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Strikethrough text formatting is a handy tool for organizing your notes. It lets you visually cross out completed tasks, old information, or anything you want to mark as irrelevant. This makes your notes easier to scan and helps you focus on current information.

This guide will show you two ways to use OneNote strikethrough. We’ll also cover some tips for using strikethrough effectively while taking notes. As a bonus, we’ll even show you how to strikethrough text in PDF files using a PDF solution. Let’s begin with the steps on how to strikethrough in OneNote.

onenote strikethrough text on page
In this article
    1. Strikethrough in OneNote for Desktop Version
    2. Strikethrough in OneNote Mobile App
  1. OneNote Strikethrough Shortcut and More
    1. Strikethrough for Discarded Ideas
    2. Strikethrough for Emphasis (Use Sparingly)
    3. Strikethrough Outdated Information
    4. Strikethrough To Track Progress
    5. Strikethrough To Highlight Changes and Edits
    1. How To Strike Out Text in PDF Files?

Part 1: How To Strikethrough in OneNote?

There are two ways to strikethrough in OneNote: using the desktop version or the mobile app. Each method has its advantages. The desktop version offers more features and a larger workspace, while the mobile app is convenient for on-the-go editing.

Strikethrough in OneNote for Desktop Version

The desktop app provides a more robust experience for formatting text. Here’s how to strikethrough in OneNote for desktop:


Launch the OneNote desktop app and open the Notebook.


Select the content you want to strikethrough in OneNote. Then, go to the Home tab on the top navigation pane.

onenote selected text

In the Basic Text group, click Strikethrough.

apply strikethrough in onenote page

The selected text content will be crossed out. To remove the strikethrough, simply repeat these steps.

Strikethrough in OneNote Mobile App

The mobile app allows you to edit notes from anywhere quickly. While it has fewer formatting options than the desktop version, you can still use it to format text. Here’s how to strikethrough in OneNote for smartphones:


Open the OneNote mobile app and go to the Notebooks tab in the top left menu.

onenote for android phone

Choose the Notebook you want to edit and open the page.


Next, tap and hold on to the text you want to strikethrough.

select text in onenote for android

Select the pencil icon (it might have a different icon depending on your device) at the bottom.


Look for the Strikethrough option below the Format section and tap on it.

strikethrough text format in onenote android

The selected text will be strikethrough on your smartphone in the OneNote app. You can follow the same steps to remove the strikethrough formatting.

Part 2: OneNote Strikethrough Shortcut and More

Learning keyboard shortcuts can boost your OneNote note-taking efficiency. By using shortcuts, you can format text quickly without needing to take your hands off the keyboard. It keeps your note-taking fluid and helps you to focus on capturing your ideas. It can also be a huge time-saver, especially when editing or revising a large volume of notes.

close view of using a laptop

Here are the keyboard shortcuts for common actions, including OneNote strikethrough on Windows and Mac:

Action OneNote for Windows Shortcut OneNote for Mac Shortcut


Ctrl + B

Cmd + B


Ctrl + I

Cmd + I


Ctrl + U

Cmd + U


Ctrl+ - (hyphen)

Ctrl + Cmd + - (hyphen)

Bulleted List

Ctrl+ . (period)

* (asterisk) + press Spacebar

Numbered List

Ctrl+ / (forward slash)

1 + press Spacebar (or Cmd + / )

Part 3: Tips for Applying Strikethrough in OneNote When Taking Notes

Now that you know how to use OneNote strikethrough, here are some ideas to help you leverage this feature effectively while taking notes. These tips will make your notes clearer, more organized, and easier to review later.

Tip 1: Strikethrough for Discarded Ideas

Ideas may flow freely during brainstorming sessions or lectures, but not all will be relevant. Putting a strikethrough in OneNote can be a good way to explore different options. It helps you keep track of all possibilities while visually indicating which ones you’ve decided against.

Tip 2: Strikethrough for Emphasis (Use Sparingly)

Strikethrough can add emphasis to specific points. However, use it sparingly to avoid clutter. For strong emphasis, consider bolding or highlighting the text instead. This way, strikethrough retains its value for indicating discarded ideas or completed tasks.

