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Best PDF Password Removers For Mac Users

PDF is one of the most prevalent file formats for creating, storing, and sharing documents. There are a couple of reasons behind the popularity of PDFs. First, making a PDF file is easy, and you can secure the information behind a password.

However, you can easily forget your PDF password. What then?

There is an easy fix for this problem. You can use a PDF password remover for Mac users. Below you can find ten tools to remove passwords from PDFs on your Mac.

What Is a PDF Password Remover for Mac?

You can add numerous restrictions to your PDF files, such as copying, editing, and printing. Then, you must add a relevant limitation and lock it behind a strong password. However, if you forget the password, you won't be able to bypass the restriction you've previously set. That is where a password remover for Mac comes to the rescue.

This tool can help you remove passwords from PDFs on Mac. There are two types of PDF passwords. A user PDF password prevents you from opening the document to view it, while an owner PDF password can prevent you from copying, editing, or printing the document.

You can use PDF password removal tools to decrypt your password-protected PDF files. Thanks to these tools, you can remove the password to a PDF document and be able to view, edit, print, or copy it once again. Unfortunately, the "for Mac users" suffix implies that these tools work only on macOS.

How PDF Password Removers Help

Why should you use PDF password removers for Mac in the first place? Here are three essential benefits of using these tools on your favorite device.

● Easy Unlock

Instead of looking for online solutions and uploading your locked PDF files to shady online unlockers, you can do things quite simply. PDF password removers for Mac users are convenient and easy to use. As a result, you can easily unlock PDF documents without experience and minimal technical knowledge.

● Share Files With Other People

Good PDF password removers will help you remove user and owner PDF passwords. It means that you will have complete access to your PDF documents. You can share them with other people pain-free, whether you decide to send them via email or share them via cloud storage.

● Get Access to Valuable Information

If you've stored some valuable information in a PDF document, the chances are that you've locked it with a password to prevent someone else from gaining access to it. With a PDF password remover, you can access valuable information on your macOS device in a few simple clicks.

Best PDF Password Removers for Mac

Given that there are dozens of PDF password removers for macOS, you may have difficulty deciding which one to use. Below you can find the top ten tools you can use to reliably remove passwords from your PDF documents in a matter of seconds.

1. PDFelement for Mac

pdf password remover macos

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a powerful PDF editor with many capabilities, including password removal. You can use the platform to edit, convert, sign, annotate, and resize your PDF files. Plus, there is a batch work order built-in system to help you improve your efficiency with PDF documents.

When it comes to security, PDFelement for Mac is a versatile solution. It can help you decrypt, unlock, and remove passwords from your PDF documents.

2. SysTools Mac PDF

systools mac pdf unlocker

SysTools Mac PDF unlocker is another powerful tool you can use whenever you want to access your password-protected PDF documents. It's fully compatible with macOS.

SysTools Mac PDF works perfectly with user and owner passwords, so you can easily view, print, edit, copy, or share your PDF files.

This software also allows you to manage your PDF documents. For example, you can add entire folders to quickly check the current state of PDF documents individually and see which ones are password-protected.

3. aJoysoft PDF Password Remover

aJoysoft pdf password remover macos

aJoysoft PDF Password Remover is a convenient tool to have in your toolkit. It works on macOS and Windows and has complete features on both OSs. The user interface is as intuitive as those in PDFelement for Mac and SysTools Mac PDF.

When it comes to capabilities, this tool is quite powerful. For example, you can bypass both user and owner PDF passwords. It also comes with batch password removal capabilities, so you can remove passwords on multiple PDF documents at once.

4. Adobe Acrobat DC

adobe acrobat dc for mac

Adobe Acrobat DC is one of the most popular PDF editors worldwide. It helps streamline all tasks relating to PDF documents. For example, you can use it to batch-convert your documents or edit them to meet specific requirements.

Adobe Acrobat DC works wonders with password-protected PDFs. Removing passwords is simple. One of the best things about this tool is that it can make cloud backups of your files or even help you manage your PDF documents on your smartphone.

5. iPubsoft PDF Password Remover

iPubsoft pdf password remover mac

iPubsoft PDF Password Remover is a simple and versatile software for Mac users. It simplifies decrypting PDF passwords and unlocking PDF files on Mac OS X. The intuitive user interface will help you jump right into the seamless process of bypassing passwords on your locked files.

This PDF password remover for Mac users can remove owner and user passwords, decrypt passwords from any language, and unlock access to protected PDF files to enable editing, copying, and printing.

6. Jihosoft PDF

jihosoft pdf password remover for mac

If you want complete access to your password-protected documents on Mac OS X, Johsoft PDF can help you do it in a matter of seconds. The installation is quite simple and doesn't require you to install additional dependencies.

The user interface is relatively simple, but don't let the looks fool you. This powerful tool can delete passwords from protected files and complete tasks in batches.

7. Enolsoft PDF Password Remover

enolsoft pdf password remover mac

Enolsoft PDF password remover is another excellent tool Mac users have at their disposal to get access to their password-protected PDF documents. However, you won't be able to use it if your device has a macOS version below 10.10.

Enolsoft PDF password remover easily removes passwords from all PDF files. It has support for both owner and user passwords. It also features a visual decryption progress bar so that you can instantly see how long it will take for the tool to remove the password.

8. Coolmuster PDF

coolmuster PDF password remover for mac

If you want a compact but reliable PDF unlocker on your Mac device, we recommend checking out Coolmuster PDF. It can help you bypass passwords on your protected PDF documents to print, edit, or copy them.

After decrypting locked PDF files, you can use Coolmuster PDF to save them on your local storage. The newly-saved files will be password-free, so you can freely use them on demand.

9. Cisdem PDF Password Remover

cisdem pdf password remover mac

Cisdem PDF password remover is an excellent option for Mac users who struggle with remembering PDF passwords. You can use it to unlock your PDF documents and access the content seamlessly. The software works fast, even when processing large PDF files.

During the decryption, Cisdem PDF password remover will keep the content inside the PDF document intact, thus enabling you to access the original and complete content.

10. iStonSoft PDF Remover

pdf password remover for mac users

Last but not least, iStonSoft PDF Remover stands at your disposal if you are a Mac user in need of some PDF password cracking. It can decrypt all passwords on your protected PDF files. Once it cracks a password, iStonSoft PDF remover will remove it from the file.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to use it to remove user PDF passwords. It only works with owner PDF passwords. The batch option is also available; you can leverage it to efficiently remove passwords from multiple locked PDF documents.


As you can see, removing passwords from PDFs on Mac is very easy when you have a proper tool for the job. All of the tools above are reliable and popular. However, there are still some subtle but noteworthy differences. For instance, tools like PDFelement will remove user and owner passwords, but tools like iSonSoft PDF remover can only remove owner passwords.

Feel free to try multiple tools before you pick your favorite one. However, consider the tools' capabilities and your personal needs to choose the best software.

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