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How to Convert PDF to WPS

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PDF files are becoming an accessible file format for sharing documents electronically. However, editing PDF files is difficult without a suitable editing program. But editing programs can be expensive, hence users resort to converting PDFs to other formats like WPS. So if you want to convert PDF to WPS using a suitable PDF to WPS converter, then this article will guide you through the entire process.

How to Convert PDF to WPS

The following steps illustrate how to convert PDF to WPS using an excellent PDF to WPS converter online - Zamzar online free converter.

  • Step 1. Use your browser to open the Zamzar online PDF to WPS converter homepage.
  • Step 2. Click on the "Add Files" button to open the file directory. Choose the PDF file you want to convert to WPS and click "Open" to upload it into the program.
  • Step 3. When the PDF file is successfully uploaded, click on the output format drop-down icon to access a list of different file formats. Slide until you locate the WPS format and click to choose it.
  • Step 4. When you are satisfied with the selections you have made, just tap the "Convert Now" button. The program will immediately start to convert PDF to WPS. Wait until the process is complete to access the WPS file.
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WPS is a file format that resembles DOC format. However, WPS is created with Microsoft Works Word Processor. This format lacks advanced formatting options and macros as you would experience on Doc files. It is worth noting that WPS can be opened by several versions of Microsoft Word and Publisher. The problem with WPS is that Microsoft discontinued this format in 2006 and got replaced by MS Word DOC format.

Few applications can support WPS format which is therefore not suitable to use for conversions. So, if you have a PDF file and want to edit quickly, simply convert it to cross-platform word formats like Docx. Several platforms can perform this task, but PDFelement is the king of the jungle.

How to Convert PDF to Word

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a popular yet powerful PDF converter tool amongst scores of people across the continents. The program allows users to convert PDF files to a wide range of file formats, which include MS Office, HTML, RTF, and image. The elegant and straightforward interface makes user-navigation easier and full of fun. If you wish to edit and search a scanned PDF document, PDFelement provides the OCR feature specifically for this purpose. Ranging from excellent speed to plenty of ways to convert PDF to other formats, this program is an unmatchable PDF converter tool. There are numerous other features integrated, as illustrated below:

  • It allows you to view PDF files, add bookmarks, snapshots, and attachments.
  • Creates PDF files from any file, via print command, and from scanners.
  • It adds comments, text markups, drawings, and stamps to PDF contents.
  • Creates interactive forms, both manually and automatically as well as filling them out.
  • Organizes pages by extracting, inserting new pages, replacing rotating, and deleting PDF pages as desired.
  • Enables you to add bate numbering, PDF headers and footers, and watermarks to PDF files.
  • Combines different file formats to PDF in two ways.
  • It allows you to protect with passwords and share PDF files with them via Email and Cloud storage.
  • It enables you to compress PDF size without changing the quality.

Step 1. Select Output Format

To start, download and install PDFelement on your computer. Once installed, launch the program and then click the "Open File" link on the bottom of the main interface. You will then browse and upload the PDF file you want to convert to Word. When the PDF file opens on the primary window, hit the "Convert" tab, and subsequently select the "To Word" option.

pdf to wps converter online

Step 2. Select Output Folder

The program will then open the output "Save As" window to allow you to select the save path for the output file. Browse for a convenient output folder and provide a proper name within the "File name" box. You will see that the "Word Files" format is the default selection within the "Save as type" field and that you are not supposed to change. Click on the "Settings" button and choose preferred output settings. Confirm these settings and click "Save" to convert PDF to Word.

pdf to wps word

Step 3. Complete Conversion

Upon selecting the "Save" button, PDFelement commences the conversion of PDF to Word. You can monitor the conversion process on the screen. You should see the "Finish" button once the process is 100% complete. If you want to access the converted file, just click on the "Output Folder" link on the background.

convert pdf to wps writer online free

This is how you can seamlessly convert PDF to Word format using PDFelement.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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Buy PDFelement right now!

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