Tip 3: Strikethrough Outdated Information

There might be changes or updates as you gather information during lectures or meetings. Strikethrough outdated information instead of deleting it completely. It keeps a clear record of the revision process and allows you to refer to the original information if needed.

Tip 4: Strikethrough To Track Progress

Apply OneNote strikethrough to check off completed tasks within your notes. It provides a visual cue of progress and keeps your to-do list clear. Seeing crossed-out items provides a sense of accomplishment and helps visualize your workflow.

complete tasks concept

Tip 5: Strikethrough To Highlight Changes and Edits

Use strikethrough to show edits or revisions you’ve made to your notes. It helps keep track of your thought process and collaborate with others. You can easily see the original text and understand the changes you made.

While OneNote excels at creating and organizing digital notebooks, sometimes you might encounter PDFs that require note-taking as well. For these situations, a fantastic tool like Wondershare PDFelement can take your PDF annotation to the next level, including the ability to add strikethroughs.

Part 4: Effortless PDF Note-Taking With Strikethrough in PDFelement

strike through in google slides

PDFelement is a user-friendly PDF solution that goes beyond just reading. It allows you to mark up and edit PDFs like a Word document in various ways, including adding strikethroughs. This tool can be helpful for tasks like:

  • Reviewing documents and marking sections for deletion or revision
  • Proofreading drafts and indicating text that needs to be removed
  • Taking notes and highlighting points to be disregarded later

How To Strike Out Text in PDF Files?

Using the Strikethrough Text tool in PDFelement is fast and easy. Here’s how to put strikethrough on a PDF file:


Download the PDFelement software for your desktop computer (Windows or Mac). The installation process is straightforward and shouldn’t take long.


Launch the app and click Open PDF from the upper left corner of the start page to upload the file.

pdfelement start page interface

Go to the Comment tab on the upper navigation pane. Select Strikeout from the Text Markup dropdown menu. Alternatively, press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Q for easier access to the strikethrough tool.

pdfelement text markup tools

Select the text to strike through by dragging the cursor over it. The text will be marked with a horizontal line.

pdfelement select text to cross out

Tip: Select text to mark, then use the Strikeout tool from the floating toolbar for faster access.

pdfelement strike out pdf files

Once finished adding strikethroughs and other text markup, save the edited PDF. Click on the File menu and select Save or Save As to create a new edited version of your document. After annotating in PDFs, you can also convert the PDF back to OneNote format.

With PDFelement’s intuitive interface and other editing tools, note-taking on PDFs becomes easier. No more struggling with physical markups – you can edit and revise your PDFs digitally within a few clicks.


As you’ve seen, using OneNote strikethrough is a great way to mark completed tasks or old info in your notes. It can significantly improve the clarity and organization of your note-taking process. But remember, OneNote isn’t the only app you can use strikethrough for note-taking.

If you also work with PDFs, consider using PDFelement to strike out PDF files and other text formatting tools. Combining OneNote with PDFelement allows you to create a robust note-taking system that works seamlessly across different documents and devices.

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    To add rule lines to OneNote pages, go to the View tab in the upper navigation pane, then select a style from the Rule Lines dropdown menu. You can choose from pre-set ruled or grid options that resemble a notebook page. Alternatively, select from various lines using the Shapes dropdown menu in the Draw tab. It is another way to insert a single line in OneNote.
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    To insert symbols in OneNote pages, click where you want to insert the symbol in your note. Then, go to the Insert tab in the upper navigation pane and select an option from the Symbols dropdown menu. Click “More Symbols...” in the pop-up window for more choices.
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  • 3. Can You Edit Text in OneNote?
    OneNote currently does not enable automatic search and replace, but you can use quick search to find particular text and manually replace it with a keyboard shortcut. Press Ctrl + F (Windows) or Cmd + F (Mac) to find text on a page. Press Ctrl + E (Windows) or Cmd + Option + F (Mac) to find text on all open notebooks.
  • 4. How Do I Mark Everything in OneNote?
    Press the OneNote keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A to select everything on the page. To grab everything from your cursor to the end of the line, press Ctrl + A again.
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