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How to Turn off Track Changes in Word

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2022-04-29 14:42:24 • Filed to: Features of MS Word • Proven solutions

To turn off track changes the process is same as the turning these on. Most of the users search for the phase that how to turn off track changes in Word it is because there are short keys which could activate the track changes when these are not required. Turning off track changes in Word is a phenomenon which means that you get the work done without any hassle. These track changes can also be added mistakenly to the Word file so need a deletion. In all such cases you should know the complete process of turning off the tracking to make it easy. This will explain the steps in detail.

How to Turn off Track Changes in Word

As mentioned before the Word related track format changes are easy to manipulate. The best part of the track changes removal is that it allows the users to overcome those parts of the formatting which are unnecessary. The overall management of the Word program is made easy. The process of turning off the track changes is very easy to perform. It is advised to follow the steps which are mentioned as under.

how to turn off track changes in word

1. You need to open the Word document to start the process. You will be automatically accessing the main toolbar of the program.

2. Click the "Review" tab of the program to move forward with the process.

3. Under the tracking heading you will be seeing the option of the "Track Changes".

4. You just need to press the "Track Changes" which will be highlighted to turn it off. It completes the process in full.

5. You can also process the other changes into the Word using the "Track Changes" options and the other choices from the dropdown.

6. The most important of all is the "Track Changes Option". There are several options which you want to explore in this regard. Some of the very important options which you should explore in this regard are as follows:

  • i. The markup of the tracking lines can be changed using this option. It includes the author comments the layout of which can also be altered if you want.
  • ii. The moves layout can also be changed if you want. The to and from moves can also be tracked and changed if you want. The line layout can also be changed if you want.
  • iii. Highlight the table based cells. You can add, remove, split and merge the cells if you want. This section of the options allows you to change the layout of this section of the tracker if you want.
  • iv. The show lines can also be changed to make sure that it matches your docs. The line styles and the changes of the appearance can be changed if you want.
  • v. The track changes always appear in type of the balloon. This balloon can be changed to make sure that the appearance is exactly in line with the doc appearance.
turn off track changes in word

Advantages of PDF Document

The PDF is one of the most popular formats which are highly advised to the companies as well as the individual users. It is all because of the fact the PDF is safe and secure. The best part of the PDF is that it is universal. It does not come as a part of any OS. The PDF format cannot be edited at all. It means that you can easily present the PDF documents in the court of law.

If someone tries to manipulate the PDF format then it leaves a trail which can be traced easily. PDF also ensures that the readability becomes easy over all devices. The PDF documents can easily be transferred from one place to another as normal editing tools cannot be used. If specialized programs are used then the audit trail will reveal everything.

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how to turn off track changes in word
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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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