signed.
  • The tool seeks to get rid of file cabinets by providing a secure cloud account.


  • There is no pop-up tutorial when one is signing in for the first time.

Pricing: The annual plan starts from $10/month ($120 paid for one year), and the monthly subscription goes for $15.

Free Download DocuSign >>

5. SignNow

SignNow has a monthly subscription as low as 5 dollars for the business option and 15 dollars for the business premium package. These premium services offer you support for unlimited documents as well as templates.

signature generator for my name


  • You will enjoy cloud integration via Google, OneDrive, and Box, mobile support via Android, iPhone, as well as iPad app access.
  • For the business premium package, you will be able to use bulk sending and custom branding.
  • SignNow also lets you also track documents and also view reminders as well as expirations.


  • It requires access to desktop to issue an invoice.

Pricing: SignNow is offered via a number of plans. On the Business package, a user will pay $5/month (payment to be made annually), while the Business Premium plan goes for $15/month (paid annually).

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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