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How to Print Comments in Word for Free

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: Word Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

If you are working on a document in Word, it is possible for others to comment on it using the Microsoft® comment feature. The advantage of this feature is that you can always read the comments and as a result improve your draft. However, you can easily print comments in Word if you so desire. This is because while you can print Word document with comments, printing comments alone gives you a better view on every change made to the document. This article show how to print Word documents with comments.

Print Word Document with Comments 2016

The following steps are for printing comments in Word 2016:

  1. This assumes that you already have a document with comments, open the Word documents with comment that you want to print.
  2. Go to the "Print" Page.
  3. Click on "Print All pages" button.
  4. Select the print markup command. This will ensure that the comments is printed along with the document. You can use the print preview window to check whether the comments are going to be printed.
  5. Add other settings you may need in the print window.
  6. Click on "Print" and this will ensure that your comments are printed along your document.
print comments in word

PDFelement can help you print PDF documents with comments as well. After opening a PDF document in it, click the "Comment" button to add comments as you need, if there is already comments in the PDF, then no need to add again. Click the "File">"Print" button, then choose "Comment" option in the "Print What" section to print. Learn full details to print PDF with comments.

how to print comments in word 2016

Tips: PDF Documents VS Word Documents

Knowing how to print Word documents with comments is good but it is also important that you get to know how it can be done in PDF. The truth is that these days PDF is almost unavoidable as it has become the first choice format for sharing documents over the online space. One very advantage of PDFs is that it boast document security because it cannot be edited easily like in Word. This security means that it can be locked with password protection to ensure that it is not printed or shared without the express permission of the owner. Besides, PDF is a universal file format as it is designed to work and being viewed in any device or platform including mobile platforms.

Then there is an issue of compactness with PDF. Even though Word documents can be combined into a single file, they are not as effective as PDF especially when it has to do with very large documents. Word cannot really combine large files without altering the quality but the same cannot be said of PDFs. In fact, PDF does the job perfectly without having to compromise on quality. In the end, they save a lot of space for your hard drive plus the hard drive of other people that gets the documents.

PDF is used by many offices, businesses and sometimes are the official document sharing format for government. For instance, the United States government is one of the biggest user of the PDF formats. From the judiciary to the other arms of the US government, PDF is freely used. Haven’t you noticed that all the tax forms that are downloaded from the Internal Revenue Service are all in PDF format? This is to tell you the importance of PDF and why PDF will continue to be relevant for the time to come.

One important thing to note about PDF is that it requires a PDF editor. This means that you cannot edit a PDF like printing comments on it without a PDF editor. It is important to note that PDF editors are specially designed software that handles PDF issues like editing, converting and other functions.

PDFelement works on all platforms and this is a plus to a lot of professionals who work in diverse operating systems. The PDFelement can work on windows with the PDFelement for Windows version, it can work on Mac systems with PDFelement for Mac version and it can also work perfectly with Android or iOS platforms. This means you can also use the PDFelement even when on the go. Why is PDFelement the Best?

  • It gives you a smarter and faster editing.
  • It provides an OCR feature for converting scanned or image based PDF into an editable one.
  • It is a worthy alternative to Adobe.
  • It is cost effective and this means you get good value for your money.
  • It boasts of a lot of features like create PDF, Convert PDF, Sign PDF, Annotate PDF, Print PDF among others.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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