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What is Hyperlink in MS Word?

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2024-01-08 18:46:10 • Filed to: Word Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

There are times when a content in a document will require an external source to buttress a point or provide further information. This often comes in form of link to a web page. Therefore if you want to know what is hyperlink in MS word, look no further than those links embedded in a text in a word document. In fact, in some cases knowing what is a hyperlink in word will go a long way to present information in a proper context. Whatever the case, this article is going to look at what is hyperlink in word, the background and the usage.

What is Hyperlink in MS Word

It is important to note that adding hyperlinks to word documents serves a whole lot of purpose. In the first instance, it can help the readers access other information quickly or other parts of the documents and even other information that could be found online or other websites. In fact, to answer exactly what is hyperlink in MS word is to call it a clickable section of text or word that tends to direct the readers to another part of the document, web page or any other resources.

One thing that must be understood when looking at what is hyperlink in MS word is the anchor text and this is simply the text in which the link is attached to. It is important to note that the text can be the same as the link itself or different like a phrase or a specific keyword. In this case, it is likely that you will see the text used in the hyperlink become underlined or have another color. The implication is that it is indeed active and would take to another part of the document, page that contains much more information of the subject under review.

When talking about hyperlink usage, it is important to look at the relevance and how it can help a word document. For instance, if a content in a document is long, it could be ideal to add some useful links within the document. In some cases, a table of document may even be ideal if it is includes link to the sections of the document. The good thing about hyperlink is that it provides the readers with an easy navigation directly to the relevant areas of the document without having to scroll down.

what is hyperlink in ms word

Hyperlink in PDF Documents

Like word documents, you can also create a hyperlink PDF documents. Hyperlink in PDF also serves the same purpose like in word. It can be used to navigate through other sections of the PDF document when clicked. Like word, it can be anchored on a text in the document, it could be a single text or a phrase. Whatever the case, hyperlinks works well in PDF.

Unlike word document, PDF offers a whole lot of things and that’s is why it is widely used when it comes to sharing more sensitive documents over the internet. PDF is universal and this means that it can be viewed from any device and the good thing is that the quality and format is not affected. Then there is an issue of deceasing file size when it comes to PDF. It is important to note that PDF has a way of decreasing file size and not affect the quality of the document. Besides, even after converting other files to PDF, merging multiple documents into a single file, the quality remains the same and this is a big advantage of PDF over word documents.

Another very important feature of PDF is that it is more secured since password protection can be applied to it. For this reason, it can be used for very sensitive files and this will allow both the sender and the receiver to confirm the security of their information.

A PDF editor is the platform required to work on PDF files. It is specifically designed for PDF and are used in editing PDF files. There are a lot of PDF editors but not all can give you top notch capabilities you require. If you are looking for that PDF editor that has all the features you need at favorable cost, then Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is the best of them all, which is a great product and used by professionals as a worthy alternative to the more expensive Adobe.

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what is a hyperlink in word

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