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How to Rotate Page in Word

2021-12-03 15:58:29 • Filed to: MS Word Features • Proven solutions

Rotating a page especially using the Microsoft® Word ribbon orientation option could be tricky since all the document would likely be affected by the selection. However, you can rotate page in Word in a different way. For instance, you can choose to rotate in Word of a single page through page set up dialog. How to rotate page in Word should not pose any challenge if you have taken time to read the steps involved.

How to Rotate Page in Word

Like mentioned earlier, you can easily rotate page in Word via Page Setup in the program. It is a simple process and will take just few steps to accomplish. The following are the steps involved:

  1. Open your Microsoft® Word document.
  2. Highlight the page that you intend to rotate. Note that if anything is not highlighted, it then means that nothing appears on the "Page Setup" dialog.
  3. Open dialog and this can be done by the click of the small arrow found at the right side of the bottom of the "Page Setup" group available on "Page Layout" tab.
  4. how to rotate page in word
  5. Select either "Landscape" or "Portrait" on the Margin tab from the orientation section in order to have the page rotated.
  6. Click "Apply to" drop down menu and click on "Selected Text".
  7. Click on "OK" and the rotation would be applied to the page where the text is selected.
rotate page in word

Advantages of PDF Document

The use of PDF is one the rise and this attributed to several features and benefits. PDF files has now become the most popular file type that is used to transmit, upload and download files over the internet and elsewhere. The surge in popularity may be surprising to some people but it is not to a lot of people who have used PDF because they know the advantages. Firstly, PDF is independent of software, hardware or even operating system as they can be read from all systems, they are optimally sized and this means that that they can be smaller in size without losing quality and they are well secured since they cannot be edited by anyone.

Many individuals and small business have been waiting for a day where they could have an affordable PDF editing tool that can give them a total PDF solution. Considering the fact that before the coming of PDFelement, PDF users have been torn between using the ever expensive available editing tools and the free online ones which really do nothing because the lack serious features at the end of the day end up wasting their time.

The good news is that PDFelement is now here. These new capabilities cover the editing workflows and the Form creation and processing capabilities. With PDFelement, you now have a smarter, faster text editing capabilities not found in the earlier versions. The platform is so easy to the extent that users can now edit any document like they do in Microsoft® Word and this is across both Mac and Windows platform.

how to rotate word document

Flexible Editing Features: Edit any document, paragraph by paragraph, article by article. Add and remove contents, images, link to a document, adjust the visible page area, add watermark and edit background the way you want it. All these tasks are just too easy with the PDFelement as you do not require additional training to make use of it perfectly. The platform is easy to navigate with the Select, Hand and Edit buttons visible at the top left side of the platform.

Other capabilities on PDFelement including:

  • Ease of Creating Fillable PDF Forms- Turns non fillable forms made in Word, excel etc. into fillable PDF document with just one click.
  • Export Data from Scanned PDFs- Converts paper document into office friendly files using advanced OCR technology.
  • Export Form Data into Excel- Within seconds, you can extract PDF form data into excel sheet.

To crown it all, you can try out PDFelement both in Windows and Mac before you commit your hard earned funds. But make no mistake, you are going to be "Wowed" after the test and will surely make PDFelement your own. At the end, PDFelement delivers pro level features that would have cost you a lot using other editors. Get more how-to articles of PDFelement here.

How to Rotate Pages in PDF

Step 1: Open PDF

Firstly, open PDF in PDFelement using this "Open File..." button or drag/drop the file to open.

rotate in word

Step 2: Rotate Pages in PDF

Go to "Page" menu, select the pages you want to rotate, and then choose direction of rotation by clicking the icon named "Rotate one or more pages to the left" or "Rotate one or more pages to the right". Or you can just right click the page to be rotated and choose "Rotate Page".

rotate word document

Step 3: Save Rotated Pages

Save the changes by clicking "File" and then "Save" or "Save As".

how to rotate in word

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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